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Graham, Jas., 100 Clarence St.
Knox, J. & A. 30 Arlington st
M'Laren, Lachlan, 64 Darnley st.
M'Leod, Wm. 12 N. Oswald st
Rome, George & Co. 136 Water-
loo st
Rome, Robt. & Son, 136 Waterloo
Alley & MacLellan, Sentinel Wis.,
Bortbwick, J. F. & Co. 102 Hope st
Burnett & Co. (Lindsay), boilers
for launcbes and yacbts, Moore
Park Works, Helen st. Govan
Cameron, Jobn B. & Co. Ill
Union street
Campbell & Hall (fittings), 94
Cochran & Co., Birkenhead ; repre-
sentative, Wm. A Kinghorn, 81
St. Vincent st
Camming, D. M., Blackhill Dock,
near Parkhead
Davie, James, 69 Albert Drive,
Crosshill. — See Ad. in App.
M'Kie & Baxter, Copland Works,
M'Laren, T. & Co. 74 Broomielaw
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
MacNicoll & Co. , designing, con-
tracting, surveying, and super-
intending, 6 Dixon street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electric
launcbes), 47 King st. Mile-end
Mecban & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Pollock, David (M.I.N.A.), 128
Hope street
Ritchie, Graham, & Milne, Park
Shipbuilding Yard, Wh.itera.ch
Robson,Geo. & Co. 22, 24 Bath st
Ross & Duncan, Whitefield Works,
Simons, Wm., & Co., London ;
â– works, Renfrew
Somervail & Co. Dalmuir Bridge
and Roof Works, Dalmuir. — See
A dv. in App.
Adam, A. Learmonth (machinery)
88 Great Clyde st
Air Burning Co. Ltd. 49 North
Albion street
Alexander, Misses, 3 Eastburn pi.,
Allan, Mrs. John, 62 Watt st
Anderson, Mrs. 6 Rose st. Gar-
Aris, Mrs., 3 Love loan and 245
Albert st
Baird, Mrs, 11 Braehead street
Baxter, D. 183 Shamrock st, 158
Henderson st. and 40 Bank st.
Beattie, E. 149 Kent rd
Becket, John, 305 Allison st
Bruce, Mrs. M. 2 Abbotsford lane
Burnbank Laundry, Burnbank
(East), Dennistoun
Burns, Mary, 373 Caledonia rd
CaimdufF, Mrs. 78 Carrick st
Campbell, Mrs. 13 Blackie st
Chalmers, Wm. 7 Houldsworth st
Chalmers, William, 22 Shamrock
Clark, Mary, 96 Raeberry st
Clink, Mrs. 361 London rd. Pol-
Crawford, Geo. 63 Main st
Crossier, Annie, 323 Crown st
Davie, A. 156 Kent road
Douglas, Mrs. 357 Thistle st. s.s.
Dumbartonshire Laundry Co., Ltd.,
364 G. Western rd.; works, Col-
lege st. Dumbarton
Fairfield Laundry, Fairfield, Possil
Ferrier, J. A. & Co. Alexandria
Park Laundry, Cumbernauld
Ferrier, Mrs. 392 North Woodside
road and 63 Garriochmill road
Forrest, Agnes, 1 Leslie st
Gardner, Archd. 100 Oxford st
Giffen & Bissett, Catbkin Steam
Laundry, Rutherglen
Gilmour, Mrs. A. 5 and 7 Bolton
Girdwood, Miss J. C. 4 Gibson st.
Girvan, Miss, 21 Summerfield pi.
Glasgow Steam Laundry, 39 Queen
Margaret dr. Ktlvinside; office,
83 Renfield st
Glasgow Steam Laundry Co. 100
Albert road, Pollokshields, E. ;
town office 83 Renfield street;
telephone No. 1720 and 84
Gleniffer Laundry, 57 St. Vincent
Gourock (The) Steam Laundry
Co. Ltd. Cardwell rd. Gourock
Great Westerm Steam Laundry Co.
(Ltd.), Crow rd. Jordanhill, and
city receiviug offices, 123 Both-
well St.; telephone No. 2049
Hall, Thomas, 7 Seamore st
Hart, Mrs. 105 Smith st. Govanhill
Hodgkinson, W. C. & Co. Ltd.
licensed horse slaughterers,
Glenpark rd. E. Nelson st. and
323 Kennedy st. Dobbie's loan;
telephones, 1001 and 1011;
telegrams, "Hodgkinson," Glasg.
House of Mercy, 25 Dalhousie lane,
Houston, M. & H. 13 N. Woodside
Imperial Laundry, 16 Granville st
Inglis, Thos. 211 Duke st
Jamieson, Wm. Possil Laundry,
303 Saracen st
Johnston, Miss Anuie (washing and
dressing), John st. Cross Ar-
thurlie, Barrhead
Kennedy.Alex. Castlebank laundry,
Lee, Geo. & Co. 18 Gardner st.
Parti ck
Leggat. D. & Co. Colinslee, Paisley
Lochburn Laundry, Maryhill
Logan, Miss Agnes, 43 Paterson
st. s.s.
Lorimer, Nellie, 23 Gilmour street
Lorimer, Miss W. 125 St. Andrew's
road, Pollokshields
Luke, J. & J. 145 Elderslie st
Lyle, Mrs. 306 London road
Lyons, Mrs. 74 Abbotsford place
M'Connell, Robert, & Co. 432 and
434 New City road
M'Corquodale, F. & G. 190 Calder
st. Govanhill
M'Donald & Co. Burnbank Steam
Laundry, Dennistoun
M'Donald, Flora, 100 Byars rd
M'Donald, Mrs. 37 Kelvinhaugh st
Macdonald, Miss E. 260 Maxwell rd
M'Ewan, Maggie, 16 Norfolk st
M'Farlane & Co. (washers and
dressers), Gowanhill Cottage,
Gateside, Barrhead
M'Farlane, James, Killoch Glen,
M'Farlane, Miss J. 346 Langside rd
M'Farlane, Flora, 1075 Pollok-
shaws rd. Crossmyloof
M'Gill,Mr?., 480 St. George's rd
M'Gillivray, Wm. 104£ So. Port-
land street
M'Gown, Mrs., 143 Albert road,
M'Houl, Mrs. 83 Byars rd. Partick
M'Innes & Kendal), 56 Greenside st
M'Kinnon, Miss, 218 Berkeley st
M'Lean, M. & J. 49 Garriochmill rd
M'Tear, James, Dalhousie lane
Martin, Mrs. A., 9 Henrietta st
Martin, Robt. Govanhaugh laundry,
49 Factory st., Pollokshaws
Miller, F. 319 N. Woodside rd
Muir, Archd. K., Shortroods laun-
dry, Inchinnan road
Murray, Mrs. A. Ill Byars rd.
Neil, Miss, 300 Dumbarton road
Neil, Mrs. A. 52 Hutcheson sq
Peebles. David, Rossend^le Laun-
dry, Shawhill, Pollokshaws
Quartermaine, Mrs., 90 Woodlands
Reid, Charles, 81 Parson st
Robertson, Mrs. Janet, 27 Sham-
rock st
Robinson, John, 300 Thistle st. s.s.
Ross, Mrs. 121 Kent road and 26
Claremont st
St. George's Laundry Company, 31
and 37 Gladstone st
Smith, Mrs. A- 35 W. Graham st
Smith, Mrs. J. 50 Napiershall st

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