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â– OIL.
Price, Chas. & Co. 5 Oswald st
Price's Patent Candle Company,
Ltd. ; Works, London and
Liverpool ; agent, A. D. New-
lands, So Rohertson st
Pumpnerston (The) Oil Co., Ltd.
24 St. Vincent place
Ragosine & C<>. 11 Bothwell st
Rankin & F» fe, 30 George sq
Eea, D. Heitoo, & Co. 99 Clyde
st. Anrierston
Rea, Tbos. & Co. 30 Whitehall st
Reid, E. A. & Co. (cresote and
lucigen), 125 Buchanan street
Rennie, A. Dickson, 124 St. Vine.
Roberts & Berntsen, 57 Hope st
RobertsoD, John, 534 Galiowgate
Robertsou & M'Gill, 135 Waterloo
Robertson, M'Intosh & Co. 17 Os-
wald street
Robertson, Robt. & Co. 14 Hutche-
son st
Robertson, R. & Son 15 and 17
Commerce st
Robin & Houston, Ltd. 99 Park
st. Kinni g park
Rodger, Alex. & Co. 15S James st.
Rough, Walter G. & Co. 49 West
George street
Rowat & C<> G. van
Rowley & Dick, 40 Bath street
Sadler & Co., 48 French street,
Bridget on, and Birmingham and
Sandeman Bros. Ruchill Oil Works
Scott, J as. & John G. (Ltd.), 28
Dobbie's loan
Scott, S. W. & Co. 80 Buchanan
Scottish (The) Oil and Chemical
Co. Ltd. Ma^terton Works,
Keppocbhill rd
Scottish (I lie) Varnish, Paint and
Oil Co. 8a No. Coburg st
Ship Chandlery and Sailwork Co.
18 Finnieston lane
Simpson, Aithur, jun. 132 Tron-
Sinclair, A. T. & Co. 68 West
Regent street
Smelhe, James D. 69 St. George's
Smith & Rodger, 13 Greenhead
Speedwell Chemical Co. 177 Crown-
point road
Spence, John W. & Co. 58 to 70
Dobbie's loan
Stern Bros. 108a Hope st
Steven, And. & Son, 132 Welling-
ton street
Stevenson Bros. 212 Broomielaw
Stevenson, William, & Co. 28
Robertson street
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald st.
Stewart & Co. 63 Commerce st
Stewart, John, & Compy. 7 Royal
Bank place
Stirling, A. & Co. 72 a Waterloo st
Storrar Bros. 11 Bothwell st
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Oil and Colour Works, French st.
Strang, Ja-s. & Sons, 121 West
George st
Straihciyde Paint Co. 41
Vermont st. Kinning park
Syme, J. & Wm. D. 16 L Hope st
Taylor, Andrew, 47 Oswald st
Thomson. Ales. 524 Keppochhill rd
Thomson, G. & J. 48 French st
Thompson, K. B. & C>. (oil sample
and show boitles), 54 West
Howard «r. near St. Enoch sq
Thoidahl, Geo. & Co. 24a Robert-
son htreet
Tulloch, Wm. & Co. 7 West
George st
Turnbull, Jas. L. & Co 93 Hope st
Vacuum Oil Co. nianufrs. lubri-
cating oils, 18* Si. Vincent st.;
hi-ad office, 47 Victoria street,
London, W
Ve"rel Bros. 179 West George st
Viette, L. (olive), 211 Hope st
Walker, Andrew, 35 Duke st
Walker, G & Son, 4* French st
Walker, James B., 13 Shamrock st
Walker, Robert, 67 W. Nile st
Wallach Bros. I 08a Hope st
Walls, Wm. & Co. Lochburn rd.
White (The) Lead Co. Ltd. Cale-
donia Works, Pussilpark
Williamson, Morton. & Co. Lon-
don and Glasgow Colour Works,
349 to 36 L Dobbie's loan
Worm aid & Co. 43 Victoria st.
Young, John, 9 Port-Dundas rd
Young & Macfarlaue, 11 West
Regent st
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral
Oil Co. (Lim.), 7 W. George st
Yuille, Cameron & Co. 17 and 19
West st. s.s
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. Ld.
36 to 48 M l Alpine st
Anglo- Ameican Oil Co. Lmtd. 88
S<\ Vincent st
Barnsley, James L. 70 Hill st. E.
Barrowfield Oil & Colour Works ;
Jas. Storer & Co. 48 French st.
Blacklock & Macartbur; works, 96
to 1 06 Dale st.; offices, 165 to
173 West st. Tradeston, and at
Boult Bros. & Co. 134 St Vin-
cent st
Bremner, John A. & Co. Man-
chester; agents, Wallace, Wilkie,
& Newton, 5 York st
Brown, D. D. 40 North street,
Brown, Wm. Sons, & Co. 97
Portman st. Kinning Park ;
warehouse, 20 St. Enocb sq
Bryce, A. S., Glenpark Od Works,
East Nelson st
Buchanan, Alex. 19 Fairley st.
Calder & Armour, 14, 16 Broomie-
Caledonian (The) Mineral Oil Co,
Ltd. 2 1 St. Vincent pi
Clippens Oil Co. 23 Royal Ex-
change sq.
Clutha (The) Chemical Co. Kelviia
dock, Maryhill
Clydesdale Oil Co. Blantyre
Craig, Jas. D. 11 Bothwell st
Craig, John S. & Co. Ltd. 50
Paterson st. s.s.
Craig & Rose, 85, 89 Cadogan st
Ciane, P. Moir & Co. Manchester;
ageut, Edwin S. Yates, 17
Oswald st
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. 24 Queers
Eadie, Archd. & Co. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook st
Engelbert & Co., London ; stores,
29 Brougham street, Greenock ;
agent, R. Edelsten.
Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, 39 Stock-
well street
Fiudlater & Co. 33 Renfield st
Fleming, A. B. & Co. (Limited),
111 Water' oo street
Forsyth, M'Kechnie & Co.,
Hopehill road
Graham, Malcolm, & Co. 1 Wilkie
Gray, Mungo, & Co. 93 Hope st
tlaacke, A. & Co. 146 Broomielaw
Hall, C. Wishart & Co. Elder
Park Oil Works, off Crossloan
road, Govan
Hall, P. W. 28 to 34 Kyle street,
Dobbie's loan
Hamilton, J. & D. 224 Ingram
Highgate, Hush, & Co. Paisley
Hinshelwood, Thos. & Co. Glasgow
Oil and Colour Works, Glen-
park st
Hird, Hastie, & Co. Kinning park
Oil Works, 73 Park st
Hollywood, Wm. 36 aud 36a King
st. Tradeston
Hutchison, Main, & Co. SpriDg-
vale Mills, Cowlairs, near
Jack, Joseph, North British Oil
and Chemical Works, Camlachie
Jamieson & Co. 105 and 107 Clyde
street, Anderston
Johnsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing designs and trade marks, 115
St. Vincent street

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