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DuDlop & Foote, 19 W. Howard st
Eadie, W Anderson, 21 Drury st
Erskine, F. music, 140 Hope st
Erskine, James C. letterpress, 140
Hope st
Ewing, A. C. 185 New City rd
Farrell, Thos. 295 New City rd
Ferguson, W. M.116 St, Vincent st
Ferrier & Spiers, 94 W. Nile st
Findlay, James, 68 Mitchell street
Finlayson, Henry, 85 Candleriggs
Fleming, A. B. & Co. Ltd. Ill
Waterloo street
Forman, Thos. & Sons, 101 St.
Vincent street
Forrester, Robt. 1 Roy. Exchange
Forsyth, Wm. 106 Cambridge st
Eraser, J. general, 15 Drury street
Frazer, Wm. ll£ Morrison street
Freeman & Co. 145 W. Kile st
Gardner, R. & Co. 136, 138 George
(iibb, Gordon, 31 N. Frederick st
Gibson, Jas. H. 81 St. George's pi
Gillespie, H. G. 12 Broomielaw
Gillespie, Thos. 52 Glassford st
Gillespie, Thos. 63 St. Vincent st
Gilmour & Carmichael, 37 Glass-
ford street
Gilmour & Dean, 50 N. Hanover
Gilmour, James, 68 Mitchell street
Glasgow (The) Numerical Print-
ing Co. pawnbrokers' printers ;
all elas-es of tickets for trams,
theatres, football matches, &&,
31 Finnieston st
Glass, Chas. & Co. 33 E. Howard
Goldie, Allan R. 28 Buchan st. s.s.
Gorman, Wm. & Co. 153 W. Nile
Gourlie, John F. 160 St. Vin. st
Hamilton, James, 182 Trongate
Hamilton, Jas. 213 Buchanan st
Harper, .lames, & Cu. 12 Spring-
Held coutt
Hart, James, 17 Oswald street
HcatherhiU, James, & Co. 178 W.
George st
Hedderwick, James, & Sons, 22 St.
Vincent pi.
Herbert, Francis, 540 St. George's
Hill & Hodge, litho-draughtsmen,
56 Waterloo st
Hobbs & Co. 63 Candleriggs
Hodge, W. & Co. law and general,
34 and 36 Nor.h Frederick st
and at 8 N. Bankst. Edinburgh
Horn, John, 34 Howard street
Hunter, Alex. 151 Crown st
Hutchison, G. & Co. 363 Spiing-
buro rd
Irvine, Washington, 31 Argyle st
Jack & Oarrick, 62 Argyle st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
designs, and trade marks, 115
St. Vincent st. ; handbook on
registration gratis
Kennedy, A & W. 29 Glassford st
Kennedy, Roberton, & Co. 20
Renfrew court
Kerr & Richardson, Ltd. 89 Queen
Kirkland, Robt. 7 Cowlairs rd
Kyle, Wm., 38 Sauchiehall st,
Labour Literature Society, Ltd.
48 New wynd
Labour Leader, 4 W. Nile st
Laidlaw, Wm. P. 80 St. Vincent
Laird, John, 15 Brown st. city
Lang, Chas. P., 39 to 43 Mon-
trose st
Langman & Ewing, 44 Adelphi st
Lawson, John, 22 Argyle st
Lawson, Robert, 194a St. Vincent
Leggat Bros. 38 Sauchiehall street
Leitch, Wm M. 80 London st
Lightowler, Charles (Leeds), 75 St
George's place
Lithgow, Jonn, jun. 9 Preston st.,
Lithgow, John, & Son, 76 West
Howard street
Livingstone Bros. 85 Maxwell st
Lorimer, F. C, 401 Sauchiehall st
Lorimer, R. & J. 329 Paisley rd
Lorimer, Wm. & Co. 95 St. Vin-
cent st. and 21 Renfield st
Lyon, Wm. 3*<9 Sauchiehall street
and branches; wholesale, 474
Sauchiehall t-t
Macarthur & Cochrane, 182 Tron-
Macaulay, & Mackinlay, 62
Arg-yle st
M'Caw, Stevenson & Orr, Ltd.
(chromo lithographers), 12 Ren-
field street
M'Corqm>dale& Co. (Limited), 96
Maxwell st
Macdougall, Alex. 68 Mitchell st
M' f >ougall, Win. 3 Gardner st.
M'Geaeby, James & Co. 93 and
95 Uniuti st
M'Gillivray, Hector S. 16 Crook-
ston st
M'tiown, John, 3 Bothwell st
M'llraith. John,& Co. 114 CTriggs
M'Kee, Stewart, jon. 35 Mitchell
street and 54 Union st
M'Kendrick, Alex. jun. Ill Can-
ning st. Gabon
Mackenzie, Alex. 200 Hope st
Mackenzie & Co. (theatrical), 48
W. Regent st
Mackenzie, Wm 43 Howard st
Mackill & Co. 70 Union street
M'Kim, Adam, & Co. 136 Trongate
M'Laren, A. 362 Argyle st,
M'Laren, John, 14 Garthland st
Maclaren & Sons, commercial, pub-
lishing, and general printers and
lithographers ; posters, show-
cards, catalogues, circulars,
programmes, syllabuses, prospec-
tuses, reports, and all classes of
commercial printing, lithography,
and stationery io best styles ;
the largest st"ck of ornamental
types and designs in the city,
selected from Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, America, and all
the leading type-foundries in
this country, or engraved from
original designs; 37 and 38
Shoe lane, London, and 128
Renfield st Glasgow ; telephone
No. 3897.
Maclaren & Sons, advertising print-
ers and contractors, all the latest
ideas ; special designs got up in
any style ; books and pamphlets
written, compiled, and illus-
trated for advertisers ; specially-
advantageous terms for large
orders; high-class and artistic
printing, 37 and 38 Shoe lane,
London, and 128 Renfield st.
Maclaren & Sons, newspaper, jour-
nalistic, magazine printers, pub-
lishers, and contractors — offices
of " The British Baker," has a
much larger circulation than any
other journal in the baking trade,
gives more and better reading
matter, and is patronised by
more advertisers; '"Toe Grocers
Monthly,'' the monthly illus-
trated technical journal of the
grocery, provision and allied
trades, circulates everywhere;
"Confectionery,"' a monthly
journal for confectioners, up
to date in every respect ;
the only exclusively confec-
tionery ( sugar) journal on earth :.
"Oils, Colours,and Drysalteries,"
a first- class monthly j mrnal,
containing latest market reports,
special articles, and every ihing
interesting these and kindred
trades — a capi'al medium for
advertising ; "The Dew Drop,"
" Highland Light Infantry
Chronicle," " The Young Men's
Christian Magazine," " Scottish.
Women's Temperance News."
&c. ; advice given s-s to the
projection of newspapers,
journals, magazines, and other
publications ; connection with
all the leading newsagents in
Great Britain and Ireland :
special plant for this class of
work; 37 and 38 Shoe lane,
London, and 128 Renfield st.
Maclaren & Sons, books and pam-

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