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Sawers & Co. Waterloo lane, 16
Waterloo st
Thomson, Graham, 130 Ingram st
Williamson, Edward, 19, 21 Bell st
Acme Rope & Twine Works (horse
clothing and stable requisites),
9 Howard st. and 24 Adam's
court lane
Adams, Wm. 209 Garscube rd
Bremner, Wm. & Co. 247 North
Woodside rd
Brown, Jas. 60 King st. s.s.
Brown, Wm. 21 Cubie st and 470
Buchanan, J. & Co. 123 to 145
North street
Calton, J. M. (model horses and
saddle stands), 56 Forth street,
Cummings, John, W. 23 Wilson st
— See Adv. in Appendix
Dickie, Hugh, 8 Cromwell st
Donald, Andrew, 122 Eglinton st
Duncan, Hy. 121 St. George's rd
Farreli, F. 5 Kent st
Forsyth, Wm. 31, 33 Cathcart
Gorrie, David, 4 Dobbie's loan
Grant, Wm. 1121 Pollokshaws rd
Harveson, Robt. Hazelbank place,
Hendry, James, 41 Canning st
Johnsons,Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st. ; handbook
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Jones, David, 45 Bedford st
Kennedy, John, 149a North st
Leckie, Graham, & Co. 116 Union
M'Donald, David, 54 Renfield st
Macdonald, J. 64 Renfield st
Macdougall, Hugh, 171 Garscube
MacGill, A. 33 So. Portland st
M'Gregor & M'Cafier, 7 Parliamen-
tary road and 452^ Gallowgate
M'Intosh, Peter, & Sons, 129
Stockwell street
M'Kelvie, David, 152 Main st. s.s.
M'Lean, J. M. 1026 Pollokshaws rd
M'Nanghton, James, & Rankin,
110 Bath st
Marshall, Robt. 280 Buchanan st
Millar, Samuel B. 216 Paisley rd
Munro, Robert, & Co. Kelvin
Rubber Works, Paitick ; ware-
house, 27 Union st
Nicholson, P. 11 Washington st
Ogilvie, Alex. & Co. 130 Hope st
Overton, Wm. 12 Waterloo st
Reid, Hugh, & Son, 4 Govan st
Robertson, W. & Sons, 235 North
Rodger, Wm., 8 Moore st
Ronald, D. 104 King street, s.s.
Russell, Robt., 213 Dalmarnock rd
Russell, Thos. 764 Gallowgate
Sheldon, J. L. 187 Rutherglen rd
Sinclair, J. M. 6 New Keppochhill rd
Stirling, John, 311 Stirling rd
Thomlinson, Geo. 146 Main street,
Thomlinson, Wm. 36 Dumbarton rd
Ward, Thos. 740 Springburn rd
Wilson, Robt. 224 St. George's rd
Youog, Richard, & Co. 23 Old
Angus, John, & Co. 64 W. Howard
Cumming, John W. 23 Wilson st
— See Advl. in Appen.
Hawks, Robt. 25 Brunswick st. —
See Adv. in Appendix
Lawrie Bros. 52 W. Howard st
Leckie, Graham, & Co, 116
Union st
Northern (The) Steel & Hardware
Co. Ltd. 72, 74 W. Howard st
Overton, Wm. 12 Waterloo st
Rankine, John, 31 Argyle street
Struthers, Thomas, 182 Trongate
Angus, John & Co. 64 W. Howard
Gray & Morrison, 84 Centre st
Kirkwood, Jas. 368 Gallowgate
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116 Union
M'Quarrie, Jas. 5 Eglinton lane
Rankine, Jobn, 31 Argyle st.
Struthers, Thomas, 182 Trongate
Bash, W. & Co. 58 Blackfaulds pi
Bertram, Peter, & Sons (wholesale
agents for Milner's Safe Co Ld.)
335 Argyle st
Chubb & Sons' Lock and Safe Co.
Ltd. 80 St. Vincent st
Chatwood's Patent Safe and Lock
Co. Ltd. 129 Trongate
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. agents for
Whitfield Safes, 29 Argyle st
Fraser, A., 50 Blackfaulds place.
Glasgow (The) Safe Depot, 42 and
44 W. Nile st. ; Jas. Bruce,
Griffiths (The) Cycle Corporation
Ltd. 93, 95 Mitchell st
Holt & Willetts, Cradley Heath ;
agent, John Orr, 130 Holland st
Livingstone Bros, agents for
Milner's Safes Co. Ltd. 85
Maxwell st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. (Chat-
wood's), 129 Trongate
M'Lean, Andw. & Co. 109 Main
street, Bridgeton
M'Naughton & Sinclair, wholesale
agents for Milner's Safe Co. Ltd.
24 West Nile street
Miller, John, agent for Milner's
Safes, 116 Renfield st
Milner's Safe Co. Ltd. safe makers
and bankers' engineers ; office
and show rooms for Scotland,
68 Buchanan st. Glasgow ;
manufacturers of fire and burglar
proof safes, bullion rooms and
doors, strong room doors and
grilles party-wall doors, &c. 68
Buchanan st. Glasgow
Milner's Safe Co. Ltd.; wholesale
agents, Peter Bertram & Sons,
335 Argyle st
Milner's Safe Company; wholesale
agents, M'Naughtan & Sinclair,
24 W. Nile st
Milner's Safe Co. Ltd. wholesale
agents, M'Naughton & Gowan-
lock, 109 St. Vincent st
Milner's Safe Co. Ltd. wholesale
agents, P. Bertram & Sons, 335
Argyle street
Templeton, G. J. & W. wholesale
agents for Hipkins & Co.'s fire
and burglar proof safes, 113
West Regent street and 123
Wellington street
Watson, John, & Co. agents for
Perry's, 35 Gordon street
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co., 335 St.
Vincent st
Cera Light Co. Ltd. 70 York st
Cousland, Alex. & Son, 3 Mitchell
Espie, James, 173a St. Vincent st
Findlay, Jn. & Co. 18 Renfield st.
and Overnewton Works
Laidlaw, R. & Son, 147 East
Milton street
Leitch, Archd. A. 29 Goosedubs,
off Stockwell st
M'Donald, Robert, 45 Union street
M'Gregor, D. & Co.(electrical), 37,
38 Clyde pi
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John street. —
See Advt. in App.
M'Lellan, A.&Co. 54, 56 Waterloo
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. electrical,
47 King st. Mile-end
Pearce, John, & Co. 180 and
182 W. Regent st
Riddell, Wm. & Co. 636 Springfield
road and 35 Mitchell st
Robertson & M'Gill, 135 Water-
loo st
Taylor, James, jr. 61-65 Mitchell
Alexander, James, 47 Waterloo st
Barnett, Hu. & Co. 4 National
Bank bdgs. 47 Queen st
Birrell, D. & Co. 175 St. Vincent

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