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Miller, John, jun. 429 Gt. Western
Millar, John, 153 K>nt rd
Milne, Win. (violin) 118 Sauchie-
hall street
Moore, Wm. H. (pianist), 43 Eoslea
Morgan, Edwin, '23 George st
Murdoch, W. M'Kenzie, 335 Gt.
Western rd
Murphy, John Easdale, 55 Bridge
Murray. John M. 73 Finlay drive
Neilson, James, 25 Newhall street,
Nisbet, Arcbd. 5 Clydeview ter.
Picton, Alfied, 27 Wilton dr
Rea, Cha-les H. 81 Ahbotsford pi
Render, J. W. 68 St. George's rd
Kippin, J. Leo, 10 Caird dr
Rodgers John, 72 Buceleuch st
Ryder, Harold, 258 Bath st
Schofield, Wm. 23 Nithsdale rd
Scott & Co. 3 Candleriggs
Seligmann, Harry A. L. 129 W.
Princes street
Seligmann, JuLus, 18 Holyrood
Senior, J. E. R. 22 Royal cres
Shields, Geo. 13 Queen's ter
Slater, David Dick, 46 Princes st.
Pollok shields
Smith, James T. 42 Claremont st
Smith, Montague, 9 Rnsebery ter
Smith, Mrs., 272 St. George's rd
Stewart, Geo. 7 Belmont st
Terras, Peter S. 25 Elmbank cres.
Vail, H. A., Albany Chambers,
Charing Cross
Volltner Bros. 244 Buchanan st
Widiner, Alfied, 12 Kersland st.
Williamson, Stephen, 15 Lans-
downe cres
Wilson, Mrs. D. 122 Holland st
Wright, W. R. 30 Woodlands id
Blair, James, & Co. 200 and 202
Bridgeton Clipping Co. 21 West
St. Bridget on ~^t!
Miller, J as. 145 Crownpoint rd
Lang & Co. 150 Ingram st. and 4
John street
M'Gregor, A R. & Co. 179 Broad
street, Mile-end
Moore, And. & Co. 67 W. Nile st
Newman, Smith, & Newman, New-
gate st. London, 28 St. En. sq
Stewart, Moir, & Muir, Limited,
(manufacturers), 28 Miller st
Waters, John & Co. 54 Gordon st
Bird, Alex. P. & Co. John st.
Factory, Bridg-ton
Blair, John, sen., & Co. 33 Ann st
Brown, John, & Son, 11 L French
st, Bridgeton
Church. Win., & Co. 52 St. Enoch
Cochrane, J. J. & Co. (lappets),
40 Co nmercial rd
Coustonholin Weaving Co. Pollok-
Craig, Wm. & Sons, Cross Arthur-
lie Factory, Karrhead
Crawford, A. S. 82 Virginia pi
Dow & Frame, 207 Ingram st
Forrest, Frew & Co. 342 Main st.
Gibson, Wm. 257 Argyle st
Gourlay, M. & Co. 11 W. Nile st
Howat, D. G. & Co. 16 Springfield
Lang & Co. 150 Ingram st. and 4
John st. city
Lean, John, & Sons, 144 Reid st.
L : gat. David & Son, 68 Mitchell
street; factory, Newmilns
Maclaunn, Ales. Y. & Co. 16 S.
Frederick st
M'Lellan, Jas. & Co. 107 St.
Vincent st
Morton, Robert, & Sons, 51 Bu-
chanan -t
Porter, Wm. 119 Virginia pi
Robertson, C. & J. 45 Cochrane st
Ross & Hnwatt, 22 West Nile st
Smith, W. & J. G., & Co., Ltd.
38rt S*an*ton st
Spears, Jilin & Co. 53 and 55
Cochrane st
Stewa-t, Moir, & Muir, Ltd. 28
Miller st
S.irling Bros. 107 Ingram st
Strang, Wm. & Son, 201 Green -
he >d st
Whanie Bros. 5 Wellington st
Wilson Bros. 9L Mitchell st
Wilson, Geo., & Co. 300 Swanston
WiUn, J. & P. 167 Ioaram st
Winning, Jas. & Co. I Prince's sq
Wood. R. T., & Co. 109 Ingram st
Young. J. H., & Co. 92 Union st. ;
factory, 53 Mill st. Greerihead
M'Arly, David, 32 John st
MacLennan, John & Co. (paper and
woven bands, tickets, tapes,
&c), 1 Prince's sq. Buchanan st
Mitchell Bro*. 97 W. Campbell st
Colrnan, J. & J. L';d. London;
Glasgow office, 41 Ann St. city
Bennie, David, & Sons, 82 Gordon
Booking, E. & Co. (wire nails),
Mulbeim a/Rh. ; agents, D. &
J. Murray, 116 St. Vincent st
Braby, F. & Co. (Ltd.), Eclipse
Works, Petersbill road, and 47
to 49 St. Enoch square
Braibant, N. Charleroi, Belgium ;
217 Buchanan st
Brown, Hugh, & Co. (steel, brass,
copper, and wire) 54 Robert-
son street
Cennop Bros. Cradley Heath ;
agent, J. J. H. Cruiekshank,
95 Bath st
Clyde Nail Co. Ltd. manufacturers
of patent steel-dog spikes ;
patent and cut steel nails and
tacks, cut copper, brass, arid zinc
nailt and tackH,&c, Newton, near
Glasgow; telegraphic address,
"Clyde, Newton;" telephone No.
Craig, A. Blackburn, 63a St. Vin.
Croggon & Co. Ltd. (galvanised
cut wire and wrought slate),
7 John st. city
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49
Robertson st
Dick, Wm. & Co. 48 French st.
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. 101 Water-
loo street
Donald Bros. 27,29 Cadogan street
Donald, .Jame3 T. & Co. Limited
345 Argyle street
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadognn st
Donald, Walter,& Co. N»nh British
Nail and Rivet Works, Easter-
house, near Glasgow
Fletcher, Parker & M' Alpine,
merchants, 66 Miller st
Hannah, Wm. 9 Washington st
Hannay, Thos. agt. 217 Buchanan
Land, Thos. 93 Hope street
M'Clorey, John, 203 N. Wood-
side road
M'Roberts, Jos. 345 Scotland st.s.s.
Moffat Bros. 422 London road
M orison, John, & Son (slate nails,
all kinds), 8 Dixon st
Motherwell, Wm. (moulders' pipe
nails), 32 Portman st
Manroe, A. & Co. (importers of
wire naiis), 362 Dumbarton rd
Northern (The) Steel and Hard-
ware Co. Ltd. large importers of
wire nails, 72, 74 W. Howard st
Paterson, John, 36 Green ot.Calton
Potter, Thos. 41 Cumberland st.
Provan, David, 68b Bishop st. And.
Ross, Andrew M. & Sons, 10 and
12 Ann st. city

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