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Henderson, Wilson, & Anderson,
62 Buchanan st
•Hepburn, Wm. (Aitkeu, Lilburn,
& Co.), 80 Buchanan st
Houlder Bros. & Co. SO Gordon sb
Houlder, Howard, Malcolm & Co.,
70 Wellington street
Hutchi-on, John, 14 Alexandria st.
Jackson, J. S. & Co. (marine), 27
Oswald st
Kay, Alex. & Co. Royal Exch. bdgs.
•Kennedy, D. H. C. (Kennedy &
Kennedy, David & Co. (marine),
21 St. Vincent pi
KeiT, Geo. Munro, 97 Buchanan st
Kerr, Newton, &Co., 97 Buchanan
Kirkpatrick, James, 18a Renfield
Lamont, J. M. 8 Royal Exchange
buiL lings
Lamont, Nisbet, & Co. (marine),
8 Royal Exchange buildings
•Law, Thus. & Co. 123 Hope st
Lietke & Co. 109 Hope st
*Lietke, Charles F., 109 Hope st
Maeala-ter, James M. 125 Bu-
chanan street
*MacBrayne, David, jun. 17 Royal
Exchange square
•MacBrayne, John B., 17 Royal
Exchange square
*M'Clelland, Andrew S. 115 St.
Vincent street
*M'Cowan. David, Royal Exchange
*M'Cowan, David, jr. Royal Ex-
change buildings
M'Farlane, John R. 22 Royal Ex-
change sq
•M'Gregor, Alex. (M'Gregor &
Thomson), 75 St. George's pi.
*MacGregnr, John, Royal Exchan.
•M'Gregor & Thomson (marine),
75 St. George's pi
•Macintyre, John D. Royal Ex-
change buildings
Maclay & M'Intyre, 21 Bothwell
M'Laren, T. & Co. 74Broomielaw
M'Lean, Harold, & Co. 134 St.
Vincent st
*M'Leod, J. Grant, Royal Exch.
M'Whirter, M'Callum, & Co.
(marine), 125 Buchanan st
•Martin, Wm. & Co., 4 No. Court,
Royal Exchange
Mayberry, Hugh (fire, &c), 173
St. Vincent st
Miller, Alex., 14 S. Apsley place
*M01ar, A.B., 31 St. Vincent pi
Miller, David, 11 Bothwell st
Miller, G. & J. 96 Renfield st
Molloy, F. P. (of Royal Exchange
*Morton, Hugh (marine), 125 Bu-
chanan st
*Morton, Jas. S. & Co. 54 St. Vin-
cent st
Murray, W. M. 85 Buchanan st
*Nisbett, Arch. (Lamont, Nisbett,
& Co.) Rnyal Exchange buildings
Orr, James, & Co. 60 Hope st
•Orr, James B. Royal Exchange
*Parker, William, Royal Exchange
•Patrick, Joseph (Alex. Kay &
Co.) Royal Exchange buildings
Peacock,J. C. & Co. 116 St. Vincent
*Rae, Archd. & Co., (marine), 28
Renfield st
*Reddie, J. C. 17 Royal Exchange
Robertson, H. Gordon, 53 Both-
well st
Robertson, John, fire and life, 119
St Vincent st
Rose, Murison, & Thomson, 27
St. Vincent place
•Roxburgh, J. & A. 3 Royal Ex. sq
Russell & Adam, 23 Royal Ex. sq
"■■Russell, Robert, & Co. 8 Gordon st
Sanders, R. W. (marine), 17
Oswald st
Scholfield's Ltd. 119 St Vincent
st.; director, J. Robertson
*Seligmann, Wm. & Co. (marine),
59 St. Vincent st
*Service, R. Gibson, Roy. Ex. bdgs
Simpson, Fred. G. (marine), 11a
Bothwell st
Singleton, Dunn & Co. 27 Union
Skinner, T. & Co. 31 St. Vincent
•Smith, John Guthrie, 54 West
Nile street
Smith, J. & J. 68 W. Regent st
Spiers, Service, & Co. 14 Royal
Exchange buildings
Stewart. J. W. 150 Hope st
Stirling, Auld, & Co. 37 West Nile
Thomson, Dickie, & Co. 17 Royal
Exchange square
Thomson, M'Gregor, & Co. Royal
Exchange buildings
Thomson, Robt., 196 St. Vincent st
Thomson, Thomas, & Co., 8 Royal
Exchange buildings
Thomson, Wm. 179 W. George st
•Thomson, W. & Co. 49 W. Geo. st
•Walker, R. A. & Co., 134 St.
Vincent street
Wallace, Wilkie, & Co. 5 York
buildings, York street
Watt, Hugh Boyd, 101 St. Vincent
*Watt, John, 27 St. Vincent pi
Waugb, James, 21 Hope street
Weir, Andrew, & Co. 102 Hope st
Wilson & Finlayson, 128 Hope st
•Wingate, Jas., & Co. 52 St. Enoch
Wingate, W.& Johnston, marine, 52
St Enoch square
Wylie, Robt. 57 Hope st
Abstainers' Insurance; John S.
Marr, agent, 175 St Vincent st
Abstainers' and General Insurance
Co. Limited, 79 W. Regent st
Accident Assurance, London Guar-
antee and Accident Co. Ld.
141 Buchanan street
Accident Insurance Association,
Norwich & London, Cyril H.
Dunderdale, manager for Scot-
land, 81 St. George's place
Accident Insurance, The Vulcan
Boiler and General Insurance
Co. Ltd., 159 Hope st
Accident Insurance Co. Ld.; Wm.
Macalister, supert. for Glasgow,
65 West Regent st
Accident Insurance Co. Ltd.; Reid
& Bannerman, 108 W. George st
Accident Insurance Palatine, 25 St.
Vincent place ; W. C. Scott,
manager for Scotland. — See Ad.
Accident Insurance ; John Marr,
agent, 175 St. Vincent st
Alliance Assurance Co.; secretary,
Stewart Lawrie, 151 W. George
st. — See Adv.
Alliance Assurance Co.; A. Craig
Muir, agent, 75 Buchanan st
Alliance Assurance Co.; agents, A.
Wilson Smart & Son, 66 Bath
Alliance Life and Fire Assurance
Co.; M'Farlane, Hutton, &
Patrick, C.A. 203 West George
Alliance Marine and General As-
surance Co. Limited; agents,
GeUatly, Hankey, & Co. 33
Gordon st
Assicurazioni Generali, Trieste,
204 St. Vincent st
Atlas Assurance Co., Fire, Life,
and Mortgage, John Campbell,
branch manager, 149 W. Geo. St.
— See Ad. in App.
Austrian Lloyds, Trieste, First
Section, 204 St. Vincent st
Boiler Insurance Co. J. Taylor
& Sod, 4 West Regent st
Boiler Insurance and Engine In-
spection Co. Ltd. (Scottish), 13
Dundas street
Boiler (The Vulcan) and General
Insurance Co. Ltd. 159 Hope st
British Empire Mutual Life As-
surance Co.; C. MLeod Robert-
son, res. sec. 178 St. Vincent st
British & Colonial Insurance Cor-
poration, 45 Renfield st
British and Foreign Marine In-
surance Co. Ltd.; Ja.mes Baird,
agent, 26 Royal Exchange sq

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