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Pern ay, A. & Co., Reims ; agents,
C W. Pearce & Co., 206 West
George st
Poulet Pere et Fils, Beaune ;
agents, C. J. Baird & Co. 27
Oswald street
Quer, Luis, Reus, Tarragona;
agents, Chas. J. Baird & Co., 27
Oswald street
Rattray, A. D. 188 Dumbarton rd.
Risk, Moses, & Sons, Ltd. 58
Dundas st
Ritchie, Jas. & Co. Ltd. 154 St.
Vincent st
Roederer, Louis, Reims ; agents,
Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., 40
St. Vincent pi
Roullet & Delamain, Jarnac ;
agents, D. Macdougall, jr. & Co.
82 W. Nile st
Ruinart, Pere & Fils, Rheims; agts.
J. G. Thomson & Co. 110
Wellington st
u St. Hubert " Australian Wines ;
agents, D. Macdougall, jun. &
Co. 82 W. Nile st
Sandeman, David, & Son, 53
Miller street
Schmitz, Gebriider, Mayence-on-
Rhine ; agents, Robertson &
Baxter, Ltd. 106, 108 West
Nile st
Seligman & Co., 237 Buchanan
Taylor, E. & R. 10 Stirling street,
Taylor, Fladgate, & Yeatman,
Oporto ; agents, Buchanan,
Wilson, & Co. 40 St. Vincent
Thomson, J. G. & Co. 110 Wel-
lington st
Thordahl, George, & Co. 24a
Robertson st
Thoreau, E. & Fils, Saumur ; agts.
Charles J. Baird & Co., 27
Oswald st
Tischler & Cie. Bordeaux; agent,
Jas. Menzies, 68 Bath st
Tourell, F. & Co. Cognac; agents,
D. Macdougall, junr., & Co.
82 West Nile st
Train & M'Intyre, Ltd. 27 Water-
loo street
Vannan, A. & R. 75 Argyle st
Verdier, G. & Co. (claret), Bor-
deaux ; agents, James Murray
& Sons, 43, 45 Oswald street
Watson, Jas. & Co. Ltd. 95 Bath
Warre & Co. Oporto ; agents, C.
Morrison & Sons, 139a St.
Vincent st
Welsh Bros., Madeira ; agents,
Robertson & Baxter, Ltd. 106,
108 West Nile st
Young Bros. (Italian and Spanish),
13 Dixon st
Birmingham Battery and Metal
Co. Ld. SellyOak, Birmingham;
sole agent, Jas. Ritchie, 40 St.
Enoch square
Bolton, Thos. & Sons; Wm. Clark
& Co. agents, i41 W. George st
Christie, George, Ld., 51-57 Lady-
well street
Cocker Bros. Ltd. (steel); agent,
Peter Smith, 4 W. Regent st
Cousland, Alex. & Son, 3 Mitchell
Cousland, A. & Co. 37 Hunter st
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. sole agents
for " BM " brass and copper wire,
also for John Rogers, Belfast,
wire cloth, riddles, and sieves,
101 Waterloo st
Harford & Bristol Brass Co.
Keynsham, brass and copper;
agent, Peter Smith, 4 West
Regent street
Houghton, W. D. wire drawer and
wire rope manufacturer, Sankey
Wire Mills and Wire Rope Wks.
Sankey Bridges, Warrington ;
Glasgow office, Central Cham-
bers, 93 Hope st. ; telegraphic
address, "Houghtorjs;" G. R.
Galbraith, agent; London office,
101 Leadenhall st. E.C.— See
Wire Rope Makers
M'Donald, Robt. 45 Union street;
works, 28 to 32 Thistle st. s.s.
Mint (The) Birmingham, Ltd.
Birmingham ; agent, D. H.
Barrie, 115 Waterloo st
North British Wire Manufacturing
Co. 71 West Nile st
Reid, Wm. & Sons, 114 Candleriggs
Riddell, Wm. & Co. 636 Spring-
field rd. and 35 Mitchell st
Rowat, Alex. & Co. 18 Watson
street (late 25 Candleriggs). —
See Advt. in App.
Rylands Bros. Ltd. Warrington,
iron and steel wire, barb wire,
wire netting, springs, ropes, &c;
quotations from John Stewart &
Co. 28-32 Oswald st
The United Wire Works, Ltd. Gt.
Eastern Wire Works, Glasgow
United Wire Works, Ltd. Baltic
Wire and Metal Works, Dale st.
Allan, Whyte, & Co. manufacturers
of every description of iron and
steel wire ropes for collieries,
mines, cranes, &c. Clyde Patent
Wire Rope Works, Rutherglen
Barton, W. & Co. 55 Clyde place
Bayne, John, hawsers, &c. 21 Graf-
ton st. ; agent for J. & E
Wright, Ltd. Birmingham
Brown, W. B. & Co. (Liverpool);
H. M. Lang & Co. agents, 196
St. Vincent st
Bullivant & Co. London; sole!
agent, Andrew B. Grant, 7 Royal
Bank place
Caledonian Wire Rope Co. Ltd.
Carmichael, D. M. 4 West Nile st.,
agent for W. F. Dennis & Co.
London (sole agents for Felten
& Guilleaume)
Craven & Speeding Bros. Sunder-
land; agents, Wm. M. Robertson
& Co. 70 Gt. Cljde st
Dixon, Corbitt, and R. S. New-
all & Co. Ltd. (late R. S. Newall
& Co.), office, 28 W. Nile st ;
warehouse and rigging-lofts, 76
and 78 Hydepark st
Dumbarton Rope Works Co. 114
Frew, Bowie, & Co. 88 to 90
Dobbie's loan
Garnoek, Bibby & Co. Ltd. Old
Swan Rope Works, Liverpool •.
agents, Barclay, Mackay & Co.
12 Waterloo st
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co.
York buildings, 9 York street
Gourock Ropework Co., 9 Black-
burn street
Govan (The) Rope and Sail Co.
(Lirn.), Helen st. Govan
Haggie Bros. Ltd. Gateshead-on-
Tyne; agent, Wm. M'Laren,
134 St. Vincent street
Haggie, D. H. & G., Wearmoutli
Rope Works, Sunderland; agent,
James Hugh, 101 St. Vincent st
Haggie, R. Hood & Son ; works,
Newcastle- on-Tyne ; Glasgow
office, Robt. Currie, res. represen.
for Scotland, 137a St. Vin. st.
Branch stores— London, Cardiff,
Hull, North Shields, Newcastle-
on-Tyne (head office). Speci-
alities — Manufacture of manilla
and coir ropes, Russian and
sisal ropes, sisal packing cords, ,
iron and steel wire ropes for
standing and running rigging;
flexible steel hawsers and tow-
lines (guaranteed up to Lloyd's
tests), with coir springs and
appliances, Lightning conductors
and wire cords of all kinds, Ex-
port orders have special care,
Flat and round hemp, manilla
and wire ropes for mines and
other purposes, Indents carefully
attended to: Registered tele-
graphic addresses are : — Head
office, " Haggie," Newcastle-on-
Tyne. Branches, " Haggie,"
London ; '' Haggie," Hull ;
"Haggie," Cardiff; "Haggie,"
Glasgow ; " Haggie," Nortb

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