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Robertson, C. & J. 45 Cochrane st
Ross & Howat, 22 West Nile st
Stevenson, Young, & Anderson
(Madras), Darvel, Ayrshire
Stewart, Moir, & Muir (Ltd.), 28
Miller st
Stillwell, E. & Son (gold, silver,
and tinsel, for army, navy, and
volunteers), 5 Madeira court,
257 Argyle st
Stirling Brothers, 107 Ingram st
Walker, Wm. & Son, 53 East
Howard st
Wharrie Bros. 5 Wellincton street
Wills, K. C. (curtain), 28 St. Enoch
Wilson Brothers, 91 Mitchell st
Melling, Wm. 57 Miller st
Todd, Cunningham, & Petrie, 2
Antigua place, Nelson street
Todd, George, & Sons, 71 to 85
Copestake, Lindsay, Crampton &
Co. 25 Jamaica st
Copland & Lye, 165, 167 Sauchie-
hall st
Fairlie, Miss, 22, 23 Argyle arcade
Harris Mrs. M. 108 Green st. Calton
Higgins, Eagle, & Co. 195 Argyle st
Kerr, D. 157 New City rd
Mackenzie & Co. 34.1 Sauchiehall
Pettigrew & Stephens, 191, 193
Sauchiehall st
Jones, Allan, & Co. Hatherley
Works, Gloucester; sole agents
for Scotland, H. H. Bryan &
Co. 93 Holm st
Knox, Alex & Son, 17 to 23 Geo.
St. Mile-end
Acme Rope & Twine Works (van
and carriage lamps), 9 Howard
st. and 24 Adams Court lane
Anderson Bros. 35 Stockwell st.
Barclay, Mackay, & Co. agents, 12
Waterloo st
Birmingham Carriage Lamp Co.
Ltd. Birmingham ; J. Hastie,
sole agent, 17 Oswald st
Bishop, Thos. 52 Clyde pi
Black, A. & Co., 126 Broomielaw
2 York sfc
Blackley, Young, & Co. 70 Welling-
ton st
Bro-wnlie, Alex. & Co., 33 and 34
Anderston quay
Campbell, Hugh, 46£ Clyde place
Campbell, Thomas M. 46J Clyde
place, s.s.
Carrick, James G. & Co. 23 N.
Wallace st. Parliamentary road
Cera Light Co. (Ltd.), 70 York
Chance Bros. & Co. Ltd. Birming-
ham, makers of Chance improved
dioptric signal lights ; agent,
Arch. Aitchison, 70 and 72
Waterloo st
Christie, Andrew, 27 Clyde place
Clark, A W. & Sous, Victoria Brass
foundry, 23, 25 Oxford st
Clark, Wm. & Son; office, 46 John
St.; works, 100 do.
Dickson, Wm. 186, 188 Albert st
Dobbie, Alex. & Son (ships'), 45
Clyde place
Donald, James T. 345 Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cariogan st
Espie, James, 173a St. Vincent st
Finlay, John, & Co. 18 Renfield st.
and Overnewton Works
Finnieston (The) Engineering Co.
(ship), J 69 Finnieston st
Fletcher & Phillipson, Dublin,
'' wickless petroleum stoves,"
wonder lamps; agt. Jas. M.
Sim, 2 Royal Exchange court,
85 Queen st
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica st
Gardner, John" (paraffin, whole-
sale), 146, 148 Trongate
General Electric Co. (The) Ltd.
7 1 Waterloo st
Godfrey, N. & Co. (incandescent
lamps and fittings), 19 Howard
Hamilton, Archibald (for outside
and inside, also Siemens re-
generative gas lamp), 35 Ann
st., off Jamaica street
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. (electric),
247 St. Viacent st
Harvey, W. & Co. (patent ship
lamps), 222 Broomielaw and 24
M'Alpine st
Hastie, J. (every description of
railway, ship, carriage, and hand
lamps and lanterns), 17 Oswald
Heggie, Andrew, 168 P'shaws rd
Henderson, A. R. & Co. 78 Gal-
Henderson, Osbert, 107 Union st
Hendry Bros, makers of every de-
scription of railway lamps, 79
and 80 Great Clyde st
Hird, Hastie, & Co. Kinning Park
Oil Works, 73 Park st
Holloway & Son, 332 Gallowgate
Irwin & Campbell, ship, railway,
and street, 38 Stockwell st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents
and designs, 115 St. Vincent st.
Handbook " Hints to Inven-
tors " gratis
Johnstone, J. D. & Co. 9 Shuttle st
Laidlaw, R. & Son (shop, street, and
railway); showrooms, 16 Both-
well street
Leckie, Graham & Co. (earriage-
and police) 116 Union st
Lucal, Ltd. 121 W. George street;
works, 120 Waterloo st
M'Call, Wm. 110 John st. citv
M'Geoch, W. & Co. 108 Argyle
M'Corkindale, A. & Sons (M.I.
lamp bracket makers) 182
Broomielaw and llJas. Wattst
M'Gregor, D. & Co. 37, 38
Clyde pi.
M'Haffie & Co. (street), 107 John
st. — See Adv. in App.
M'Haffie, J a?. 9 Graft on st
M'Innes & M'Lachlan, 258 George
Maclellan, A. & Co. (arc and in-
candescent lamps), 54 and 56
Waterloo st
M'Symon & Potter, 26 Clyde pi
Maitland, Hands, & Co. Clyde
Ship Furnishing Work, Kelvin-
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electric
lamps) 47 King st. Mile-end
Menzies, D. P.(ornamental street)?
30 Bishop st. Anderston
Milne, James, & Son (Ltd.), Ill
St. Vincent st
Munro, Donald, Excelsior Works,
13 Robertson street
Munro, Wm. 185 Trongate
Murray, R. C. & Co. ship, rail-
way, shop, and street lamps, 7.,
9, 11 Carlton court, Bridge st
Nelson, D. M. & Co. 53 Waterloo
Neilson & Smillie, 223 Paisley rch
and 88 Gt. Western rd
Paterson, Cooper & Co. Paisley
Paterson, Wm. & Son, 65 Pitt st
Phillips, John,& Co., 17 Anderston
quay and 113 Hydepark st
Phillips, John G. & Co. 159 Ren-
field street
Philips, R. 75 Robertson st
Pozzie & Co. 76 John st
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. (for outside
and shop windows, billiard
lamps, regenerative lamps, Sie-
mens), 11 Jamaica st
Reid & Kemp, 75 Robertson st.
Riddel], Wm. & Co. 636 Springfield
road and 35 Mitchell st
Rose's Patents Co. (diamond oil
industrial), 6 Dorset st
Rosenberg, Adolf, 30 Gt. Clyde st.
and Ropework lane
Rowat, Alex. & Co. safety, 18
Watson st — See Adv. in App.
Sanderson, A. W. & Co. Birming-
ham (railway, ship, and County
Council lamps), J. Hastie,agent,
17 Oswald st

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