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Managers. — The Lord Provost, the Members of
Parliament for the City, the Dean of Guild, the
Deacon-Convener, Sir W. T. Gairdner, M.D., Prof.
■)f Medicine ; Dr. J. Cleland, Professor of Anatomy ;
IjDr. Hector Cameron, President of the Faculty of
■Physicians and Surgeons; Dr. J. D. Maclaren,
IJDr. Robert Perry, Dr. William J. FlemiDg, Dr. Jobn
■Grarey, Hugh Brown, Prof. John Young, Rev. T.
fpomerville, M.A., and James S. Crawford.
Elected by the General Court — J. P. Maclay,
amuel Marks, Robert Gourlay, Wm. L. Dunn,
ndrew Stewart, John Glen, David M'Cowan, John
(Anderson, jun., James D. Hedderwick, and John S.
K Representatives of the Ophthalmic Institution —
■George Browne, James Clark, and James Miller.
I Dr. John Dougall, D.C. M' Vail, M.B., Dr. G. S.
IjMiddleton, Dr. A. Robertson, and Dr. J. Lindsay
■Steven, physicians ; Mr. H. E. Clark, Dr. John
■Barlow, Dr. James A. Adams, Dr. David Newman,
■Dr. D. N. Knox,Dr. Q. M'Lennan, and Mr. J. Hogarth
IPringle, surgeons; Dr. J. K. Kelly, diseases of
•women ; Dr. John Macintyre, diseases of the throat ;
IDr. James Dunlop, Dr. Alex. Scott, Dr. T. Kirk-
Ipatriek Monro, Dr. Jas. Paton Boyd, Dr. Jas. W.
I Allan, and Dr. Walter K. Hunter, dispensary (or assist-
Kpt) physicians; Dr. D. M'Kellar Dewar, Dr. H.
iRutherfurd, Dr. G. R. Thomson, Dr. A. N. M'Gregor,
||Mr. Jas. Luke, and Dr. P. Paterson, dispensary (or
^assistant) surgeons ; Dr. J. B Mackenzie Anderson
lland Dr. Robert Steel, extra dispensary (or assistant)
Itahysicians ; Dr. Robert K. Howat and Dr. John
■Patrick, extra dispensary (or assistant) surgeons ;
I Dr. J. K. Love, aural surgeon ; Dr. A. Morton, diseases
lof the skin; Dr. G. B. Marshall, gynaecologist; Dr. R. H.
■Henderson, vaccinator; Mr. W. Howard Gray, dental
[surgeon; Dr. John Macintyre, electrician; Dr. R.
IFullerton, diseases of the throat ; Dr. A. Maitland
•Ramsay, ophthalmic surgeon ; Dr. Charles Workman,
■pathologist and curator of museum ; Mr. David
MM'Crorie, assistant to pathologist ; Dr. J. C.
■Woodburn, honorary consulting dental surgeon ; D
■0. Black, apothecary; Dr. M. Thomas, superinten-
•dent; Mrs. Strong, matron; Rev. M. Paterson, chap-
llftin; W. Litson, janitor; David M'Cowan, hon.
I treasurer; H. Lamond, 93 West Regent Street,
llsecretary; Jas. Barclay, 88 St. Vincent Street, cashier;
I H. Lamond, Lang & Co., 93 West Regent Street,
Daw agents,
i Ophthalmic Department, 126 W. Regent Street —
JiDr. A. Maitland Kamsay, surgeon ; Dr. John Rowan,
Iiassistant surgeon; consulting surgeon, Dr. D. N.
I Knox.
Managers elected by Public Bodies : — Thos. Wat-
son, Rev. Prof. W. Hastie, D.D., Prof. R. Adamson,
LL.D., James H. Dickson, R. M. Mitchell, D. M.
Crerar-Gilbert, A. M. Bayne, Provost Caird, Rev.
J. W. King, D.D., J. B. Russell, M.D., LL.D.,
J. Boyd, Alan E. Clapperton, William Ker, Robert
Hamilton, Archibald Sloan, M B., David Murray,
LL.D., and Provost James Kirkwood.
