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Baird, Archibald, & Son, 57 W.
Campbell st; warehouse, stores,
and works, Hamilton
Bayne John, agent, forgings, &c.
21 Gralton st
Beardunore. Wm. & Co., Parkhead
Forge, Rolling Mills, and Steel
Works, Parkbead
Brown, John, & Co. Ld. Atlas
Works, Sheffield ; sole agent,
Jas. Ritchie, 40 St. Enoch sq
Bunting, R. & Sons, Ltd. Shef-
field ; agent, J. Murray, 60 St.
Enoch sq
Caledonian Steel Casting Co.
Helen st. Govan
Cook, Wm. & Sons, 24 Elliot st.
and 42 Havelock st. Cranston-
Darlington (The) Forge Co. Ltd.
Darlington ; representative, W.
A. Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent st
Edgar, Al'en & Co. Ltd. Imperial
Steel Works, Tinsley, Sheffield;
representative, Arch. Macphail,
Box 18, Royal exchange
Firth, Thos. & Sons, Ld., Sheffield,
70 Wellington st
Forsyth, Miller, & Co., 44 Broad
st. Mils-end
Hardie & Gordon, Dumbarton ;
agents, Morris, Warden & Co.,
25 Gordon st
Hurst, Nelson & Co., Ltd.;
registered office and works, The
Glasgow Rolling Stock & Plant
Works, Motherwell ; Glasgow
office, 160 Hope st. ; London
office, 11 Queen Victoria st. E.C.
Jessop. Wm. & Sons, Ld. Sheffield;
agents, Chas, Henderson & Co.,
9 York st
M'Intyre, Robt. 17 Oswald st
Menzies, Jas. & Co. Phcsnix Tube
Works, Dalmarnoek Bridge
Osborne, Samuel, & Co. Clyde
Steel and Iron Works, Sheffield;
repres. Wm. M'Kinnel, 234
Nithsdale rd. Pollokshields
Potter, Robt. & Sons, Barrowfield
Foundry, French st
Rennie, Dugald & Co. Camlachie
Steel Works, 823 Gallowgate
Robertson, M. W. & Co., 162 to
168 Glenpark street
Robinson, C. W. & Co. Forth
Bridge Steel Works, Polmont
Spencer, Jno. & Sons, Ltd. New-
burn Steel Works, Newcastle- on-
Tyne; agent, Wm. A. Dobie, 11
Bothwell street
Steel (The) Co. of Scotland, 23
Royal Exchange square
The Springfield Steel Co. (Siemens
process), 777 London road
Turnbull, A'ex. & Co. St. Mungo
Works, Bishopbriggs. — See
Advt. in App.
Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Ltd.
Sheffield ; sole agents, Cyril
Dunderdale & Son, 119 St.
Vincent st
Waddell, Robert, 81 Garngad rd
Achilles Steel Co. 11 West Regent
Acme Steel & Foundry Co., 81
Garngad road
Anderson, T. C. 80 Buchanan st
Armstrong, Whitworth, Sir W. G.
& Co. Ltd. Manchester ; sole
agent, Neil Macvicar, 342
Argyle st
Baird, Arch. & Son, 57 West
Campbell st. ; warehouse, stores,
and works, Hamilton
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 to 163
Centre street
Baxter, Andrew, Whifflet Station
B^ardmore, Wm. & Co., Parkhead
Forge, Rolling Mills and Steel
Works, Parkhead
Bell, Chas agent, 29 Waterloo st
Bennie, D. & Sons, 82 Gordon st
Binney & Son, 68 W. Howard st
Blackwood & Rodger, 22 Moir st
Bladen & Co. 198 St. Vincent St.;
works, Parkhead
Bodden, David, & Co. 81 St.
George's place
Bohler, Bros., & Co., Styrian Tool
Steel Works, Sheffield ; agent,
W. E. P. Bowie, 90 Dobbie's In
Brown, A. G. & Co. 342 Argyle st ;
warehouse, 42 James Watt st
Brown, Stephenson & Co. 51
Cadogan st
Bunting, R. & Sons, Ltd. Sheffield;
agett, D. H. Barrie, 115
Waterloo st
Buntiner, R. & Sons, Ld. Sheffield;
J. Murray, representative for
Scotland, 60 St. Enoch sq
Burley, B. B. 9 Watson st. off
Burnet & Co. (Lindsay), flanged
steel plates, Moorepark works,
Helen st. Govan
Burns & Glover, 23, 25, 27 Oswald
Butterley (The") Co. Ltd. ; agent?,
David S. Miller & Son, 45
Renfield st
Calderbank (The) Steel and Coal
Co. Ltd., 63 St. Vincent st
Caledonian Steel Casting Co.,
Helen st. Govan
Cammell, C. & Co. Ltd. Sheffield ;
sole agts. for Scotland, W. Lester
& Sons, 1 1 W. Regent street
Castel & Latta, 138 W. George st
Carntyne Iron Co., tube strips,
boiler and ship plates, sheets,
&c. ; Carntyne Rolling Mills,
Chalk, James, & Co., 68 Bath st
Clark, Wm. & Co. 141 W. Geo. st
Clyde Tube Works, 41 Oswald st
Clydebridge (The) Steel Co. Ltd,
Clydebridge Steel Works, Caro-
Cocker Bros. (Lmtd.), Sheffield;
agent, Peter Smith, 4 W. Regent
Colville, David, & Sons, Ltd.
Motherwell, manufacturers of
Siemens' mild steel plates for
boilers, ships, bridges, &c. ; also
bars, angles, bulbs, tees, bulb
tees, channels, zed bars, &c. ;
steel rolls, heavy castings,
ingots, blooms, or slabs ; Dalzel)
3-crown Swedish special steel,
also Dalzell 4- crown nickel steel;
Glasgow office, 8 Gordon street :,
head offices, Motherwell
Connell, Campbell & Co. 125 Bu-
chanan street
Connell, George R. 79 Robertson st
Consett Iron Co. Ltd. 75 Bu-
chanan street
Cook, Wm. & Sons, 24 Elliot st.
and 42 Havelock street, Crans-
tonhill, and at Glasgow Steel
Works, Washford rd. Sheffield
Cowan, Wm. B. & Kinghorn, 105
W. George st
Crawford, Jas. S. 41 Robertson si
Crossley's, 52 St Enoch sq
Davidson & Co. 180 W. Regent si
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Ro-
bertson st.
Denovan, Wm., 77j Main street,
Dick, James, 93 Hope st
Dobbie, W. L, & Co. sole agents
for J. J. Saville & Co. Sheffield,
Saville's steel and files; the New
Carbrook Steel Works, Sheffield,
steeel forgings up to 2 1 inch dia.
steel shafting (ruled or plan-
ished), 101 Waterloo street
Dobie, W. A, 11 Bothwell st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd.
35 M' Alpine st
Dunderdale, Cyril, & Son, 119 St.
Vincent street
Dunlop, C. D. 146 West Regent
Dunlop, Thos. 25 Wellington st
Edgar, Allan, & Co. Ltd. Imperial
Steel Works, Tinsley, Sheffield ;
repres. Arch. Macphail, Box 18 ?
Royal Exchange
Eekhout & Co. 88 W. Nils st
Elsworth, John, & Sons, 9, 65 and
67 Commerce st
Feldtmann, R. & Co. 104 West
George st
Fergus, Jas. & Co. 58 York st
Ferguson, Weston, & Co. 394
Paisley rd
Firth, Tnos. & Sons, Ltd. Shef-
field, 70 Wellington street

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