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Seaton, J. & Co. (wholesale), 43
Mitchell st
Seaton, J. & Co. 83 Dunlop street
Sellar, Robert F. 39 Candleriggs
Shanks, E. J. 116a Dumbarton rd
Shanks, John, 512 Cathcart rd
Shanks, Miss, 621 Gallowgate
Shannon (The) Co. Ltd. 95 Bath st
Sharp, A. F. & Co. 14 Royal Ex-
change sq
Shaw, Wm. 396 Duke street
Shaw, Miss, 84 Woodlands road
Sim, Harvey & Co wholesale and
export, 56, 62 Brunswick st
aSime, W. S. 120 Sauchiehall st
Sinclair, A. 47 Waterloo street
Sinclair Bros, (manufacturing), 97
W. Campbell st
Singleton, R. V. 28 Gt. Hamilton st
Sinton, James, 3 Oswald place,
Sloan, William, 15 Renfield st
Smillie, Georgina, 231 Gallowgate
Smith, Alexander, 32 Duke street
Smith, D. L. 3 Lambhill st.
Smith, James M. 236 Hope street
Smith, Jas. & Jno. (general manu-
facturing stationers), 92 Union
st. and 34 Melville lane
Smith, Jno. E., 389 Gt. Western rd
Smith, J. H. 13 Scotia street
a Smith, John, & Son, 19 Renfield
st. and 225 Ingram st
Smith, J. Taylor, 35 Robertson st
Smith, Miss Annie, 358 Cumber-
land street, s.s.
Smith, Miss Agnes, 21 Alexandra
Smith, Margt. 5 Rokeby terrace
Spence, Alex. M. 47 Ingram st. E.
Spence, Andrew (wholesale, ex-
port & retail), 3b Queen st
Spence, Stuart (wholesale), 11 W.
Regent st
Spicer Bros. Ltd. machine and
hand - made writings, banks,
loans, and account book papers ;
mills, Alton, Hants ; head office
and warehouses, 19 New Bridge
st. London, E.C.; Glasgow ware-
house, 93 Hope st
Spicer, James, & Sons (wholesale),
58-64 N. Frederick st
Steel, And. N. 246 St. George's rd
Steel, A. 133 New City road
Steel, Mrs. E. 7 Old Dalmarnock rd
aStenhouse, A. 8, 10 University
Stevenson, Alex. 151 Garngad rd
Stewart, A. B. (wholesale), 58
Ingram st
Stewart, D. 1064 Dumbarton rd.
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Stewart, Robert, 197 George st
Stewart, Robert, 242 Main st. An-
Stoddart, Nicol, 223 Main street,
Strathern & Freeman, 145 West
Nile street
Stuart, Macneill, & Co. 189 Hope st
Summers, Mrs., 118 Cathedral st.
Sutherland, Wm. 123 Argyle st
Sutherland, Wm. 307 Maxwell rd
Tait, Wm. & Co. (wholesale), Mile-
End Mills,91 to 161 Fordneuk st
Taylor, M. 15 Gairbraid st
Taylor, Mrs. M. 367 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Telfer, Vance, 203 High st
Tennant, Mrs. John, 247 Ruther-
glen road
Thorn, John, 39 Hutcheson street
Thom, Murray, & Co. law, mercan-
tile, and general stationers, 3
Royal Exchange court, 85 Queen
Thomlinson, John, Stanley Works,
436 Dumbarton road, Partick
oThomson, A. B. , 15 Bridge st.
Thomson, John, 103 W. Nile st
Thomson, John, 253 Maxwell road
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. (corru-
gated paper), 54 W. Howard st
near St. Enoch sq
Tindall, Wm., 400 Argyle st
Tinto, Mrs, 1 Campbell street,
Todd, Cunningham, & Petrie, 2
Antigua place, Nelson st, city
Todd, Samuel A. C. (manufactur-
ing), 26 Both well st
Toner, Edward, 82 Abercromby st
Towart, Misses J. & H. 92 Hen-
derson st. W.
Trearty, James, & Co. (wholesale),
238 Crookston st
Tullis & Co. Ltd. (wholesale), 53
Waterloo st
Tulloch, Alex. 299 Dalmarnock rd
Turnbull, Miss, 331 Cumberland st
Turner, Miss Christina, 216 Spring-
burn rd
Urquhart,M. 128a Gt. Hamilton st
Wales, James, & Co. 178 West
Regent st
Walker, John, 231 Dumbarton rd
Walker, Miss, 193 Duke st
Walton, James, & Co. 51 Coch-
rane st
Waidrop, D. C. 57 Oswald st
Wardrop, Jas. 97 Bothwell st
Warren, C. & H. 475 Victoria road
Waterson, Geo. B. 229 Cambridge
Watersion, George, & Sons (whole-
sale), 33 Ann st
Watson, George, & Son, 162 In-
gram street
Watson, J. M. 2 Parkhouse lane
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordon
Webster, James (wholesale), 74
Buchanan st
Webster, Jane, 131 Nelson st s.s.
Weddal, Mary, 95 Houston st
Weir, Andrew, 279 Rutherglen rd
Weir, Robt. 60| Thistle st
White, Jane, 313 New City rd
Whyte, Andrew, & Son, wholesale
and expoit, 21 Madeira court
Wighton, D. J. 67 Stevenson st.
Wilkie, C. A. 27 Stevenson street,
Wilkie, Jane, 225 Paisley road
Williamson, J. 83 London st
Wilson, Andw. 191 Gt. Eastern rd
Wilson, F. F. & Arthur, 219 George
st (Cold Storage Co.'s buildings)
Wilson, Geo. 85 Cambridge street
Wilson, Grace, 590 Rutherglen rd
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. wholesale,
export, and manufacturing, 335
St. Vincent street
Wilson, John S. 101 Cowcaddens st
Wilson, Peter, 93 Stirling road
Winchebter, Hector, 151a West
George street
Winning, W. 270 Crown st
Winning, W. 120 So. Cumberland
Winning, Mrs. W. 95 Hospital st
Wright, C. L. 100, 102 W. George
st. and 100 to 106 Stirling rd
Wright, John, wholesale manufac-
turing stationer (Bishop Paper
Bag Mills), 61 Bishop st, An-
Wright, Wm. 315 Argyle st
Young, Andrew, 227 Byars road
aYoung Bros. 170, 172, 174 St.
George's rd and 74 Woods-land rd
Young & Sons, 20 Qu6en st
Downing, John S. 73 Virginia st
Crawford, James, & Co. 142
Waterloo st
Gilchrist, John, 156 Bothwell st
Kerr, Thos. & Co. Central Cham-
bers, 93 Hope st
The Clyde Cooperage Co. Ltd. 54
to 64 Port Dundas rd
Whitelaw, C. S. Ltd. 100 Com-
merce st
Baillie & Macdiarmid, 42 Hutche-
son street
Baird, J. L. (wholesale and export)
9 Graham square
Blair, Miss Lizzie, 15 Wellington
Brown & Whyte, 11 Spoutmouth,
Buchanan, Agnes, 5 Wellington
Chalmers, Clark, & Co. 33 East
Howard st
Hamilton & Sinclair, 272 Bath st
Hunter, Barr,& Co. Ltd. (wholesale)
27 Jamaica st

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