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Buchanan, John, Bros. Ltd. 51
Stewart st. Port-Dundas
Cooper & Co. 8 to 28 Howard St.
and branches
Gilmonr & Smith, Kilmarnock ;
Glai-gow office. '21 College st
Gray, John, & Co. Ltd 8 Adelphi
ter. and Commercial rd
Kensett, Ihos. & Co. Baltimore;
agenis, Jackson Bros. 83 Ann
stteet, city
M'DonalJ & M'Millan, Ld. 46 Hill
Ptner, E.
M'Lini. cfe, Wm. & Jas. 21 Dun-
more t-t
M'Nee, Jas. & Son, 28 Cadogan st
Macwhirr, Thos. 17 Stobcross st
Neil, Thos. 41 E. Vermont st
Scottish Co-Opera' ive Wholesale
Society, Ltd. 05 Morrison st
Stewart & Young (and confection-
ers), 260 Broad st. Mile-end
Goudie, George, 82 York st
Kensett, Thos. & Co. Baltimore
(and fruits), agents, Jackson
Bros. 33 Ann st. city
M 'Nairn, John, & Co. (importers)
104 Brunswick st
Renwick, John, 49 Jamaica st
Sheart-r, Jas. & Co. 55 Robertson
Spite, Francis, & Co. 26, 28, and
30 St. EDoch squa r e
Talbot, Caithness, 26 to 40 Hope
Brotchie, John Russell, 25 Eglinton
Clyde Soap Cr>. 41 and 43 Warroch
street, Anderston
Johnson, Chas. Rubberine roller
composition, Leeds ; agents,
Mander Bros. Wolverhampton ;
Scotch representatives, Wm.
H. Griffin, 10 Wilton cres.; J.
Hobbs, The Knowe. Bothwell
Patter.-on, D. & Co. ink, 57 Hopest
Potter, 'I h'is. 41 Cumberland st. E.
Smith. Wm. 53 Cadogan st
Stoer Bros. & Coles Ltd. Howard
square, 9 Howard st
Winston**, Benj. & Sons, Ltd.
London, makers of the celebrated
"Eureka" and "Union" com-
positions, etc. ; A. B. M'll-
â– vride, 72 Waterloo st.; telephone
No. 4162
Abercrombie, Alex. 4 Frederick In
Adam, D. & Co. 30 Hope st
Ad.shead, N. & Son. 11 Union street
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Aitken & Fairie, I 77 W. George st
Aitkenhead, A. F. manager print-
ing and billposting offices, Main
street, Uddingston
Aitkenhead, R. A. 13 New City rd
Allan & Ferguson, 12fi Renfield st
American (The) Printing and
Stationery Co. 116 New City rd
Anderson, John, 22 Ann st. city
Anderson, R. 22 Ann st. city
Anderson, Whin, & Co. guillotine
knives made and ground for, 139
Grteme st
Angus, John, 30 Main st. Anders.
Asber, Win. 80 Gordon street;
telephone No. 4265
Baillie, Wm. Main st. Barrhead]
Baird, John, 38 Queen st
Banks & Co. 12 Broomielaw
Bayley & Ferguson, 64 t^ueen st
Begg, Kennedy & Elder, 33
Hope st
Bell & Bain, Ltd.41,43 Mitchell st
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Bexfield, Henry J. 65 Oxford st
Biggar, John, 70 Union st
Bi'sset, W. S. 19 W. Howard st
Black, W. & Co., 209, 211 Cam-
bridge st
Blackie& Son. Ld. 17 Stanhope st
Blair, Andw. 649 Govan rd. Govan
Blellock, Andw. 137 W Nile st
Borland, W. & Co. 25 St. Enoch
Braco (The) de Prata Printing Co.
Ld. 65 Cathedral st
Brown, Boyd S. 119 Gt. Hamilton
Brown, Fleming & Co. (of African
specialties), 50 Renfrew street
Biown, James, & Son (type and
litho.) 5H Gt. Clyde st
Brown, John, 29a St. Vincent pi
Brown, John, 8 Gordon street
Brown & Young, 28 Oochr-ne st
Bruce, James, 42 W.Nile street
Bryce, David, & Son, 133 W.
Campbell street
Bryce & Mutray, Ltd. 129 Bu-
chanan st
Bryson, A. & Co. 92 Trongate
Bueh nan & Sons, 205 Buchanan
Buchanan, Young & Co. 75 Gal-
Burns, Alex. C. 383 Sauchiehall st.
and 46 Argyle arcade
Oalder, Jn. & Co. (general), 126
Renrield st
Caldwell, Young & Co. 178
Buchanan street
Cameron, James, 100 Cowcaddens
Cameron, Ferguson & Co. 63 N.
Frederick st
Cameron, Thos., 7 Stirling road
Campbell, Alex. & Co. 66 to 62
Hutcheson street
Campbell, Duncan, & Son, 96 St.
Vincent street
Campbell & Tudhope, 45 Crans-
ton st. Cranstonhill
Carson & Nicol, 12 and 14 Bath st
Carter & Pratt (publishers, print-
ers, and advertising contractors;
publi-hers of Quiz, The Border
Magazine, The Cowal Chron-
icle, The Undtrgraduate, The
Phonographic Monthly, The
Theatrical Annual, The Cor-
poration Tramways Guide, The
Reaper, Scottish Endeavour,
&c. &c. Estimates given for
all classes of magazines and
book work, 62 Bothwell circus
Christie, James, 5 Oswald st
Civic Press, 119 Trongate
Clark, D. J. 23 Royal Exchange sq
Clark, James, 118 Union st
Cochrane, A. 4Pollok street
Cocker, James, 170 Hope st
Collins, W. Sons & Co. (Limited),
139 Stirling rd.; works, 139 St.
James' rd. — See Adv.
Cooper, Edw. 528 Great Western
Cossar, John, Press building", 577
Govan rd. Govan ; branches 583
Cathcart rd. Govanhill, and
Dumbarton rd. Clydebank; tele-
phone No. 1587
Coutts & Giltillan, 19 Candleriggs
Craig, R. M. 97 Buchanan st
Crawford, John, 1 04 W. George st
Crockett & Co. 5 & 9 Madeira ct
Currie & Co., 71 Morrison st. s.s.
Davidson, C. & Sons, Limited, 59,
61, 63 St Enoch sq
Davidson, K. & R. 162 Buchanan
Dawson, Robt., 6 Muslin st.
Dick, James W. 11 Shuttle st
Dickie & Inglis, City stationery
and Printing Works, North
Wallace st
Dickinson, John, & Co. Ltd. 52
St. Enoch sq
Dob-inn, Molle, & Co. 100 Montrose
Donaldson & Reid, 198 Buchanan
Donegan, P. & Co. 98, 106 Dunlop
Dott, George, 28 Dumbarton rd
Douglas & Douglas, 113 Union st
Douglas, G. A. H. & Co. 172 and
174 Hope street
Downie, Robert, 193 Main street,
Duff, A. M. 21 Clarendon st

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