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machinery for use with liquefied
carbonic acid ; beer raising ap-
paratus, &c, Eosehill Works,
493 Aikenhead rd. Polmadie
Anderson & Henderson (Limited),
115 Renwick st, and 44 West
Campbell st
Bennie, Andrew, 132 Hunter st
Black & Co. Ltd. 81 N. Frederick
Bottle (The) PackiDg Case Co.
Ltd. 22, 26 Pulteney st
Brown & Co. 79 to 85 M'Alpinest
Brown, J. & G. 25 Douglas st
Campbell, J. & Co. 17 & 19 Little
Hamilton st
Cannins;ton, Shaw & Co. Ltd. 14
W. Campbell st
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. 23 North
Wallace street
Chalmers, W. C. 7 Charlotte st.
off Gallowgate
Clark, Wm. & Son; office, 46
John st; works, 100 do
Clingan, Wm. 107 Montrose st
Craig & Co. 54 Cadogan st
Eastern Packing Case Co. 15 f.nd 24
Duncan street, M.E.
Frame, Jas. (second-hand boxes,
&c. always in stock, all sizes),
290 Commercial rd
Fraser & Co. 89 Smith st. Kin. pk
Fraser, Taylor, & Gibson, Phoenix
Saw Mills, No. Wallace st. and
88 John street, city ; telephone
Nos. 4657 and 4858; telegraphic
address, " Linings."
Freckleton, John, 286 Shields rd
Gray, A. & G. 30 Bath st
Hamilton, Marr, & Co. Govan
Saw Mills, Govan
Hendry, Ales. 3 Canning st. Calton
Irving Bros. 86 Renfield st.
Irving, R. & J. 43,45 Pt.Dundas rd
Kay, John, 57 John st. Bridgeton
Kay, Thos. & Co. 21 Cathedral st.
Lawrence, Jas. 38, 40 Montrose
Lloyd, A. & Sons, Ltd., 68 Hyde-
park st
M'Farlane, Arch. 81, 83 Cathedral
M'Gown, Wm. & Co. 25 N. Albion
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John st. city
Maclachlan, Peter & Co. (straw
envelopes, straw mats, &c. for
bottle packing, and all bottling
materials), 134 St. Vincent st
M'Lean, Neil, & Son, 156 Black-
burn street
Marr, Hamilton, & Co. Robert st.
Miller, A. B. & Co. sole agents for
Doig's box nailing and hooping
machines, &c. also the Prouty
wood printing press), 103 Both-
well street
Montgomery & Strachan, Hutch e-
sontown Saw Mills, Polmadie
Munro & Ewing, 18 Little Hamil-
ton street
Northern (The) Steel and Hardware
Co. Ltd. (nails, hoops, and hinges
for), 72 and 74 W. Howard st
Orr's Patent Metallic Package Co.
11 Bothwell st
Paterson, A. & G. 60 to 68 Ten-
nant street
Pratt, J. G. 131 Crownpoint st
Robertson, George C. & Son, 170
Buchanan street
Rogerson, John, 57^ Brown street,
Rogerson, T. & Lawson, 240 Cani-
ty ne road
Sclanders & Paton, 59 North
Frederick st
Smith, John, 4 Dorset street, off
Cleveland st
Sommerville, Thos. 43 to 47 Pitt
Thompson, Kemp, & Co. (makers
of parcel post boxes in card-
board or wood) Eclipse works,
83 Dunlop st
Thompson, Robert B. & Co., 54
W. Howard st
Torrance, J. Watt, & Co. contractors
to H.M. Government, Muirhouse
Saw Mills, Maxwell road, s.s.
also at Eastern Saw Mills,
Adam, Stephen & Son, glass, 199
Bath st
Allan, J. W. 145 George st
Anderson, Alex. 211 W. George st
Anderson, H. L. & Co. 233 St.
Vincent st
Anderson, J. & R. 76 Bath st
Angus, Wm. 530 St. Vincent st
Aruot,T. 162 St. Vincent st
Arroll, Richard H., 214 Great
Western road
Bankier, A. & Co. 248 W. Geo. st
Bankier, A. & Co. 180 Cowcad'ns
Barclay, Robt. jr, 8 Osborne st. city
Bennett, J. B. & Sons, 50 Gordon
Bolster, J. & T. 113 Eaglesham st
Bowie, C. T., Fisher & Co., 26
Bothwell st
Bowman, D. 25 Nicholson street
Boyd, Johnstone, 227 North st
Breckenridge, John, 7 Sydney st
Breckenridge, J. Jan. 503 Gal'gate
Brodie, Robt. 9 Tureen st
Brown, Win. 227 West George st
Bryson Bros. 156 Dalmarnock rd
Buchanan, Jas. 26 York st.
Buchanan, John, 112 Bothwell st
Burgess, Jas. 461 Dumbarton road
Burns, Alex. 47 S. Portland st
Burns, John, jun. 82 George st
Burns, John, & Son. 10 George st
Calderwood, Wm. 131 Hospital st
Caldwell, Jas., 371 Eglintonst
Cameron & M'Lean, 219 West
George st
Cameron, P. H. 26 Main street,
Campbell & Breckenridge, 217
Hope street
Campbell, J. & Son, 56 Gt. Western
Carlton,C.& Son, 189 St.Vincent st
Carruth, John, jr. 6 W. Graham st
Chisholm, John, & Son, 671 Cath-
cart rd
Chisholm, John, jr. 12 Maxwell rd
Coghill, Alex. 729 New City road
Collier & Matheson, 417 St. Vin-
cent street
Couper, John, 167 Bothwell street
Cramond, John, 8 Stanley street,
Paisley road
Crawford, R. C, 241 W. George st
Crawford, Walter, 312 Saracen st
Crawford, Wm. P. 15 Elgin st
Cumming,Jackson W. 90 Wesleyan
Curdie, John, 4 Stewartville st.
Currie, A. P. 644 Eglinton st
Donald, John R. 622 Eglintonst
Douglas, Wm. 254 W. George st
Doyle, Frank, 61 So. Ponland st
Dunbar & Wilson, 147 Main street,
Duncan, John Lusk, 101 Eglinton
Edgar, James F. 116 Eglinton st
Edward, J. & J. 30 Eglinton st
Elvin, Andrew, & Son, 127 Stir-
ling road
Elvin, And. jun., 148 Stirling rd
Ferguson, Robt. & Son, 205 St.
George's rd
Findlay, Thos. D. 161 Hospital st
Fleming, Hugh, 16 Bellgrove st
Fletcher, Thomas, 37 Bath st
Fletcher, Wm. 22 Park road
Fraser, John, 37 Helen st
Fraser, Wm. & Co. 19 Kent road
Fyfe, Robt. 410 Sauehu-lull st
Fulton, John, 9 Balmore st. Possil
Gardner, A. 86 Clyde st. Calton
Gemmill, Geo. 12 White st. Govan
Gibson, Matthew, 140 M'Lean st
Gibson, W., 14| Adelphi st
Gibson, Wm. 43 Woodlands rd
Gillespie, John, 260 Gt. Eastern rd
Glass (The) SUiners Co. 118 W.
Regent st
Goudie, Andw. 44 Cromwell st
Gow, David, 471 Sauchiehall st
Graham, G. H. & Co. 114 Great
Western road

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