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Anderson & Nicol, 27 Ann st. city
Arthur, Jno, & Son, 54 Moncur st
Barnett, Wm. (mill brushes of
every description), 3 Bath street
Beanie, Wm. 81 to 85 James st. off
Bridgeton Cross
Binney & Son, 68 W. Howard st
Hlaek", Wm. 1 1 W. Regent st
Blackwood & Rodger, 22 Moir st
tfrown, Alex. & Co., 233 St. Vin-
cent street
Brown & Co. 30 Carrick st
Brown, David, 21 John Street lane,
BrowiJie & Cook, 65 Gardner st
Campbell, J. A. & Co. 231 Stob-
cross st
Clarkson Brothers (split pulleys,
shafting, bangers, pillow blocks,
&c), sole agents for Fraser's
spread armed mall iron split pul-
ley; city machinery stores and
showrooms, 63 and 65 Dunlop
street, near St. Enoch Railway
Station ; works, 8, 12 Little
Hamilton st. & 95 High John st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Ltd.
(Inaia lubber and asbestos
goods), Clyde st. Port-Dundas;
telephone, No. 27 ; town ware-
house, 76 Broomielaw ; tele-
phone No. 4928
Cross, James, 44 5 Eglinton st.
Oruick-shanks & Cook, Ltd. split
pulleys, shafting, haDgers, &c,
74 Galbraiih st
Dalziel & Co. 8 Bothwell st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle street
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Dove, James & Thomas A. (mill-
baskets of every kind), 15 and
23 St. Andrew's sq
Dove, John, mill baskets, 31 and
33 St. Andrew's st and 1 St. An-
drew's square
Djmock, John D. 242 Buchanan
Eadie, Arehd & Co. Tradeston
Painr, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook street
Elliott, Matthew, 263 Main st.
Elsworth, John, & Sons (saw
mill) 7, 9, 65 and 67 Commerce
st. s.s.
Ferguson, John, & Sons (manu-
facturers of mill and machinery
brushes of every description),
54 York st
Findlay, Joseph, & Co. 113 Vir-
ginia pi. ; telephone, 3220
Fraser Bros., 72 Henrietta street
Gandy (The) Belt Manufacturing
Co. Ltd. belting, wood pulleys,
etc. 33 Queen street
Haacke, A. & Co. 146 Broomielaw
Hafter, A. (oil and grease lubrica-
tors), 462 Dobbie's loan
Hamilton, Wm. 95 Bath st
Hamilton, T. & J. Calton Works,
42 Tobago st
Harper, H. M. 93 Hope st
Hendry Bros. 79 aud 80 Great
Clyde st
Hill, Thomas, & Co. 66 and 68
Robertson st
Hinshehvood, Thos. & Co. paints,
oils, greases, and varnishes,
Glenpark st
Hird, Hastie & Co., lubricating
oils, paints, varnishes, greases,
&c, Kinning Park Oil Works,
73 Park st
Hollywood, Wm. 36 and 36AKiDg
st, Tradeston
Home, Geo. S. 101 St. Vincent st
Johnsons, Messrs. (office for patents)
115 St. Vincent st; handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Johnstone, R. W. & Co. 104 West
Campbell st
Landell, Wm. 106 Trongate
Lester, Wm. & Sons, 11 West
RegeDt st
Lincolne & Co. 65 and 67 N. Wal-
lace st
Loudon Bros. 46-50 Waterloo st
M'Coard,Wm. & Son (engine waste,
sponge cloths, &c), 15-41 E.
Nelson st, off Gallowgate
M'Culloch, David, 27 Oswald st
Macdonald, D. K. 70 Brunswick
M'Ewan, W. A. 199 Claythorn st
M'lnnes, T. S. & Co. Limited,
steam engine indicators, gauges,
counters, clocks, lubricators,
gauge glasses, etc. 41 and 42
Clyde p(
Mackay, John C. 4 York st
M'Kinnon, R. Cowan, & Co. 134
Bath st
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 109 Main
st. Bridgeton
M'Lellan, Geo. & Co. (india-rubber
and asbestos goods), Glasgow
Rubber Works, Mary hill; ware-
house, 253 Argyle st
MacLellan, P. & W. Limtd. 129
Macpherson, A. & Co. 5 to 9
Centre st
Martin, W. & J. 63 Brunswick st
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. electrical
apparatus, 47 King st. Mile-end
Melville, Hugh R., 11 Bothwell
Miller & Taylor, 18 Ca'hedral st
Muir & Co. 26 to 36 Charles st.
Murray, James, & Co., 8 Anders-
ton quay
Northern (The) Steel and Hard-
ware Co. Limited, 72, 74 West
Howard st I
Oldtield, J. & Sons, North British
Leather Works, Wilkie st
Paterson, Wm. J. 28 Cochrane st
Percival, T. F. &Co. 60 to 70 Hen-
rietta st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ltd. office-
and show rooms, 22 Queen, st.
and Albion Works, 25 South
K inning place, Paisley road
Potter, Robert, & Sons, 48 French
Potter, Thomas, 41 Cumberland st
and 78 Clyde st. Calton
"Revolution" Wooden Split Pul-
ley Co. 82 West Nile st
Riddel, John H. 40 St. Enoch sq
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st'eefc
Robinson, John, & Co. 38 Clyde st.
Robsoa, George J. & Co. 22 and 24
Bath street
Rodger, Alexander, & Co., 15G
James street, Bridgeton
Schaffer & Budenberg (hydraulic
and steam gauges, steam trap*,
lubricators, indicators, injectors,
counters, &c.,&c), 194 and 196
Hope street
Scott, Ernest, & Mountain, Lmtd.
(electrical plant), Close Works,
Newcastle- on- Tvne ; representa-
tive engineer, R. Hood Haggie,
jun. 137a St. Vincent st
Scottish (The) Asbestos Co. Ltd.
5 Royal Exchange sq.
Scottish (The) India- ruboer Co. 45
Queen st
Scottish (The) Oil & Chemical Co.
Lmtd. Masterton woiks, Kep-
pochhill road
Scrivener, Geo. A. 182 Trongate
Shiels, Elliot & Nelson, 25 Gate-
side st
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James st. Bridgeton
Si eel, Thos. C. & Co. 10 Carrick st
Stevenson Bros. 212 Broomielaw
Stevenson & Co. 212 Broomielaw
Stewart, A. & C. 36 Falfield st.
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald st
Stewart, John, 36 W. George st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28 to 32
Oswald st
Stewart & M'Pberson, 52 Canning;
st. Calton
Stirling, A. & Co. 72a Waterloo st
Tangyes, Ltd., 96 Hope st
Thomson, R. B. & Co. 38 Stockwell
Tullis, John, & Son, St. Ann's
Works, John street, Bridgeton
Wallach Bros (and factory), 108a
Hope st
Walton, John, & Sons, leather
beltings and wnste, 36 Charlotte
lane, city
Welsh & Horn, 15 and 17 Douglas
Wilson & Baird, 83 Holland st

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