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Bl'Conochie, Donald, 555 Govan
rd. Govan
M'Corkindale, Arch. & Sons, 182
Broomielaw, and 11 James Watt
M'Coull, Thos. 216 St. James' rd
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. Cum-
berland Foundry,! 68 Gallowgate
M'Dermid, Alex. & Son, general
smiths and tool makers, con-
tractors, causewayers, quarriers,
and stonebreakers' tools, 128
M'Donald, C. & Co. 6 and 8 Mair
M'Donald & Co. 34 Back wynd
Macdonald.John, Burnback, Lenzie
M'Dougall, James, 127 Castle st
M'Farlane, Arch. S. 10 Margaret
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. Saracen
Foundry, Possilpark
M'Geoch, Kemp & Co., 159 Bu-
chanan st
M'Haffie, A. R. 209 St George's rd
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John st.
M'Intyre, A. C. 1 Stirling street,
Mackie, Jn. 1 Falfield street
M'Kinnon, Daniel, 14 Maitland st
M'Kinnon, Bobt. 8 Melville st. s.s.
M'Lean, Duncan, 121 Bothwell st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129 Tron-
M'Millan, Alex. 88 Doncaster st
M'Millan, Jas. Vulcan Ironworks,
57 Scott st. Port-Dundas
M'Naught, J. 81 Hospiial st
M'Nee, Jas. 246 Gt. Western rd
M'Neil, Chas. jun. 270 W. Scot-
land street
M'Neil, N. 78 Crownpoint road
M'Neillv, S. & Co. 59 Victoria rd
M'Nicol, Arch. 15 Bellneld st
M'Vean, D. 61, 63 Lanark st
Main, A. & J. & Co. Ld. Clydesdale
Iron Works, Possilpark ; city
office, 54 Gordon st
Main, T. 130 Sauchiehall st
Maitland, Hands, & Co. (ship),
Mathieson, Alexander, & Sons, Ltd.
11 Last Campbell st
Mayor & Coulson, Ltd. ordinary,
also electric welding, 47 King
street, Mile-end
May, Jas. & i o. 367 Daloiarnockrd
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Miller, J. T. 22 Renfrew st
Miller, Bobt. John st. Govan
Milne, Alex. & Sons, 18 Hartfield st
Milne, John, 388 Paisley road
Mitchell, Robr. & Sons, factory, 18
Shaftesbury st. Cranstonhill
Moore, James, 132 Govan st
Muir & Findlay, Parkhead Boiler-
works, Parkhead
Mundy, John (ship), 30 Eastvale
place, Kelvinhsugh
Munro, Neil, & Co. 17 Clyde st.
Murray, R. C. & Co. 5, 7, and
11 Carlton court
Neilson, A. 9£ Hunter st
Nicol, Jobn, 14 Grant st
Nisbet, A. & J. (successors,
Bucbans & M'Intyre), 50
Union st
Omnet, John, 13 Norfolk st
Orral, G. & Co. 82 Pitt st
Park, Adam, 35 Weaver street
Park, And. 14 Ann st. Bridgeton
Park, Wm. 9 Salkeld st
Paterson, D. 47 Dorset st-
Paterson, W illiam, & Son (gates,
railing, iron safe doors, locks
made to order ; special and
prompt attention to lock repairs
and fitting new keys to same ;
crane chains, slings, hooks,
special attention to repairs by
our own chainmakers ; special
spring hinges for swing doors,
our own make), 65 Pitt St.;
branch, 169 Fmnieston street,
Queen's Dock. Telephone No.980
Peacock, Alex. & Son, 199 Great
Western road
Peat, James D. 16 to 20 Tunnel
street, Finnieston quay
Peddie & Dow, 3 & 7 Warwick st
Penman & Co. Strathclyde st
Phillips, John, & Co. 17 Ander-
ston quay and 113 Hydepark st
Provan, David, 68b Bibhop street,
Rae, Alex. 15 East Vermont st
Raeburn, John, 173 Grseme st
Ramsay, Jas. 202 Rutherglen road
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. 11 Jamaica st
Renfrew, Andrew, 26 Carrick st
Reston, James, 126 St. James' rd
Richmond, David, City Tube
Works and Brassfoundry, 35
Rosest. Hutchesontown
Robertson, George, & Co. 46a Dale
street, s s.
Ronald, Wm. & Sons, 379 New rd.
Ross, Robert, & Son, 43 Victoria
st. Govao.
Sellaw, Alex. L. Watson lane
Sharp & Cruicksbanks, 44 Dundas
st. city, and 197 Dumbarton rd
Shearer, John, & Son, Kelvin-
haugh Slip Docks and Ship Yard,
Kelvinhaugh, and 247 Paisley rd
Shirra & Black, 6 Main street,
Smith, A. & W. & Co. Lmtd. 57
Cook st
Smith, D. & Co. 16 Foundry open,
Smith, G. B. & Co. Craighall Iron
Work*, and 127 St. Vincent st
Smith & M'Lean, Ltd. Mavisbank,
Govan rd. — See Advt. at end of
Solid Bar Folding Gate Co. Ltd.
22 Bi-diop st. Anderston
Somervail & Co. Dalmuir Bridge
and Roof Works, Dalmuir. — See
Advt. in App.
Somerville, D. & Co. 35 King
st. Tradeston
Sommerville, J. & Co. 57 Douglas
Sperice, David, & Co. 75 Robert-
son street
Spittal, Robt. 16 Kennedy st
Steel, R., 11 Burrell's lane
Steveohon, Jobn, 114 Waterloo st
Stevenson, Wm. 15 Clarendon st
Stewart, John, & Co. (dealers,
iron, steel, &c.) 28, 32 Oswald st
Stirrat, David, & Son, (established
1783), 132 to 138 Porr.-Dundas
road ; telephone No. 3971
Stirrat, R. & Co. Ltd. "Thistle"
Van Works, 80 and 82 Port-
Dundas rd.
Stoffert, Rud. A. 4 West Regent st
Taylor, John, 16 Abington st
Templeton, Thos. 17 Ferguson st
The Finnieston Engineering Co.
169 Finnieston st
Thomson, Alex. 95 Dumbarton rd.
Tosh, H. Sons & Cross, 197 to 201
Buchanan street
Tradeston Tube Co. 46, 48 Wallace
st. s.s.
Ure, Allan,&Co.355 New Keppoch-
hill road
Urie, George, 381 Pollokshaws rd
Waddell, Douglas, & Co. 110
John st. city
Waddell, John D. 58 Duke st
Watery A. R. 11 Centre st s.s
Watson, Thomas, & Co. 76 Boden
Watt, James, 149 Shields rd
Weddell, Robert, 112 Castlebank
st. Partick
Wbitewright, James, 3 Renfrew In
Winthrope, Wm. 44 and 46 Elm-
bank st
Winton Bros. 169 Fmnieston st
Wiriton, Peter, 32 Broad St. Cam-
Young, George, 329 Saracen s'reet
Young, Wm. & Son, 27 New wynd
Brown, D. D. 40 North street,
Bunten, Wm. & Co. importers of;
American co'tonseed oil soap,
26a Renfield st
Carruthers, Son & Co., M'Dougall's
carbolic, 70-78 King street,.
Clyde Soap Co. 41 and 43 Warroch
st. Anderston
Crosfield,Jos.& Sons, Ltd. Warring-
ton ; agents, G. B. Livingstun &
Co. 5 Oswald st

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