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Scottish Society for propagating Chrstn. Know-
ledge, ii) Queen St., J. Tawse, esq. sec.
— — Equitable Life Assurance Society,
2() St And. sq. — R. Christie, manager. —
See Adv.
• ■ Institution for the Education of Young
Ladies, 9 Moray place. — Miss Murray,
lady superintendent. — See Adv,
■ Jurist office, Mound place
• Naval and Military Academy, Lothian r.
MissiONAKY Society's Comhiittee-
UooM, and Depository, 13 Queen st.
— — Provident Institution, for life assur-
ance and annuities, 14. St Andrew's sq.
Jas. Watson, manager — See Adv.
* Brewery Co., Great Junction st. south
Reversionary Interest Society, 19
Albany street. — See Adv.
— — Union Fire and Life Assurance Cor-
poration, 47 George street. — S. Mac-
kenzie, manager. — See Adv.
Scottish Widows' Fund and Life Assur-
ance Society, 5 St Andrew square —
J. M'Kenzie, manager. — See Adv.
Scougall & Drysdale, tea, wine, & spirit mer-
chants, 223 High St. & 14 so. James' st.
— house 1 50 High street
* G. and Son, merchts. 15 Quality street
Geo. merchant, 19 Pilrig street.
*— — Ellis & Co. merchts. Old Naval yard,
132 Constitution street
John, flesher, 1 South market
Scoular, John, merchant, 12 Grove st.
Scrymgeour, Hen. working uphols. 74 Rose st.
• John, teacher, 146 Canongate
Miss, 23 Charlotte square
Miss, 23 Clerk street
Miss, lodgings, 106 Princes street
Searl, Wm. basketmaker, 19 North bridge
Seaton & Marshall, bootmak. 13 8. St And. st.
Robt. auctioneer, appraiser, cabinetraak.
and upholsterer, 97 Princes street
Mrs E. coal mercht., 10 St Anthony pi.
Miss, Duneadon cottage, Murrayfield
IMisses, dressmakers, 9 Young street
Seeligman, Francis, punch cutter, Craigsideho.
Selby, Robert B. esq., solicitor-at-law and
S.S.C. 26 Dundas street
Select Subscription Library, 26 Waterloo pi.
— H. Simpson, librarian
Selkrig, Mrs Charles, 1 1 Coates crescent
Seller, Dr Wm. F.R.C.P., lecturer on materia
medica and dietetics, 23 Nelson street
Mrs, 23 Nelson street
Semple, Wm. esq. 100 Causeyside
Mrs, lodgings, 41 Lothian street
Senebier, F. teacher of French, S.N.M.A. &c.
Edinb. academy, & 41 Castle street
Serrells, Wm. chimney sweeper,'23 Dundas st.
Session Clerk's Of. forthecity, lORoyalEx.
Clerk's Office for St Cuthbert's, 3
Windmill street
Clerk's Office of Canongate, 179 Can.
* Clerk for North Leith, Thos. Scotland,
40 Bridge street
* Clerk for S. Leith, J. Lyon, 7 Vanburgpl.
Seton, Henry, vetery. surg. 129 Rose st. lane,
and 9 Charlotte st.* — ho. 27 Castle st.
James, esq. 9 Windsor street
Patrick, shoemaker, 43 Candleraaker row
R. bookbinder and stationer, head of
Mound — ho. 121 Prince's street
Major, R. vS. Hon. E.I.C.S., 9 Windsor st.
Mrs, 13 Coates crescent
Liiss Margaret, 36 Ann street
Shnde, Andrew, carter, Old Broughton
iV'iis. 24 Gayfield square
Shakspeare Society, W. B. D. D. TurnbuII,
Local Secy. 25 Gt. King street
Shand, Calder, and Farquhar, csqs. W.S. 24
Queen street
C F. esq. advocate, .5 India street
Jas. painter & glazier, 71 Broughton st.
John B. esq. W.S. 4 Pitt street
John, esq. W.S. 24 Royal Circus
R. bookseller, librarian, music seller, &
stationer, 41 Dundas street
* T. A. merchant, 9 Bernard street — ho.
54 Constitution street
Thos. victual & spirit dealer, 2 Dean st.
Shanklie, Geo. {Dick, and Co.) 4 Montgom. st.
William, nursery and seedsman, Leith
Walk Nursery
Shanks, C. {Main and S.,) 5 Catharine street
D. joiner and cabinetmaker, Leslie pi.
. John & Co., fishing-tackle manufactory,
25 North bridge
M. & G. working jewellers, 3 Rose st.
Mrs Geora[e, Anntield, Newhaven
Mrs, 20 Buccleuch place
Mrs ladies' nurse, Broughton court
IVIrs, 58 Broughton street
Sharp, Peter, brassfounder & gasfitter, 14 west
Register street
Robt. teacher of mathematics, 2 Drum-
mond street
William, stabler, 100 Grassmarket — h.90
Miss H. milliner & dressm. 25 Howe st.
Mrs, midwife, 50 Brunswick street
Mrs, sicknurse, 44 India place
Mrs, lodgings. Prospect buildings
Isabella, poulterer, 13 Dundas street
Miss, dressmaker, 44 India place
Misses, milliners and dressm. 2 Drum. st.
Sharpe, Charles K. esq. 28 Drummond place
Wm. esq. W.S., 32 Abercromby place
house Marchfield, Cramond
Shaw, Alex, tailor and clothier, 43 London st.
A. flesher, 23 Canongate
G. B. engraver, 28 Gayfield square
Tas. (R.'Cadell) 28 Gayfield sq.
James, boat builder, 15 St Anthony pi.
J. house agent, 133 Fountain bridge
Patrick, esq. advocate, 40 Heriot row
Robert, cowfeeder, Mainpoint
Thomas W. hairdresser, &c. 7 Chapel st.
William, tailor and clothier, 22 Bread st.
Wm. manager of the Dukeof Hamilton'.s
coll. Port Hamilton — h. 2 Lothian road
Mrs Dr, 7 Clarence street
Mrs, 30 Haddington place
-— Mrs, midwife nurse, 47 Bristo street

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