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Fleming, A. B. & Co. Ld. (printing
ink raanufrs.), Ill Waterloo st
Formaa, Thomas, & Sons, 101 St.
ViD. st. ; repres. Geo. Scandrett
Forsyth, Robert, 65 W. Regent st
Freeman & Co. 145 W. Nile st
Galbraith, David, 194 Cambridge
Gardner, Robert, & Co. 136, 138
George st
Gemmell, A. & Co. 57 West
Nile street
GibsoD, Jas. H. 81 St George's pi
Gillespie, H. G. 12 Broomielaw
Gillespie, Thos. 52 Glassford st
Gillespie, Thos. 63 St. Vincent st
Gilmour & Carmichael, 37 Glass-
ford st
Gilmour & Dean, draughtsmen, 50
N. Hanover st.
Gilmour, Jas. 68 Mitchell street
Glass, Cbas. & Co. 33 E. Howard
Gorman, W. & Co. 153 W. Nile st
Gossland, A. W. 101 St. Vincent
Gourlie, John F. 160 St. Vincent
Hamilton, James, 182 Trongate
Hamilton, Jas. 213 Buchanan st
Hamilton, John L. & Co. 39 West
George st.
Hamilton, Wm. 20 Stockwell st
Hart, Jas. 17 Oswald st
Haviland, Geo. W. 177 West
George street
Heatherill, James & Co. 178 West
George street
Hepburn & Leckie, 15 A College st
Hill & Hodge, draughtsmen, 56
Waterloo street
Hobbs & Co. 63 Candleriggs
Horn, John, 34 Howard st
Jack & Carrick, 62 Argyle st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing patents, trade marks, and
labels; handbook on registration
gratis ; 115 St. Vincent st
Kennedy, A. & W. 29 Glassford st
Kennedy, Robertson & Co. 20
Renfrew court
Kincaid, Malcolm (zinco), 138
Renfield street
Kirk Brothers, 209 Hope street
Kyle, Martin, 5 Oswald st
Laidlaw, Wm. P. 80 St. Vincent
Laing, James, & Sons, 122 Ingram
st. and 3 Montrose st
Lang, Charles P. 39,41 Montrose st
Law, A. M. 101 West Nile st
Lawson, John, 22 Argyle st
Lawson, Robert, 194a St. Vincent
Leggat Brothers, 38 Sauchiehall st
Leitcb, Wm. M. 80 London st
Lightowler, Cbas. Leeds; represen-
tative, R. J. Shannon, 75 St.
George's place
Lithgow, John, & Son, 76 West
Howard st
Livingstone, Bro'. 85 Maxwell st
Logan, Wm. & Co. 51 Dundas st
Lorimer, F. C. 401 Sauchiehall st
Lorimer. Wm. & Co. 95 St. Vincent
street and 24 Renfield street
Lyon, Wm. 389 Sauchiehall st.
and branches ; wholesale, 474
Sauchiehall st
Macbride & MTntyre, 152 Sauchie-
hall street
Macaulay & Mackinlay, 62 Argyle
M'Caw, Stevenson, & Orr, Ld. 12
Renfield st
M'Corquodale & Co. (Limited), 96
Maxwell street
Macdougall, John, draughtsman,
25 Wellington st
M'Gavigan, John, 62 Argyle st
M'Gown, John, 3 Bothwell st
M'llraith, John, & Co. 114 Candle-
Mackay, James, 65 Jamaica st
M'Kee, Stewart, jua. 35 Mitchell st.
and 54 Union st
M'Kenna, John, draughtsman, 81
High John st
M'Kenzie, Alex. 200 Hope st
MacKenzie & Co. 48 West Regent
Mackenzie, Wm. 43 Howard st
M'Kill& Co. 70 Union st
M'Laren, John, 14 Garthland st
Maclaren & Sons, general, com-
mercial, and publishing ehromo
and photo lithographers and
letterpress printers ; all kinds of
commercial work neatly and
promptly executed, at. moderate
rates ; advertising and other
contracts undertaRen; offices, 37
and 38 Shoe Lane, London,
and 128 Renfield street, Glasgow;
telephone No. 3897
MacLean, Jas. B. 52 West Nile st
Maclure, Maedouald, & Co. 2 Both-
well circus
M'Millan, H. & Co., 15 Drury st
Macnab, Jas. 23 Bath st
M'Naughtan & Sinclair, 24 W. Nile
M'Naughtan & Gowanlock, 109 St.
Vincent street
M'Raith, John, 525 Great Western
road, Hillhead
Malcolm, Alex. & Co. 34 Ann st
Malyon, B. 74 Argyle street
Mander Bros, (printing and litho-
graphic ink manufacturers),
Wolverh'mpton ; representatives,
Wm. H. Griffin, 10 Wilton eres.,
and James Hobbs, The Kuowe,
Mann, Summers & Co. 1, 3 S.
Hanover st
Marr Grieve & Co. 182 St. Vin-
cent st
Mathieson & Erskine, 63 North
Frederick street
Maxwell, Shaw, & Co. 31 North
Frederick st
Miller, Jas. writer and draughts-
man, 115 W. Nile st
Miller, John, 116 Renfield street
Miller, Stephen, 183 George st
Mollison, Ness & Co. lithographic
works, 120 Kent rd
Mitchelson, William H. (sketch
maker), 136 Caledonia rd
Monaghan, E. 7 Argyle st
Monteith, John, 11 St. Vincent pi
More, Robt. 505 Sauchiehall street
and 725 Gt. Western road
Morison Bros. 52 Renfield st. —
See Advt. in App.
Motherwell, Wm. & Co. 138 Holm
Muirhead, R. (and draughtsman),
12 Renfield st
Murdoch, J. & J. 253 Argyle st
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 54
Union street
Murray, Chas. G. 115 Sword st
Murray & Donnelly, 74 Argyle st
Murray, Geo. D. 3 Royal Exchange
Murray, Robert, 167 Ingram st
Niven, W. G. 116 St. Vincent st
Parker & Hastie, 106 Brunswick st
Parker, Thomas, 33 Bath street
Paterson, James, C. 18 West Nile
Poe, Robt. W. 14 West Nile st
Pollock, Arch, (artist), 95 Bath st
Rae, John J. 127 Stockwell st.
Rankin, R. 52 St. Enoch sq
Kanfein, Wm. 146 Renfield st
Reid, James, 144 Argyle st
Reid, J. & E. & Co. 112 Bruns-
wick st. ; workshop, 15 Mar-
garet st
Robertson & Muir, artists, de-
signers, and engravers, general,
commercial, and colour printers
and stationers; show cards, plain
or coloured, varnished, gelatined,
mounted, or framed ; posters
printed or lithographed in colours-
labels (all kinds), circulars, cata-
logues, illuminated addresses,
goods tickets, &c. Madeira build-
ings, 257 Argyle st. ; telephone
No. 1123
Robertson, Robert, 304 Duke st
Scott, John C. 227 Ingram st
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Soc. Ltd. Shieldhall, Govan
Seaton, J. & Co. 43 Mitchell st
Sinclair, Arch. 47 Waterloo st
Sinclair Bros. 97 W. Campbell st
Skilling, Robt 307, 309 Shields rd
Smith, J. M. Ltd. 67 Hope st
Somers, John, 47 York st
Spence, And. 38 Queen st
Spowart, W. G. (ehromo), 99 Max-
well st

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