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Richardson, Mrs, sicknurse, 5 Church street
Mrs, 4 Archibald place
ilichmond, James, esq. M.D. 3 Carlton ter.
John, & Co. wine merchants and grocers,
13 St Patrick sq.
James (of J. Richmond if Co.,) Lord
Russell place
Mrs, milliner & dressm, 11 Charles st.
Josh. Sec. Trinity house — ho. 3 Ronald-
son's buildings, Leith walk
j\Iiss, 6 Scotland street
Richter, Otto, teacher of pianoforte and sing-
ing;, 146 Princes street
Rickard, Patrick, bookseller and stationer, 55
South bridire
Riddell, A. 0. civil engineer, 2 Walker street
Colonel, 26 Charlotte square
John, esq. advocate, 57 Melville street
B. chimneysweeper, late M'Lean and
Riddell, 56 Thistle st.
Miss, 4 Doune terrace
Ridpath, David, confectioner and tea dealer,
36 Nicolson street — house 30
Rigby, Mrs, 9 St Bernard's crescent
Rigg, Rev. George, Catholic chapel
]\Irs, sen. of Tarvet, 68 Queen street
Rintoul, Oliver, manager for the Blind asylum
* Misses, teachers, 6 Morton street
Misses, 9 Gilmore place
Piitchie and Hill, esqrs, W.S. agents for the
Alfred Assurance Co. 8 n. St David st.
A. C. esq. advocate, 10 Albany street
A. {R. S)' Son,) 4 east Broughton place
Alex. H. sculptor, 92 Princes st. — h. do.
- Alex., wood merchant, Lothian road —
ho. 8 Downie place
*— — Arch, manager of London and Edinr.
Shipping Co. 4 Madeira place
— — Arch, tavern, 54 North bridge
Alex, artist, 1 St John's hill
* A. H. tobacconist, 35 Bridge street
Rev. Dr David, 28 Broughton place
— — D. furnishing ironmr. smith, & tin plate
worker, 32 Geo. st. — h. 9 e. Circus pi.
' G. esq. {Ritchie &,^ Hill,) 1 Inverleith ter.
George (of Heriot ]\Iount,) 8 Pleasance
Geo. brewer, 46 Pleasance
Hugh, messenger, Cora.bk., 142 High st.
Hugh, engraver & printer, 7 Leith st.
James & Son, watch, clock, and steeple
clock maker, 29 Leith street — house 30
St James' square
James (J". S^J. R. S, Co.,) 1 6 Broughton pi.
Jas. jun. (J. S)' J. R. i^- Co.,) 7 London st.
James, sculptor, Lothian road
James, smith, 38 Candlemaker row
Jas. stationer, 140 High st. — h. 4 Keir st
James, smith, 77 Nicolson street
* Jas. carver and gilder, 12 Assembly st.
J. and J. and Co. clothiers, 54 Princes st
Rev. John, D.D. 19 Salisbury road
John, esq. {Scotfiman Office,) 48 Geo. sq.
Jn. teacher, Heriot school. Surgeon sq. —
ho. 6 Brighton street
— — MattheWj hair raanufacturerj Castle bank
Ritchie, Patrick, patent press & projecting letter
manuf. 60 Nicol. st. — h. 18 Buccl. pi.
Robt. stoneware merchant, 7 Hay's court
Robert, esq. civil engineer, and agent for
Perkin's heating apparatus, 53 Castle st.
Thomas and Co. painters and glaziers,
239 High St.— ho. 12 Royal Exchange
T, veterinary surg. 26 Rose st ho. 20
Thos. sculptor, Lothian road
'^ Wal. plasterer, and dealer in tiles & fire-
brick, 37 Tolb. wy. — h. Queensferry r.
Wm., grazier and spirit dealer, Ilosehall
William, London Bible warehouse, 9 St
Andrew square
■ W. boot and shoe warehouse, 1 Had-
dington place
W. manager Edin. Print. Co. 33 Howest.
Mrs, grocer, 15 Potterrow
Mrs Thomas, 46 Pleasance
Mrs, 8 Chapel street
]\Irs, 1 Nelson street
Miss, 50 India street
Miss, dressmaker, 38 India place
Miss, 21 Lothian street
Rix, i\Irs, ladies' nurse, 9 Lauriston st.
Koach, Peter, bookbinder, 208 Canongate
Road Office of County Trustees, County rms.
Money office, 39 Geo. st. D. Murray, agt.
llobb & Winttet, silver plate manufacturers, 3
east Thistle street lane
Daniel, smith, 323 High street
J. builder, v/right & undertaker, Brough-
to!i market — ho. s. w. Circus place
Thos. Jordan lane
Thos., 25 Thistle st.
Walter, cowfeeder, 16 Causeyside
Wilson, slater, 5Q Crosscausey
* Robbie, Wm., surgeon, 17 Albany st.
Roberts, David, victual dealer, 3 w. Richra. st.
John, mill master, 6 Huntly street
Thos. hardware merchant, 27 Bread st.
W. A. esq. M.D. surg. dentist, 11 Duke st.
W. H. wholesale stationer, and British
wine maker, 1 so. St Andrew st. — ho.
1 Laverock bank
Thos. ham curer and poulterer, 1 Hope st.
Mr.';, 3 Ainslie place
Robertson and Scctt, newspaper agents and
news rooms, 36 George street
* Brothers, merchants, 40 Timber bush
and Watson, chemists and druggists, '3S
George street
Alex, musicseller to the Queen, 39 Princes
street — Music Acad. 26 Queen st.
Alex. S.S.C. 39 Dublin street
Alexander, cabinetmaker, 165 Rose st.
Alexander, esq. 2 Scotland street
* Alexander, flesher, 57 Bridge street
Alex, picture frame maker, e. Rose st. la.
Alex, cowfeeder, 70 Rose street
Alex, perfumer and hairdresser, 145
Princes street — ho. Rosemount
— — A. silk & worsted shop, 50 Broughton st.
Alex, letter-carrier, 11 Castle street
is—— Alex, painter, 7 Bernard street—ho, 46

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