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Barbour, W. & Sons, Ld. linen and
shoe thread, 224 Ingram street
Barclay & M'Gregor, 83 Hutche-
son street
Barclay, Thos. K. (cotton and
linen condenser packing rings),
12 Waterloo st
Barker, J. D. export umbrella, 42
Holmbead st
Barker & Rennie (brush), 12 Stock-
well street
Barlow & Jones, Ld. 51 Buchanan
Barnes, T. & Co. Ltd. 1 Prince's
Barnet & Co , upholsterers' trim-
mings, 12 Cadogan st
Barr, James, Cromwell late, off
New City rd
Barr, M. & Co. (oilskin clothing,
&c), 68 Glassford street and
Crown Oil Works, Cakon. —
See Advt. in App.
Barrie, G. & P. (British wines,
wines and cordials), Maxwell
road, St. Andrew's road, and
M'Culloch street, P'shields
Barron, F. C. & Co. ; sole agent,
George W. Forbes, 17 to 25
Port-Dundas road; telegrams,
" Gypsum," Glasgow; telephone
No. 4271
Beaufoy & Co. 22 St. Enoch sq
Begg, A. 55 Glassford st
Behrens, Louis, & Sons, 81 Vir-
ginia street
Bell, J. & M. P. & Co. Limited,
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford st
Bennie, Arch. & Co. 72 Waterloo
Bennie, David, & Sons; office, 82
Gordon street
Berger, Samuel, & Co. (glaukos),
65 West Regent street
Berry, Thomas, & Co. 34 Argyle st
Beveridge, A. & Co. coffee essence,
Surrey Street Pickle Works
Bird, A. P. & Co. 57 John st. B.
Birkin, T. 1. & Co. Clyde Lace
Works, Baltic st. Bridgeton
Black, James, & Co. 11 Royal
Exchange square
Black & Wingate (Ltd.), Standard
buildings, 102 Hope st
Blacklock, D. 5 Royal Exchange
Blacklock & Macarthur, paints and
varnishes ; offices, 171 West St.;
works and stores, 96 to 106 Dale
street, Tradeston
Blackwood & Rodger (link belting),
22 Moir street
Blair, Jn. & Co. hat, 42 Virginia st
Blyth, Robr. 71 Queen street
Bohan, James & Co. 175 Trongate
Boosey, A. H. A. hat trimmings,
20 Dixon street
Bowie & Co. Netherlee, by Cath-
Boyd, Thos. J. shirting and shirt,
51 Queen st. Rutherglen
Boyle, Robert, & Son, Ltd., air-
pump ventilators, &c, 110
Bothwellst. — See Ado. in App.
Boyle, Wm. & Co. tie and scarf,
57 Miller street
Braby, Fred. & Co., Ltd. 47 and
49 St. Enoch square ; works,
Petershill road
Brand, Adam, & Co. 93 Holm st
Brash & Co., 119 Virginia place
Brash, Walter, 84 Oswald st
Brearley, Thos. N. Elland, 38, 40
No. Frederick st
Briggs, Thomas, 187 George st
Brook, Jonas, & Bros. Ltd. (cotton
thread), 89 Welliogton st,
Brooks & Hamiltou (sewed mus-
lin), 14 Ingram st
Broomward Weaving Co. Ltd.
West street, Calton
Brown, Graham, & Co., 37 Glass-
ford st
Brown, James (window blinds and
sunshades), 83 Jamaica st
Brown, Jno. & Son, 111 French
street, E.
Brawn, Stephenson, & Co. 51
Cadogan st
Brown, Tran & Co. Ltd. 11 Both-
well st
Brown & White, 11 Spoutmouth
Browns & Co. Plantation Starch
works, Mair street
Broxburn Oil Co. Ld. (sulphate of
ammonia),28 Royal Exchange sq
Bruce, A. N. 73 Virginia st
Bryce, A. S. (cattle feeding stuffs)
East Nelson st
Bryce & Rumpff, aniline dyes, 223
West George street
Buchanan Bros. 16 Carrick st
Burley, Kobt. & Sons, Ltd. (ham-
mer and pick handles, &c.)
Fairley st. Govan
Burns, Crawford & Co. 84 Miller
Burns & Laughland, 19 Montrose st
Butchart, Jas. (cycle), 5 Victoria
road and 223 Gt. Western rd
Buxton, Heins & Co. HSBroomie-
Cadbury Bros.; office, 24 West
Howard street
Cairns, Alex., marmalade and jam,
Clark st. Paisley
Calder& Armour,14,16 Broomielaw
Caldwell Bros. 43 Virginia st.
Caledonian Condiment Co. 84 Os-
wald street
Caledonian Steel Castings Co.
Helen st. Govan
Cameron, Herriot & Co. (coffee
essence and citrate of magnesia),
133 Brook street
Cameron, J. L. 21 Argyle st
Cameron, T., boot-top, 69 London
Campbell & Co. 3 Dundas st
Campbell, George, & Co. india-
rubber and waterproof; retail,
33 Jamaica street ; wholesale,
108 Argvle st
Campbell, J. & W. & Co. 137 In-
gram st
Campbell, John, & Co. leather
bags, 142 Trongate
Campbell & Fulton, 42 Argyle st
Campbell & Noble, upuok-.terer.»'
trimmings', 195 Argyle st
Campbell, Quentin, 10c! Argyle st
Cam broe Chemical Co. (Ltd.), 105
W. George st
Carswell, M. & Co. (silkworm and
fishing gut), 90 Mitchell st
Carticiue Floor Covering Patent
Linoleum Co. Ltd. London ;
agent, Geo. A. C. M'Ntill, 20
Union st
Caulfield & Co. china and glass
show rooms, 21 Jamaica street,
31 Trongate (Cro.-s), High st.
Paisley; 37 Hamilton street,
Greenock ; potteries, Longton,
Staffordshire ; Palace glass wks.
23 Douglas st
Central Agency, 89 Wellington st
Chadburns, L'd. (ships' tele-
graphs), Finnieston quay
Chain Bar Mill Co. Manchester
(sponge cloth), 38, 40 North
Frederick st
Champdany (The) Jute Co. Ltd.
22 West Nilest
Christie, I ieo. Ltd. paper machine
wire, 51 to 57 Lady well st
Church, Wm. & Co. 52 St. Enoch sq
Clark & Struthers, fancy dress
goods, &c. , 2 Royal Exchange
court, 85 Queen st
Cleland, Campbell, & Co. 19 Mon-
trose street
Clyde (The) Founders' Supply
Co. 46 Bilbao st
Clyde Jute Co. Fleming st. Port-
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co.
Ltd. 2 Clyde st., Port-Dundaa ;
telephone, 27
Clyde Spinning Co. (Ltd.), Arthur
street, Bridgeton
"Clydesdale" Horse and Cattle
Condiment and Poultry Food
makers, 27, 29 Rutherglen rd
Coats, J. & P. 87 Wellington st
Cochrane & Fleming, Biitannia
Pottery, 136 Glebe st. St. Rollox
Cochrane, J. & J. & Co. lappet
muslins, 46 Commercial rd
Cochran, Robert, & Co. 149 Fin-
nieston st
Cockburn Brothers (washer), St.
James' Ironworks, Helen street,
Collins, Wm. Sons & Co. L»d.
139 to 153 Stirling road.— See
Advt. in App.

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