Managers elected by the Court of Contributors : —
Jas.Templeton, Wm. MorrisoD, D. Johnston, Matthew
Arthur, M. Pearce Campbell, Adam White, John
Knox, Andrew Paterson, James M'Lennan, and
Angus Mitchell.
James H. Dickson, chairman ; James Boyd,
vice-chairman; Thomas Watson, hon. treasurer; Sir
W. T. Gairdner, M.D., T. M'Call Anderson, M.D.,
James Finlayson, M.D., Samson Gemmell, M.D., and
Ralph Stockman, M.D., visiting physicians; G. P.
Tennent, M.D., honorary consulting physician;
W. L Reid, M.D., and Murdoch Cameron, M.D., house
physicians for diseases of women; J. Alexander, M.D.,
W. G. Dun, M.D., R. S. Thomson, M.D., George
Dickson, M.D., C. 0. Hawthorne, M.B., assistant
physicians; Geo. Buchanan, M.D., Alex. Patterson,
M.D., H. C. Cameron, M.D., William Macewen, M.D.,
and J. Crawford Renton, M.D., visiting surgeons;
George T. Beatson, M.D., T. K. Dalziel, M.B.,
James H. Nicoll, M.B., and DuDcan Macartney,
M.D., assistant surgeons; Robert Kirk, M.D.,
Geo. A. Turner, M.D., and Joho M. Munro Kerr,
M.B., dispensary physicians for the diseases of women,
James Hinshelwood, M.A., M.D., R. M. Buchanan;
M.B., R. B. Ness, M.B., Wm. M'Lennan, M.D., and
William R. Jack, M.B., dispensary physicians; Robert
Kennedy, M.D., Alfred A. Young, M.A., M.B., and
G. Burnside Buchanan, M.B., dispensary surgeoDS ;
extra dispensary physicians, H. E. Jones, M.B.,
H. Gait, M B., J. Carslaw, M. B. ; extra dispensary
surgeons, J. Morton, M.B.. and G. H. Edington, M.D.;
J. Coats, M.D., pathologist; Alexander R. Ferguson,
assistant pathologist ; T. Barr, M.D., dispensary sur-
geon for diseases of the ear ; Thomas Reid, M.D.,
honorary consulting ophthalmic surgeon ; J. Walker
Downie, M.D., dispensary surgeon for diseases of the
throat; John W. Nicol, M.B., vaccinator; W. D.
Woodburn, L.D.S., dental surgeon; Dr. Donald J.
Mackintosh, superinten.; Miss Grace Newbery,
matron ; Thos. Blair, apothecary; W. H. Hill, LL.D.,
solicitor; Henry Johnston, 125 Buchanan Street,
secretary and cashier.
Hours for admission of Patients. — In-door patients,
with lines, from 12 till 1 o'clock daily (Sunday ex-
cepted). Accidents and urgent cases admitted at any
hour. Dispensary open daily (Sunday excepted) at
2 o'clock. Diseases of women on Mondays, Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 3.30 p.m.;
diseases of the ear on Wednesdays and Saturdays at
3.30 p.m.; diseases of the skin on Wednesdays at
9 a.m. ; diseases of the teeth on Mondays and Thurs-
days at 4 p.m.; diseases of the throat on Mondays and
Thursdays at 4 p.m. Vaccination performed gratuit-
ously at the Dispensary on Mondays and Thursdays
at 12 noon.
Friends admitted by card to see patients on Tues-
days and Fridays from 11 a.m. till 12 noon, and on
Sundays from 10 till 11 a.m.
Queen's Park.
(Incorporated by Act of Parliament.)
Governors elected by public bodies — The Lord
Provost, the members of Parliament for the city, for
the Govan division of Lanarkshire, and for the eastern
division of Renfrewshire, Bailie Stevenson, Bailie
Graham, Prof. Sir Wm. T. Gairdner, Wm. Crum, A. L.

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