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Garroway, R. & J. 58 Buchanan st
Smith's ( Richard) Executors, Ltd.
182 West st. s.s.
Tennant, Charles, & Co. office
and works, St. Rollox
The United Alkali Co. Limited ;
Scotch works, St. Rollox, Eglin-
ton, Irvine, & Clydebank; office,
St. Rollox, Glasgow
Alexander, A. 166 Sauchiehall st
Barquelay, Fred, comic, 108 Ren-
field st
Bendon, Prince, 301 Cat heart rd
Black, Jas. 17 Regent st. Ruther-
Bowie, Jas. W. 29 Barrington drive
Bowie, Maggie, 50 St. George's rd
Boyd, Thos. tenor, 22 Janeiield pi.
Mary hill
Brockett, M'Farlane, 270 Great
Eastern road
Candlish, Will. 40 Dunmore st
Clifton, H. 0. 90 Batson street,
Cross, D. R. 9 Doncaster st
Davies, Ethel M. 12 Buccleucb. st
Donaldson, Miss Flora, 9 Dundas
st. s.s
Duncan, Gideon, bass, 3 Alexander
st. Sandyford
Dunlop, James (comic), 134 West
street, s.s.
Edmonds, Joe, 55 Caledonia road
Finlay, Miss M. 125 Gt. Western
Finlayson, Alex. 717 New Cityrd
Ford, Miss J. K. 45 Eglinton st
Forsyth, Wm. tenor, 330 Cathcart
Frame, W. F. 6 Burnbank terrace
Gibson, J. H. (tenor), 190 Crook-
ston street
Gray, Elsie, 6 Willowbank cres
Hamilton, J. M. 24 Pollok st
Hutchison, Marion M. 2 Auchen-
torlie st. Partick
Johnson, Ja=. 118 Eastfield ter
Kean, R. G., 124 Main st., Gorbals
Kerr, Peter, 39 Gartbland drive
Langtry, Paul, 55 Gardner st
Lauder, Harry, 52 Dundas street,
Leslie, Jas. Orr, 11 Gt.We3tern rd
Maccaffer, Majgie, 82 Houston st
M'Callum, Alex. 4 S. Woodside rd
M'Donald, R. Y. 17 Barr st. n.w.
Macdonald Troupe, 193 Kent rd
Macfarlane, Master George, dancer,
20 Donca9ter st
Macrory, Madame Dorothy, 154
Cambridge drive
MacLachlan, Miss J. N. 27 Car-
navon st
Maind*, Miss Helen G. contralto,
31 Derby st
Marshall, A. F. bass, 19 Leslie st.
Maxwell, Mora, contralto, 97
Hospital st
Merrylees, Jas. 48 Main street,
Milner, Tom (comic), 10 Steven st
Preston, J. B. comic, 82 Houston
Rogers, John, 72 Buccleucb st
Ross, W. C. comic, 97 Govan rd
Roy, J. G. 102 New City rd
Saunders, Miss L. 154 Crown st
Seligmann, Harry A. L. 129 West
Princes street
Shepherd, Mdme. C. H. 9 Ruthven
Smith, Mrs. 272 St. George's rd
Slewart, David, 32 Helen st
Thompson, Agnes S. 8 Terrace st
Wilson, J. A. comic, 192 Hospital
Worth, A. B. 99 Hill st. Garnet-
Harburg India Rubber Comb Co. ;
F. Winter, agent, 8 Redcross
street, London, E.C. ; manu-
facturers of vulcanite for
electrical and other manufactur-
ing purposes ; stock kept at
London warehouse
The India Rubber, Gutta Percba,
and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd.
8 Buchanan st.
Glasgow Wadding Co. 24 Hutche-
son st
Halstead, H. 753 Duke st
Imperial Patent Wadding Co. Ltd.
17 Royal Exchange sq
Renfrew, Jno. 49 Dunlop street
Friedlander, A. & Co. 23 Royal
Exchange square
Johnston, J. mounter, 5 Wellington
Brown, Robt. & Son, glazed earth-
enware wall tiles, all colours,
sizes, and descriptions; The
Paisley Sanitary Earthenware
Works, Paisley ; depot, 360
Eglinton street
Aitken, Campbell, & Co. Ltd. 161
Ingram st
Alexander, Logans, & Co. (whole-
sale), 78 Miller st
Alexander, Thos. 33 Virginia st
Allan, Dick, & Buchanan, 165
Argyle et.
Allan & Orr, 90 Maxwell st
Anderson, C. & J. 19 Queen st
Anderson, Jn. Royal Polytechnic?
Warehouse, 91 to 99 Argyle st
Annan, James I. 11 Maxwell st
Arnott & Co. (Ld.) 19 Jamaica st
Arthur & Co. (Lim. ), 78 Queen st
Baillie & Macdiarmid (wholesale),
42 Hutcheson street
Ballantyne, John, 430 Cathcart rd
Barnet & Co. (upholsterers), 12
Cadogan st
Bamett, H. & Co. 4 National Bank
buildings, 47 Queen st
Barr & Co. sewing machines,
cycles, and perambulators, 24
Raeberry st
Bair, M. & Co. oilskin clothing, 68
Glassford st. — See Advt. in Ap*
Barr, Wm. & Son, Great Western
buildings, Govan
Barrie & Dick (woollen), 120
Queen Si;
Bennett, R. 42 Argyle st
Berry, Thos. & Co. 34 Argyle it.
Black, D. & Co. (woollen), 4 Queen,
Blackstoek, Wm. & Son, 61 So.
Cumberland st
Blair, J. & Co. 42 Virginia street
Bohan, James, & Co. 175 Trongate
Bourne, S. J. & Co., millinery, 14,
Queen st
Bow, Wm. (Bow's emporium), 61 to
71 High st. corner of Bell st. city
Bowman, J. Denny, 11 W. Nile st
Brown, Craig & Beveridge, 219,
221, and 223 Sauchiehall st
Brown, Graham & Co. 37 Glass-
ford st
Brown, Robert, & Son, 455 Paisley
Brown, Smith, & Co. millinery, 14-
Buchanan street
Brownlee & Galloway, 119 Vir-
ginia st
Buchanan & Henderson (whole-
sale woollen), 24 Queen st
Buchanan, John Y. 180 W. Regent
Buist, Cunniugham & Co. 10 to 16
Jamaica st
Burgess, Jas. H. 40 Union st
Burns, Crawford, & Co. (fancy
goods), 84 Miller street
Cameron, J. L. 21 Argyle st
Campbell, A. & D. 73 Mitchell st
Campbell Bros. 7 So. Frederick st
Campbell, J. & W. & Co. wholesale,
137 Ingram street
Campbell & Noble (upholsterers),.
195 Argyle st
Campbell, Walter, 108 Argyle st
Carlyle & Inglis (hosiery), 146
Ingram st
Chalmers, Clark, & Co. 33 East
Howard st

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