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Lee, Win. 21a Jamaica st
Leiteh, Ritchie, 72 Park rd
Lockhart, Mrs. 183 Govan rd
Logan, David, 18 Springfield ter
Logan, Wm. 84 Argyle st
Lome Restaurant, 22 Dixon st.
and 40 Howard street
Love, Mr*. 441 Aikenliead rd
Lyle, Robt. 151 Main st. Bridgeton
M'Call, Mrs. Victoria Restaurant,
130 and 132 Union st
M'Callum, Ales. 105 Springburn rd
M'Caughey, L. 6 Jamaica st
M 'Donald, Angus J. 127 Trongate
M'Donald & Co. 98 Glassford si
M'Donald, J. 269 Argyle st
M'Donald, Ronald, 11 fi W. Nile st
Macdougall. Jobn, 128 N. John st
M'Gregor, Alex. 113 Garscube rd
M'Intyre, Mrs. E. 232 Broomielaw
M'Kenzie, Colin, jun. 37 Bell st.
M'Kenzie, Wm. 64 Candleriggs
M'Kenzie. Mrs. J. 40 Howard st.
and 22 Dixon st
M'Killop, Wm. 10 and 14 W. Nile st
Maclean, Robert, 84 Gordon st
M'Neil, James, 415 Argyle st
M'Millan, Mrs. James, 415 Argyle
M'Pherson, Catherine, 177 North st
Malcolm, Andrew, 161 Crown st
Marr, Wm. 36 and 38 Nelson st..
Mathieson, Wm. 479 Victoria rd
Meikle, Mrs. Wm. 139 London st
Mikado Tea Rooms, 2lA Jamaica
Miller, Mrs. Wm. 140 Queen st
Mills, James, 74 Maxwell st
Mills, James, jut). 213 Gallowgatc
Mills, W. D. 29 Candleriggs
Muirhead, David. 141 and 143
Rutherglen road
Munn, Mrs. 67 Finnieston st
Nimmo, Agnes, 249 Crown st
Nimmo, Wm. J. 594a Gallowgate
Orr, Wm. 465 and 407 Gallowgate
Patrick, Robert, 58 Argyle st
Pianta, D. S. 141 Trongate
PickeD, J. M. 377 Paisley rd
Pollock, Andrew, 41 Argyle st
Prosser, Richard, 7 Dunlop street
Queen's Restaurant, 70 and 74
Buchanan street
Rathie, Ltd. 122 St. Vincent st
Rutherford & Co. 9. 11 Jamaica st.
and 31 Gallowgate
Scott, John, 90 and 98 Queen st
Shaokland, John, 65 Ingram st
Smith, Wm. jun. 117 Argyle st
Smith, Mrs. C. 367 Dumbarton rd
Steel, Miss Agnes, 86 Glassford
Stevens, Mrs. 299 Main st, Brdgtn.
Stewart, Hugh, 8 Queen st
Swaine, R. 290 Cathcatt rd
Thompson, David, 170 Castle st
Todd, Wm. 183 Hope st
Turner, David, 441 Victoria rd
Turner, Jas. B. 6 W. Howard st
Vallance, Thos. 22 Paisley rd. W.
Waddell, Matthew, 60 Union st
Walker, A. M. 361 Argyle st
Walker, Daniel, 186 Hope st
Watson & Blane, 91, '93 West
George street
Watson, Wm. 287 Rntherglen rd
Weir, James, 61 Glassford st, 72
Wilson st. and 120 Gt. Hamil-
ton s'reet
White, Thos. & Smith, 7 Gordon
st. and 89 Glassford st
Whitelaw, Wm. 76 Gordon st
Whvte, Wm. 25 Elliot st
Williamson, Jobn, 147 North st
Wilson, W. H. 251 Argyle st
Wilson, Wm. 694 Gallowgate
Wright. Jas. 13 and 15 Shamrock
st. W
Wylie, John C. 8 Bridge st
Young, John, 12 Maxwell st. and
289 Argyle st
Young, Wm. 464 Paisley rd
Young, Thomas R. 146 Stockwell
Zanetti, L. 60 Sauchiehall st
Jones, Orlando, & Co. Ltd. 35
Robertson street
Snodgrass, John, 76 W. Howard
Wright, Crossley & Co. Liverpool ;
agent, John Morgan, 60 St.
Enoch square
Drnmmond, John, 27 Savoy st.
Welsh, Wm. Hughenden road,
Brownlie & Cook, Globe Traveller
Works, 65 Gardner street, St.
George's cross
Acme Steel & Foundry Co. 81
Garngad road
Barclay, Mackay & Co. (for export)
12 Waterloo st
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 to 163
Centre street, s s.
Beardmore, W. & Co. Parkhead
Forge, Rolling Mills, and Steel
Works, Parkhead
Bennie, D. & Sons, 82 Gordon st
Biggar & Hendry, 84 Maxwell st
Bilsland, John, &Co. 37 Elliot st.
Clyde (The) Iron Co. 2, 4 Queen
st. Port-Glasgow
Clyde Rivet Works Co. 115 Dun-
das street, Kingston
Crosher, Edward, 31 Great Well-
ington street
Crosher, W. & Co. 87 Portman st.
Kinning park
Cruickshanks & Cook, Ltd. 74
Gidbraith st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Ro-
bertson street
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. 345 Argyle
Donald, Walter, & Co., North
British Nail and Rivet Works,
Easter bo use, near GUsgow
Duncan, Robt. Partick Foundry
Dunn, John, & Co. 21 Both-
well st
Hannah, Wm. 9 Washington st
Henderson, Charles & Co. 9 York st
Hird, Hastie & Co. 73 Park st
Hunter, Hardin, & Wilson, Peters-
hill rd
M'Corkindale, Arch. & Sons, 182
Broomielaw and 11 James Watt
M'Farlane, Bros, (makers of patent
improved rivet making machines)
10 Hyde park st — See Ad. in Ap.
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
M 'Roberts, Jos. 345 Scotland st
Miller, Jas. & Co. Ltd. Coatbridge;
Glasg. office, 109 St. Vincent st
Motherwell, Wm. & Co. 32 Port-
man st
Northern (The) Steel and Hard-
ware Co. Limited (small rivets a
speciality), 72, 74 W. Howard st
Provan, David, 68b Bishop street,
Ronald, R. A. & Co. 15 York st
Rose, Jas. & Sons, Helen st. Govan
Simpson, Jas. & Sons, Darlaston ;
agent, D. M. Carmichael, 4 W.
Nile st
Smith, Peter (copper and brass),
4 West Regent st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28 and 32
Oswald st
Sunnyside Rivet Co. Ltd. 65 W.
Regent st; works, Cuatbridge
Wilson & Baird, 83 Holland st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 24, 26, 28
Broad st. near Bridgeton cross
Yuille, Cameron & Co. 17, 19 West
street, s.s.
Acme Steel & Foundry Co. 8! I
Garngad rd
Anderston Foundry Co. (Limited),
100 Cheapside street
Baird, Archd. & Son, 57 Wfst
Campbell St.; warehouse, stores,
and works, Hamil.on
Birrell, Geo. & Co. 57 W. Camp-
bell street
Bladen & Co. 198 St. Viacent st.;
works, Parkhead

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