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Simpson, Jas. grocer & sp. dealer, '287 Cowgate
J. smith and iron-founder, i7 Abbey hill
' Jn. (Sir IV. Forbes 6f Co.), 1 Buccl. st.
■ J. occt. (^Clydesdale 13.) 16 Koyal Exch.
=■= John, baker, north Junction street
John, smith, 10 Church street
■ John, tailor, 7-t Thistle street
John, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant,
6 Canal street
John, tea merchant, 2 Melville street
Peter, tailor and clothier, 7 Earl Groy st.
Peter, victual dealer, IG Crosscausey
Peter & Son, plumb, and gasf. 29 High st.
R. beef-ham & steak shop, 101 Nicol. st.
■ Jas. grocer and spirit dealei*, 287 Cowgate
Robert, esq. Gi) Broughton street
■ Robert, publisher, 51 Hope park end
Robert, spirit dealer, 191 High street
■ R. lodgings, 5 Hamilton place
■ Robert, merchant, 15 Montague street
Thomas, bootmaker, 2 Portland place
T. hotel, coffeehouse, & tavern, 3 Hill pi.
* Walter, {^London and Edinburgh Ship-
ping Company ,) il Shore
Rev. William, 17 Argyle square
Wm. baker, 1 Home street
■ Wm. grocer, 62 St Leonard street
■ Mrs Anne, 5 Glanville place
Mrs Colonel, 19 Forth street
Mrs, French stayraaker, 24. Howe street
Mrs, tee- total coffeehouse, 3 Hamilton pi.
Mrs G. H. 73 George street
— — Mrs, ladies' day sc. 126 Lauriston pi.
* Mrs, draper, & dealer in shells, 40 Shore
Mrs, stonew. mercht. 2 so. Howard pi.
Mrs, 12 Archibald place
Mrs, 5 Drummond street #*"**"
Mrs, 14 Brandon street s!^
Mrs, grocer and spirit deal. Jock's lodge
Miss, mill, and dressm. 21 St And. sq.
Misses, straw-hat makers, 91 So. bridge
Misses, straw-hat and dressmakers, 7
Ingliston street
Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 21
St Andrew square
■ Miss, 8 Abercromby place
Miss, 6 Nelson street
* 's hotel, 5 Queen street
*Simson & Morrison, solicitors, 33 Bernard st.
* A. {ofS. and M.) 33 Bernard street
David, teacher of drawing, 25 India st.
Geo. R. S. A. institution for drawing,
painting, and sculpture, 54 Frederick
street — See Adv.
Jas. M.D. F.R.C.S.E. 10 Hope st.
James, accountant, 219 High street
* .Tno. wine& spiritmerchant, Bell's court
* Walter, of Customs, 2 Pitt street
Wro. Bank of Scotland, 2 Montpelier
Jlrs James, 13 Gay field square
* Miss, seminary, 15 St Andrew st.
^Sinclair, Adam, A. & B. officer, 1 Riddle's cl.
Alex. esq. 133 George street
Alexander, pawnbroker, 42 Blair street —
house 1 Park street
■ Alex, manager Shotts foundery
Sinclair, A. H. accountant, 9 India street
Andrew, hairdresser, 1 12 High street
Charles, R. S.S.C. 11 South bridge-
house 8 Hamilton place
'■'•' David, grocer, 9 P'ox lane
D. japanner, 104 High st.— h. 10 Nic. st,
Donald, esq. 18 Royal terrace
Duncan & Sons, letter-founders, White-
foord house, Canongate
D. leather merchant, 4 east St .James' st.
George L. esq. W.S. 4 Walker street
George M. stockbroktr and comm. and
gen. agent, 26 Koyal crescent
JanieSj upholsterer, 14 Dundas street
James, mercantile account. 9 Brown st.
.John, esq. 18 Royal terrace.
John, baker, 14 Lothian street
John, baker, 24 Tobago street
John and Son, merchants and general
agents, 6 Hart street
John, junior, shawl and tartan raanufr.
79 S. bridge — h. 1 Lower Gilmore pi.
John, assistant town clerk. City Cham-
bers — house 7 Buccleuch place
.lolin, baker, 26 Hanover street
John (B. L. Co.'n Bank,) 78 Causeyside
John, letter-carrier, 5 Caltonhill
M., cabinetm. Mound — h. 82 Princes Rt
P. Black Bull inn & hotel, 2 Catharine st.
P. F. writer, 6 Shrub place
Peter, agent and auctioneer, 12 south
St David street
* Robert, shipmaster, Bathfield house
Veitch, Dr, surgeon, 21 Elder street
* Wm. cooper & fish curer, 22 Giles street
Wm., Destitute Sick Soc, 150 High st.
Wm. late merchant, 9 Brown street
Wm., (^John S. &,- Sm,) 30 Hamilton pi.
* Wood, cooper and stave merchant, 6 Mit-
chel St. — house 3 Summerfield
Hon. Lady, 133 George street
Mrs J. S. 16 Inverleith row
Mrs, sicknurse, 19 Keir street
Mrs, New town Temperance hotel, 12
south St David street
* Mrs, tavern, 73 Shore
Mrs, lodgings, 11 Thistle street
Mrs, 6 Haddington place
Mrs Wm. academy, 44 Frederick street
Miss B. coal merchant, 19 Port-.Hamilton
Sinton, Wm. slater, 11 St Leonard's lane
Siree, H. N. L. A. Apothecary Hall, 5 Hanover
st — ho. 43 Claremont street
Sitwell, Capt. 27 George square
Skae, David, surgeon, F.R.C.S. (kcturer,) 3
Argyle square
Skeldon, Mrs, gardener, Barbour's burn
* William, spirit dealer, 67 Timberbush
Skelton, Mrs, 33 Richmond place
Skene & Macrae, esqs. W.S. 32 Gr. King st.
William Forbes, esq. 29 Inverleith row
William, reporter, 5, Roxburgh terrace
Lieut.-Col, Wm. E.I.C.S. 2peau terrace
* Mrs, 4 Duncan place
Mrs, lodgings, 20 Pitt street
Skill, Mrs, 27 Montague street

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