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National Asphalte and Concrete
Co. 92 W. Nile ft
Rankin., Jas. 77 Canal st. Port
Eglinton,and 34 Victoria st s.s
Ross, Andrew M. & Sons (grano-
lithic), 10, 12 Ann street, city
Scott & Rae ; telephone No. 1380 ;
Caithness, Arbroath, and slate
slab depots, 380-396 Eglinton
st. and 348 West st. (West street
Station), office, 91 Both well st
Strutbers, Robert, 22 Crookston st
Kingston dock
Val de Travers Asphalte Paving Co.
Ltd. 27 Wellington st— SeeAdu.
in App.
Walker, W. G. & Sons, 246 Albert
st. off Parliamentary rd.; works
and head office, Ayr
Wardrop & Murray (granolithic),
42 Montrose st
Wilson & Leitch, 4 Charlotte st.
Dobbie's loan; telephone No.4457
Youden, John, & Co., mosaic,
marble and tile flooring, 12
Bothwell st
Young, James, 616 Eglinton st
Baird, Thompson, & Co. 20 Union
Bladen & Co. 198 St. Vincent st;
works, Parkhead
Gourlay, Robtrt, 132 W. Campbell
Gourlay, W. B. 192 St. Vincent st
HaywHid Bros. & Eckstein, Ltd.,
63 VV. Regent st
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co., Cumber-
land Foundry, 168 Gallowgate
St. Pane as Tron Work Co., Lon-
don; agent. Wm. Ross Key, 109
Hope ft. Central chamoers
Duncan, Jas. 106 W. Campbell st
Galbraitb & Winton (mosaic, marble
and tiles), 129 St. Vincent st
Kean & Wanimp, 1 67 Bath st
Main, Thos. 130 Sauchiehall st
Ross, Andrew M. & Sons, 10, 12
Ann st. city
Wardrop & Murray, 42 Montrose st
Youden, John, & Co., mosaic,
marble, and tiles, I 2 Bothwell st
Allan, Jas. 27"J Main st. And'ston
Anderson, Jas. 124 Green street,
Barclay, John, 97 Hospital st
Barr, John, 27 Maitland lane
Begg, Wm. 3 and 5 Harmony row,
Biggar, Robert, 303 Argylc st
Black, Catherine, 43 Marquis st
Blair, John, 77 Abercromby st
Bluevale Pawnbroking Office, 94
E. John st
Buchanan, Wm. 205 Thistle st. s.s
Cameron, Marion, 8 Sauchiehall st
Cassidy, Francis, 130 S. Welling-
ton st
Charlotte Street Loan Co. 12 Char-
lotte st
Cochran, Andrew, 356 Garscube
Conway, Francis, 55 High st
Conway, Jas. 11 George st
Conway, Mrs. Mary, 3 Springfield
ro d
Corley Mrs. M. A. 17 East John st
Cowcaddens Pawnbroking Co. 173
Cowcaddens st
Craig Brothers, 114 Main street,
Craig, John, 156 Main st Anderst.
Crown Pawnbroking Office, 9
Rosehail st
Currie, Miss M. 5 Burrell's lane
Dalrymple, David, 6 Elderslie st
Drain, David, 16 to 20 Dale st,
Bridge ton
Farmer, Francis, 196 Garngad rd
Farmer, Ann, 65-69 William st.
Galletly, Colin, 516 Duke st
Uetnmell, Andw. 425 Argyle st
Glasgow Equitable Loan Co. 10
Bridge st
Glasgow Equitable Loan Co. 148
Renfivld st
Glasgow Pawnbroking Company, 3
Bath street
Glasgow (The) Numerical Print-
ing Co., printersof pawnbrokers'
tickets; all kinos of pawn-
brokers' stationery supplied,
3 L Finnieston st
Goldie, Mrs. M. 54 Maitland st
Harvey, Daniel, 233 High st
Harvey, Daniel T. jun. 750 Spring-
burn rd
Hendrie, Alex. 415 and 417
Rutherglen road
Henry, Wm. J., 139 and 141
South Wellington street
Hill, Daniel E., ISO Nelson street,
s.s. and branches
Husband, Jas., 99 Cowcaddens st
Hylands, John M. 60 Thistle
street s.s.
Inglis,Wm. 230 Garscube road
Inghs, Wm. R. 29 Orchard street,
Johnstone, Robt. 251 North Wood-
side road
Kerr, Arch. 14 Gordon st White-
Kerr, Jobn, 177 Dalmarnock rd
Kerr, Mrs. J. 6 Blackie st
Kineaid, John, 50 Mair st
Lauder, Ales. 1 Ardgowan st
Lennox & Smith, 7 Wellfield st.
Levy, P. 244 Pauley rd
Lewis, Arthur H. 58 Clyde street,
Lochhead, Geo. F. 869 Govan road,
Logan, Chas. 7 Hill st. E.
M'Adam, Ann, 15 Main street,
M'Cann, John, 58 and 64 Gray
st Parkhead
Macready, Patrick J. 219 and 223
Mathieson st
M'Creath, Cbas. 19 Lambhill st
Maednnald, John C, 20 Glebe st
M'Eleny & M 'Guire, 80 Nels n st.s.s
M'Erlean, Francis, 735 Gt. Eastern
M'Farlane, John, 557 Springburn
M'Gallagley, Cornelius, 51 Dale
st. Bridgeton
M'Gallagley, Agnes, 72 P'shaws rd
M'Grady, Arthur, 2 Kent street
Mackie, John, 30 Wet] st. Partick
M'Leod, Alex. 18 S. Kinning pi.
Maclurkin, S. W. 132 Trougate
and 398 Garscube road
Martin, And. 172 Renfield street
Martin, Jas. 133 Albert st
Miller, Jas. 136 Gloucester st. and
3| Dale st. Bridgeton
Miller, Robt 180 London rd
Miller, Robt. 2 Hydepark st
Miller, Robert, 3 ijarngad Hill
Miller, Robt. 145 New City road
Moore, Wm. 4 M'Farlane st
Morrison, Halbert, 78 and 84
Stanley st. Kinning park
Morrison, Halbert, 4 Rumford st
Myers, John B. 129 Wolseley st
Myers, Jobn L. 64 Taylor street
O'Hear, James, 261 Main street,
Oatlands Pawnbroking Co. 6 Elm
Oswald Equitable Loai Co. 53
Dumbarton rd
Oswald St. Equitable Loan Office,
67 Oswald st
Parkhead Pawnbroking Office, 5
Burgher st
Pinkerton, Wm. 96 Parliamentary
Polmadie Pawnbroking Office, 129
Wolseley st
Qu'gley, John, 2 Carfin st. Govan-
Reid. Richard G. 733 Gdlowgate
Rice, Wm. 9 Caithness st
Kobb, M. 61 Young st
Robertson, Robert, 5 Preston st. off
London road
Ross, John, 30 Mount st
Roy, James, 46 Orchard street,
Scanlan, Lewis & Pauline, 259
Main st. Gorbals
Scanlan, Margaret. 96 Elcho st
Scott, Jas. 176-180 Gallowgate
Scott, James, 9 Rosehail st
Semple, Geo. 51 Rosemount st
Semple, George, 3 Washington st

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