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Bruce, Jas. A. (at Hunter, Barr &
Co.'s, Ltd.)
Bruce, Robt. 333 Cumberland st
Bryden, Robert (at Lorimer &
Buchanan, John (Meiklejohn's
Brewery, Ltd.) 4 Bath st
Burnet, T. S. 66 Kenmure st
Burns, Wm. Barrowfield Pottery
Cairncross, Jas. (at Lorimer &
Campbell, Andrew (at Smith &
M' Kay's)
Campbell, P. (at A. C. Whyte &
Campbell, Ivie, jun. 141 Allison st
Campbell, John, 115 Minard road,
Carleton, S. 75 Hutcheson st
Carmichanl, John (A. W. Douglas
Dalkeith), 158 St. George's rd
Chalmers, R. S. (at Campbell &
Christie, Jas. 271 Langside road
Christie, James J. (at C. Davidson
& Son's, Ltd.)
Cochrane, H. (at J. & L. Baird's)
Cochrane, S. P. (at Paterson,
Baxter, & Co.'s)
Coghill, Daniel (at Victor Levy &
Co.'s), 40 Union st
Cooke, Richd. J. T. (at Bass & Co.)
Cormack, John, 32 Queen Mar-
garet drive
Cornish, Wm. G. H. 2 Castle gdns.
Couper, David L. (at Simpson,
Hunter, & Young's)
Courtney, Chas. 185 Kent rd
CowaD, Robt. 12 Warwick st
Cowden, John M. (at William
M'Ewan & Co. Ltd.)
Cran, Jno. 91 N. Hanover st
Crawford, James, 60 Wilson st
Crawford, John (at M'Call &
Currie, John (at Oliver Bros.)
Cuthill, Geo. 3 Armadale st
DalL, Wm. (Jas. Wrigley & Co.
Ltd. 29 John Dalton st. Man-
chester), 105 Kenmure street,
Dawson, Wm. (at John Gray &
Co's. Lmtd.)
Deas, David (at Lowe, Donald &
Dennison, Geo. P. (at Waterbury
Clock Co.), 121 Stockwell st
Dewar, Duncan (S. Mitchell & Son)
Dick, Wm. (at Mathew Algie &
Dodd, David, 10 4 Gairbraid av..
Donald, R. M. (at Burns & Glover's,
23 Oswald st)
Douglas, Jas. 81 Oxford drive
Douglas, Thomas (at Charles
Tennant & Co.'s)
Drummond, D. 24 Ann street
Drysdale, Duncan S. (at Jas. Leggat
& Co.'s)
Drysdale, John (at Campbell &
Drysdale, Wm. C. (at Macdonald
& Morrison's)
Drysdale, W. R. 74 Buchanan st
Dunlop, Daniel, 18 Gardner street,
Dunlop, Jas. 18 Cathedral st
Duthie, Alex, (at R. Brown &
Co.'s), 45 Washington st
Dykes, J. (at Jas. Gem mill & Co.'s)
Edgar, Isaac A. (at Mitchell & Co.
Elmslie, Andw. 6 Albany st., Kel-
Fairley, D. M. (at Hugh Brown
& Co.' s )
Farquhar, Jas. 48 Overnewton sq
Ferguson, Jas. (at Wm. Younger
& Co. Ltd.)
Ferguson, Jno. (at Jas. Templeton
& Co.s)
Ferguson, T. T. (at Cumming &
Ferguson, Win. 53 Morrison st
Finlayson, Geo., 6 Kelvingrove ter
Fisher, Jas.(atMarshall&Steven's)
Forfar, Fred. R. (at Craig & Rose's)
Forrester, Gab. (at Alex. Liggat's),
72 Virginia st
Foster, Josh, 25 Jamaica street
Fraser, Alex. (S. Mitchell & Son,
36 St. Andrew's sq)
Freebairn, Jas. (at M'Call &
Fullerton, John (John Ferguson &
Fulton, H. (at Gorbals Tube Wks.
Oxford st.)
Fulton, John (at John Ferguson &
Fulton, Wm., 60 Wilson st
Fyfe, A. W. 147 Nitksdale rd
Gallen, Robt. 1080 Cathcart road
Galloway, Thos. D. (at Campbell
& Henry's)
Gait, G. S. (at M'CaU & Stephen)
Gardiner, 'Wm. (at Chas. Tennant
& Co.'s)
Gauld, Chas. (at Pringle & Crich-
Geddes, Geo., 37 Finlay drive
Gibb, James B., 167 St. Vincent st
GibsoD, John (atH. Mackechnie&
Gillespie, Robt. 67 Mains st
Gilmour, Wm. (at Wm. MEwan&
Co. Ltd.)
Glegg, A. R , 81 Somerville drive,
Mount Florida
Glendinning, John P. (at Alex.
Gracie, Jas. (at Smith & M 'Kay's)
Graham, P. R. 188 Ingram st
Grant, Don. (at W. & J. M'Lin-
Grant, G. 278 Allison street
Grant, G. B. 511 Duke st
Grant, Jas. M. 37 Garnethill st
Gray, Alex, (of Meiklejohn's Brew-
ery, Ltd.), 4 Bath st
Gray, G. C. F. (at S. Chisholm &
Grew, Fred. W. (Caslon Letter
Foundry, London), 10 Wendover
cres. Mount Florida
Gunn, Jas. (at Taylor & Ferguson,
Gunn, John F. 44 6 Victoria rd
Gunn, W. (Mitchell & Co. of Bel-
fast, Ltd.)
Hall, James, 34 King street
Hall, Richard, 19 Battlefield gar-
Halley, W. J. B. 96 RenSeld
Hamilton, Jas. 420 Gallowgate
Hamilton, Jno. (at A. Heugh & Co.)
Hamilton, R. C. (at W. & A.
Hamilton, R. (at Campbell &
Hamilion, Wm. Afton cot. Busby
Hannah, Robt. 3 Meadowpark st
Harley, J. B. 39 Gibson st. Billhead
Harvie, John, 30 Hope st
Hatchwell, W. M. (at Davidson,
jun. & Davidson)
Haxton, Walter (at Francis Web-
ster & Sons), 36 Gartu-k st.
Hay, A. J. 13 Wendover ere?.
Henderson, John, (atWm. Collins,
Sons & Co. Ltd.)
Henderson, Wm. (at Macdonald &
Hendry, Wm. B. (at Burns &
Glover, 23, 25, 27 Oswald st)
Hill, John S. 63 St Enoch sq
Honeyman, Tom G. (at Kelvin-
haugh Saw Mills)
Hope, Chas. J. A. 25 Meadowpark
Howie, Wm. 76 Virginia st
Hunter, Arch. 3>i Armadale st
Hunter, R. 41 Robertson st
Hunter, Wm. (at R. Hunter,
Craig, & Co.'s)
Hutchison, Keith, 33 Virginia st
Hutcheson, T. 24 Centre street,
Inglis, Geo. (at Baird & Steven-
son, 11 Botbwell st.)
Innes, Robt. fat Westlands, Laid-
law & Co.'s)
Irvine Frank, M. (at Smith &
Jamieson, Robert M. 113 Kenmure
Johnstone, Jas. 290 Springburn
Johnstone, J. 4 Kew gardens
Johnston, James (Dunlop Bros.)
Jones, G. M. (at Bennett & Co.'s)
Kay, Jas. (at D. & J. Parker's)
Kelly, Walter. 273 Allison st

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