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Shaw, Mrs, dairy, 9 Society
i\Irs John, Inverleith cottage ,
jMrs, cook, 15 Catharine street I
. 3Irs, lodgings, 29 Bristo street
■ ]\Irs, 8 Royal terrace
^liss, trimming shop, 4 Warriston place
Sheaffe, Gen. Sir R. H., Bart. 36 Melville st.
Shearer, James, trunk and umbrella maker,
6 Rroughton street
. John, teacher of music, 43 e. Clarem. st.
John {Gen. Post Office,) 6 Salisbury st.
Shennan, John, builder, 15 Hart street
Mrs, 24 Gayfield square
Shepherd & Grant, esq. W.S. 26 Albany st.
James, esq. W.S. 96 Albany street
.John, dairy, 54 India street
Wm. spirit mercht. York lane
Sheppard, James, painter, glazier, and paper-
hanger, 107 Geo. St. — ho. Jessficld
- John, painter, glazier and paper-hanger,
21 Frederick st. — house 68 George st.
— — Mrs Joseph, 3 Wallace place
. Mrs green-grocer. South market
Sherar, John, surveyor & acct., 5 Cheyne st.
Sheriff- Clerk's Office, County buildings
* Town hall, 108 Constitution street
Sheriff, A. writing master, 30 St Andrew sq.
. Jno. A.R.S.A. artist and animal painter,
26 Frederick street
John, stoneware dealer, 47 Rose street
. ^Irs James, 30 Royal terrace
Mrs, 19 India street
IVIrs R. W. 4 Castle street
Miss Dorothy, 10 Buccleuch place
Miss, 16 Hart street
Sheill, W. assist, clerk of Session, Blacket pi.
John, cabinetmaker, 2 south Clerk st.
Miss, dressmaker, IS Brunswick street
Shield, George, solicitor, 3 Alva street
*Shiels, Robert, general merchant. Quality
court — house Regent street
* Thomas, S.S.C. 14 Bernard street
* — — Wm. wine merchant, 33 Constitution
court — ho. 6 Vanburg place
Shiells, Robert, lozenge manufacturer and con-
fectioner, 25 Geo. IV. bridge, and 109
High street — See Adv.
Robert, smith, Swinton row
T. G. accountant, 14 Archibald place
Wm. artist, R.S.A. 19 n. w. Circus pi.
Mrs, 6 Cheyne street
Shillinglaw, Robert, builder, 6 Legget's land
James, mason, furnace builder, and
bricklayer, 124 Pleasance
T.E.B., drawing master, 138Nicolson st.
Misses E. and C. dressmak. 124 Pleas.
Shirley, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 6 south James' st.
Shokledge, Robt. commer. agt. 103 Causeyside
*Shore-Dues Office, Custom-house
*Shoolbraid, Miss, 76 Constitution street
Short, James, money loan office, 35 Leith st
H. tailor and clothier, 23 South br.
■ Mrs, 24 Salisbury street
■'s Popular Observatory, east side of Na-
tional iMonument, Gallon hill
Shortrede, And. printer— office, George IV. br.
Shotts Iron Foundery, Springfield, Leith walk
— Alex. Sinclair, manager
Sibbald, George, surgeon, 44 Uankeillor street
James, boot & shoemaker, 8 West bow
J. and Sons, ironmongers, 64 George st.
John, boot and shoem. 1 4 Nicolson st.
* John, merchant, 9 Quality street
J. Robertson, esq. F.R.C.S. surgeon, 141
Princes st. and Dispensary, 5 Hope st.
Capt. 16 Gilmore place
T. {J. Sibbald and Sons,) 64 George st.
Walter, ironmonger, S Meadow place
Mrs John, 8 Meadow place
Mrs, 11 Brandon street
]Mrs Alex., 11 west Richmond street
]\Irs, 24 Royal terrace
Mrs, 21 Warriston crescent
Mrs, 14 Brandon street
Siddie, J. wright, Lothian road — ho. 2 Ro- ,
milly place
Sidey, Charles, surgeon, 64 Hanover street
John, Glasgow and Manchester wareho.
132 Princes street
Siddons, Mrs Henry, 29 Ahercromby place
Siev wright, Mrs, 19 Union street
Sivright, Miss, 33 Charlotte square
SiGXET Library, Parliament square
Office, Register house
Sim, Andrew, painter, 29 Richmond place
* Alex. Royal Bank, 13 Bernard street
George, writer, 1 Scotland street
John, esq. 30 Danube street
Robert, saddler, 24 Grassmarket
Mrs, 243 Canongate
Sirae, D. & Son, shawl and tartan manufac-
turers, 27 South bridge — h. Main point
John, recorder of Newington and Buc-
cleuch burying-ground, 26 Crosscausey
Rev. J., chaplain Trinity Hospital, 3
Windmill street
Thomas, linendraper, II Duncan street
. Mrs, 1 7 Keir street
Simmie, Mrs Dr, ladies' sem. 19 e. Clarem. st.
Simpson & Grahams, silver- platers and sad-
dlers' ironmongers. Mound place
Andw. letter-carrier, 2 Salisbury square
Boyd, flesher, 11 Deanhaugh street
Charles, poulterer, Poultry market
David, baker, 7 Duncan street
Erskine {Nat. Bank,) Greenhill bank
Geo. & Son, coach builders & harnessm.
58 Abbey hill, 18 and 27 Waterloo pi.
G. B. lodgings, 23 Union street
Hunter, librarian Edinburgh select sub-
scription library, 9 Meadow place
Jas. esq. advocate, 33 Northumb. st.
Dr James Y., F.R.C.P. professor of mid-
wifery, and'the diseases of ftmales and
infants. University, 22 Albany street
Jas. surgical instrument maker, and cut-
ler, 80 South Bridge
Jas. plumber and gastitter, Lothian road
Jas. grocer, Momingside
Jas. surveyor of buildings, 42 Home st.
James, tailor & clothier, 30 St Andrew sq.
James, boot & shoem. 97 Nicolson sU

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