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The Glasgow Eailway Engineer-
ing Co. Helen st. Govan
Burns' Homes, 39, 21, 16 Watson
st. 22 James Watt st. 179 Gt.
Hamilton st. 83 Douglas st.
Partick, and 1 Burns st. Gars-
cube road
Edgar, Mary, 32, 34 Stirling st.
Golden Eagle Institute (for young
women), 40 Union st
Home for Aged Poor of both Sexes,
180 Garngad hill
Home for Deserted Mothers, 308
Renfrew st
Home for Working Men and
Strangers, 28 M'Alpine st
M'Fadyen, Duncan, 8 Stirling st.
M'Guire, Connor, 46 Duke st
M'Innes, John, 13 Brown st
Model Lodging House, 60 Clyde
street, Calton
Model Lodging Houses, 28 Mac-
alpine st. and 19 Carriek st
Model Lodging House, 57 Portu-
gal street
Model Lodging House, 49 Green-
dyke street
Model Lodging House, 105 Hyde-
park street
Model Lodging House, 77 Drygate
Model Lodging House, 51 North
Woodside road
Paxton, Thomas, Carlton House,
Kennie, Mrs. 7 Bentinck st
Boss, Mrs. J. M. G., St. Rollox
Home, 243 Parliamentary road
Scandinavian Sailors' Home (John-
son's), 102 Broomielaw
Spence, James (seamen), 3 Robert-
son st
Sprunt, Miss, 13 Derby ter
Baii-d, John, 71 Bishop st. Port-
Balfour, R.& Son, 11 Wellington st.
Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, wholesale,
65 E. Howard st.
Evans, S. & S.; office, 36 Abercorn
Forrest & Son, 355 Argyle st
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica st.
Gow, J. & Sons, 181 Trongate
Guthrie, H»warth, & Co. 123 to
133 Brook st. Mile end
Hard & Austin, 45 Mains st
Harris & Sheldon, 71 Queen st
Hector, R. L. 50 Mitchell st
Love, Jas. C, late of 35 King
street, Traiieston, now Macphail
& Co. Ltd.79 to85 Fiunieston st.
Telephone No. 1474
M'Crossan, Joseph, & Sons, 29 Ann
st. city
M'Laughlan, A. & Co. 7 and 9
Bothwell circus
M'Nab, Robt. agent, 202 Hope st
Macphail & Co. 79 Finnieston st.;
telephone, 1474
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent st
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 21 Welling-
ton st
Reynolds & M'Culloch, 581
Sauchiehall st
Stewart, A. & Co. 42 to 48 Union
Stirling, Robert M. 89 Ren-
field st.
Wilson, James & Co. (wholesale)
46 Craig st. off Duke st
Haf ter, A. (sight feed pin, syphon,
glass needle, Stauffer and auto-
matic grease cups of most im-
proved pattern; lubricators made
to any pattern ; London address,
5 New st. Bishopsgate, E.C.),
462 Dobbie's loan
Robertson, James C. 137 Welling-
ton lane
Acme Machine Co. 153 Queen st
Alexander, Charles (wringing),
425 Crown st
Allan, Dan. 16 Union place, North
Amalgamated Society of Engineers,
182 Trongate
Anderson Bros, (grocers, butchers,
and wine merchants' machines
and utensils of every description),
35 Stockwell street
Anderston E'oundry Co. Ltd. 100
Cheapside street
Automatic (The) Knitting Machine
Co. 58 Union street
Avery, W. & T., Ltd. 8 and 10
Stockwell st
Barclay, Andrew, Sons, & Co. Ltd.
Bennie, J. & Sons, Clyde Engine
Works, 44, 48 Hamilton street,
Bennie, John, Star Engine Works,
149 to 155 Moncur street
Black, Wm. ("Snyers" patent
elastic clutch), 11 W. Regent
Boyd, J. & T. (textile machinery),
Shettleston Ironworks, near
Bradbury & Co. (Limited), 232
Sauchiehall st
Brash, David, & Sons, 167 and 169
Renfield street
Brown, David, 21 John Street la.
Brown, Hugh, & Co. (wood work-
ing), 54 Robertson st
Brown, Mrs. 240 Sauchiehall st
Butters Brothers & Co., 18 and 20
Waterloo st
Campbell, Smart, & Co. 19 and
21 Eagle sham st
Carlaw, David & Sons, printing
and bookbinding and general
machinery, 11 Finnieston st. ;
telephone No. 5363
Cartmell, J. Monkhouse, 70 Great
Clyde st
Cassidy, Edward (wringer), 75
Houston st
Cathcart, J. P. 135 Buchanan st
Chaplin, A. & Co Helen st. Govan
Chirrey, John, 20 Brunswick st
Churchill, Charles, & Co. Ltd.;
Thos. Watson, agent, 52 St.
EDoch sq
Clarkson & Beckitt, Maryhill ;
Engine Works, Maryhill; tele-
phone No. 7
Clarkson Brothers ; store and show
rooms, 63 and 65 Dunlop street,
near St. Enoch Railway Station ;
works, 8 and 12 Little Hamilton
st. and 95 High John st
Cochrane, John, 78 Canning st
Collins, J. M., 45 Bartholomew
Craig, A. F. & Co. Caledonia
Engine Works, Paisley
Craig & Donald, William Street
Works, Johnstone
Craig, Wm. 48 French st
Crow, Harvey & Co. 87 Sussex st.
Cunninghame, D. 48 Buchanan st
Dalglish, John, & Sons, Avenue
Iron Works, Pollokshaws
Davies & Nisbet, 80 Elcho st
Dawson, Jas. 77 Dumbarton road,
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Dixon, Walter, & Co. (electric coal
cutters and pumps), 164 St.
Vincent st
Donald, James T. & Co. 345
Argyle street
Donald, John, Limtd. 42 Cadogan
Dron & Lawson, 59 Elliot st.
Drysdale & Co. 183 Fordneuk st.
London road
Elsworth, John, & Sons, wood
working and grinding, 9, 65,
67 Commerce st. s.s.
Ferguson, John, & Sons, manufrs.
of machine and foundry brushes
of every description, 54 York st
Ferguson, Weston & Co. 394
Paisley rd
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Gauldie, John, D. 15 Broomhall st

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