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Fulton, W. H. & Co. artistic
stationers and printers (short-
hand and typewriting), 392
Victoria road, Crossbill
Fulton, Mrs. A. 246 Castle st
Pyfe, Mrs. W. L. 422 Victoria rd
Gage, M. & Co. 73 Bell st. city
aGairns, Miss M. 231 Sauchithall
Galbraitb, David, 194 Cambridge
Gallacher, Frank, 635 P'shawsrd.
Gallie, Geo. & Son (Morrison Bros.
successors to), b'l Renfield st
Galloway, Ed., 96 N. Hanover st"
aGardner, James, 324 Paisley road,
west, Ibrox
Gemmell, A. & Co. 57 W. Nile st
Gemmill, J. R. 65 George st
Gentles, Adam, 52 S. Woodside rd
Gibb, Miss M. 1 59 Parliamentary rd
Gibson, Jas. H. 81 St. George's
Gibson, Robt. & Sons, 16 Queen
Gillan, E. 141 Castle street
Gillies, James, 515 Victoria rd
Gillies, Mrs. 1016 Dumbarton rd.
Gillies, Miss, 182 Butterbiggins rd
Gilmour & Dean (wholesale), 50
North Hanover street
Gilmour, James, 68 Mitchell street
Glass, Chas. & Co. 33 E. Howard
Glen, James, 24 Gt. Hamilton st
Glen, John (boot trade), 159, 161
Ingram st.; telephone No. 4084
Goodall, Robert, 2s Grafton street
Gordon, Gibb, 31 N. Frederick st
Gorman, W. & Co. 153 W. Nile st
Gourlie, John F. 160 St. Vincent st
Gowans & Gray (wholesale and
export), 22 Ann street
Gowans, Jas. 119 Garnaad road
Graham, M. L. 246 Parliamentary
Graham, Robert, 108 to 112
Eglinton st. and branches
Grant, John, 5 and 7 Bridge st.
Grant (The) Educational Co. 48
Howard st
Gray, Daniel, 124 Battlefield rd
Grierson, C. J. 16u£ Dumbarton
Grierson, Robt. 398 Parliamentary
Grieve, Mrs. Eliz. 11 Glebe st
Hamilton, Jas. 301 Victoria road
Hamilton, John L. & Co. whole-
sale and export, 39 W. Geo. st
Harper, Jas. & Co. 12 Springfield
Harris, Mrs. Thos. 80 Gt. Hamilton
Hart, James, 17 Oswald street
Hastings, J. H. 15 West- End Park
Heatherill, J. & Co. (w
1 78 W. George st
Hedderwick, Jas. & Sons, 22 St.
Vincent place
Henderson, M. 341 Crown st
Henderson, M. 209a London rd
Henderson, R. A. 142 Woodlands
Herbert, Francis, 540 St. George's
Highet, A. 98 Caledonia rd
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan
Hobbs, C. manufacturing, 35
Mitchell st
Hobbs & Co. (wholesale), 63 Can-
Hood, A. & Co. 229 Argyle st
Holmes, W. & R. 3 Dunlop st. and
52 Argyle st
Holmes, Wm. & Co., 35, 37 St.
Enoch sq
Horn, John, 34 Howard st
Hunter, A. 206a Duke st
Hunter, Alex. 151 Crown st
Hunter, M. J. 134 South Portland
Hunter, Mrs. John, 455 Shields rd
Hyndman, Catherine, 03 Pollok st
Jack & Carrick, 62 Argyle st
Jack, Miss Jeanie, 183 Main st.
Jamieson, R. 435 Parliamentary
Jarvie, Wra.feA. 212 Parliament-
ary road
Johnsons, Messrs. office for regis-
tering patents and trade marks,
handbook on registration gratis,
115 St. Vincent st
Jordon, Mrs, 220 Allison st
Jordon, Mrs J. 401 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Kennedy, A. & W. 29 Glassford st
Kennedy, Roberton, & Co. 9 West
Regent street
Kerr, Michael, 783 Gallowgate
Kerr & Richardson, Ld wholesale
and export, 89 Queen street
King, Mrs. P. 756 New City rd
Kinloch, A. 49 Raeberry street
Kirk, David, 15 Garriuchrnill rd
a Kirkland, E., 47 St. George's rd
Kirkpatriek, R. 70 Queen st. Govan
Knox, A. S. 256 Dalmarnnck rd
Kyle, Wm. 38 Sauchiehall st
Lairtlaw, Wm. P. & Son, 80 St.
Vincent st
Laing, James, & Sons (wholesale
and manufacturing), 122 Ingram
street and 3 Montrose st
Laird, John (manufacturing), 15
Brown st. city
Larnont, Misses, 107 Albert road,
Lang, Chas. P. 39, 41 Montrose
Langman & Ewing, 41] Adelphi
St. s.s.
Laurie, Mrs. Peter, 642 Cathcart
Lawrence, John, 466 Gt. Western
Lawson,H. & Co. 7 South Frederick
Lawson, John, 22 Argyle street
Lawson, Robert, 194a St. Vincent
Leggat Bros. 38 Sauchiehall st
Leitch,Wm. M. 80 London st
Leslie, Mrs. 40 Norfolk st
Liddell, David, 27 Union street
Lindsay, James, 13 King st. city
Little, Mrs. J. 232 Allison st
Livingstone Brothers, (wholesale),
85 Maxwell st
Logan, Geo'. 382 Dumbarton rd
Lorimer, Francis C. 401 Sauchie-
hall st
Lorimer, R, & J. 329 Paisley road
Lorimer, Wm. & Co. 95 St. Vincent
st and 24 Renfield st
Love, Wm. 219a and 221 Argyle
Luby, John P., 59 Muslin street
Lumsden, Janes, Son & Co. whole-
sale and export ; works and ware-
house, 19 and 21 York street;
central branch, 126 Hope street
Lyall, David, 350 Dumbarton rd.
Lyon, Wm., 389 Sauchiehall street
and branches; wholesale, 474
Sauchiehall st
Lyon, Miss, 546a Springburn rd
M'Andrew, Christina, 45 Elderslie
M'Arthur, James, & Co. wholesale,
82 Glassford street
Macarthur & Cochrane, 182 Tron-
M'Bain, A. 482 Springburn rd
Macaulay & Mackinlay, 62 Argyle
M'Callum, J. & Co. 200 and 204
Buchanan street
M'Cance, M. & R. 437 Gallowgate
M'Carter, John, 84a F'mnieston 8t
and 13 Stobcross street
M'Caw, Stevenson, & Orr, Ltd.
It Renfield st
M'Corquodale & Co. (Limited), 96
Maxwell street
M'Corry & M'lver, 85 High street
M'Cune, Alex. 36 Orr st
M'Donald, John, 183 Kilmarnock
rd. hhawlands
M'Dougall, A. 68 Mitchell st
M'Dongall, John, 66 Bedford st
M'Fadyen, Finlay, 10 North st
M'Geachy, Jas. & Co. , 93 and 95
Union st
M'Gillivray, Hector S. 16 Crook-
ston street
M'Gillivray, Mrs. 262 Allison st
M'Gown,J. 3 Bothwell st
M'Gregor, D. & Co , 37 and 38
Clyde place

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