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Watt & Blair, 26, 28 York st
White, Jas.adjustmentsguaranteed,
18 Cambridge street
Those marked thus (*) are Fellows
of the Surveyors' Institution, in-
corporated by Royal Charter.
*Adam, Thos. 27 Union street
* Anderson, Robert, 95 Bath st
Armour & Lang (land), 207 West
George street
Armour, Wm. (land), 207 West
George st
Ballantyne, James J. (marine) 12
Rerjfield st
*Barr, Jas. C.E. 221 W. George
Bayne, Robt., Box 32, Royal Ex-
Beveridge, Rich. G. (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle st
*Binnie, Thos. 207 Hope st
Board of Trade, 12 James Watt st
Boyd, John White, 59 St. Vincent
Brand & Lithgow, 131 W. Regent
*Brown, Wm. 67 Benfield st
Bruce, Donald, 261 West George
*Bryden, R. A. F.S.L 212 St.
Vincent st
Buchanan, John, for American
and Continental underwriters, at
Robt. M'Tear & Co.
Buchanan, John II. (of ships and
machinery), 5 Oswald st
*Burnet, Frank, 180 Hope st
Burns, W. (underwriter), Royal
"Cameron, John B. & Co. (ships
and machinery), 111 Union st
Caspersen, L R. (marine), 19 Glen-
cairn drive, Pollokshields
^Copland, W. R. 146 West
Regent street
Courtier- Dutton, W. T. chief sur-
veyor, British Corporation, 69
St. Vincent st
Craig, Joseph, 249 George st
"Dansken, A. B. 105 W. George st
Dansken, A. B. & Co. 105 West
George st
*Dansken, John, F.S.L, 241 West
George st
Dansken, John, & Purdie, 241 W.
George st
*Davidson, James I. 175 West
George st
Dennison, Wm. 175 Hope st
Dinsmore, W. H. 140 Bath st
Dodd, Thos. James (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle st
Donaldson, James (marine), 88
Great Clyde st
Dykes, Thomas, & Robertson, 65
W. Regent st
Ferguson, Daniel (marine), 27
Oswald street
*Fraser, Thos. S. F.S.I. 209 St.
Vincent st
*Fraser, Wm. F.S.L 209 St. Vin-
cent st
Frew, Alex. 175 Hope st
Gardner, Alex. 209 St. Vincent st
Gemmell, Matt. 160 Bath st
Gulliland,JohnC. (for American and
continental underwriters), of
Robt. M'Tear & Co. North
court. Royal Exchange, St. Vin-
cent pi
HamiltoD, John, LA. 212 St.
Vincent st
*Hart, Campbell P. A.M.LC.E.
John Finnie st. Kilmarnock, and
134 St. Vincent st. Glasgow
Harvey, James, 88 Elgin terrace,
Hyndland, Partick
Henderson, W. D. Scottish Union
and National Insurance Co. 150
W. George st
Herriot, G. 7 York st
*Hill, T. N. 180 Hope st
Holmes, F. G. C.E. Burgh, Hillock
House, Govan
*Howatt, Wm. 146 Buchanan st
Jackson P. (maune and engineer-
ing), 109 Hope st
Jones, James, H.M. C, 5 Afton
Kay, Thos. (property,) 21 Cathedral
st. and 12, 14 bopetoun pi
Kinghorn Bros, (marine), 81 St.
Vincent st
*Kirkwood, Chas. F.S.L 67 West
Regent st
Knight, Arthur H. Royal Insurance
Co. 106 Bucbanen tt
*Knox, Alex. 241 W. George st
Kyle, Dennison, & Frew, land, 175
Hope st
*Laing, John, & Son, 20 Bridge st
Laird, John (for American and
continental underwriters), of Rob.
M'Tear & Co. 6 North court,
Royal Exchange, St. Vincent pi.
*Lammie, Geo. & Son, 138 Hope st
Lawrie, Stewart, 151 W. George st
Lloyd's Office, 342 Argyle st
Lucas, P. 29 Waterloo st
Macau slan, J. Ure, & Co. 58 Ren-
field st
M'Culloch, David, machinery, 27
Oswald st
•MDougall & Brown, 138 West
Regent street
M'Farlane, Geo. (engineering and
shipbuilding), Sun Insurance
Builaings, 121 West George st
Macfarlane, John (land), 268
Baih street
M'Intyre, H. 17 Oswald st
M'Keague, Capt. J. R. N. R. 17
Oswald st
M'Laren, Thos. 342 Argyle street
MacNicoll & Co. (marine and en-
gineering, and for underwriters
and owners), 6 Dixon st
M'Tear, Rob. & Co. (for American
and continental underwriters),
6 North court, Royal Exchange,
St. Vincent pi
*Makins, W. A. (land), 79 West
Regent st
Merry, James (water), 45 John st
Mollisoti, Jas. (Lloyd's), 342 Argyle
Muir. James Ernest, marine, 45-
West Nile st
*Munro, Daniel, 39 Hope street
Parker, John D. land, 146 West
Regent street
Paton. Jno. Corporation Gas Office
Patrick, William A. Corporation
Water Works
Pollock, David, M.I.N. A. marine,
128 Hope street
'Purdie, Anthony, 241 W. Geo. st
Rait, William (public lighting), 45 1
John street
Robertson, Duncan, 29 Waterloo st
Robertson, T. Whitelaw, 22 Dixon
Robinson, J. 32 Royal Exchange
*Scott, Robert, 115 Wellington st
Sharp & Fairlie, 74 Buchanan ste,
and 127 Gt. Hamilton st
: Sharp, John G. 74 Buchanan st
Shaw, Capt. James, marine, Glen-
ville, Holmhead rd. Cathcart
Smellie, Geo. 167 St. Viocent st
*Smellie, Thos. D. F.S.I 209 St.
Vincent st
Smellie, Thos. D. & Fraser, 209
St. Vincent st
Stewart, A & Co. 47 Maxwell rd
Stobo, James (marine), 163 St.
Vincent st
Strath em, Robert, mineral and
land, 93 West Regent st
'Taylor, R. (property), 70 Bath Bt
Thomson, Gilbert, & Deas (land),
53 Bothwell st
Turnbull, Robt. I. A. 122 Welling-
ton street
Wallace, E. K. steamship, 15
Clifford st
Warren & Stuart, 115 Wellington
Watson, G. L. & Co. 108a West
Regent street
Webber, W. S., 280 George st
Wemyss, G. B. ships and machinery,
5 Oswald st
Wharrie & Colledge, land, 109
Bath street
* Whyte, John, City Chambers
*Whyte, W. M. M.F.S.I. 103 West
Regent street
Wilkie, Lees & Co. 1 Robertson st,
Williamson, W T . and ). 64 Coch-
rane st
Windsor, Richards, Rainey & Co.
marine, 109 Hope st
W T rench, Wm. G. marine,27 Oswald

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