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Boardman, Jas. 55 Charlotte lane.
— See Advt. in App.
Campbell, Geo. & Co. wholesale,
108 Argyle street; retail, 33
Jamaica st
Campbell, John S. 55 Charlotte st
Clydesdale Rubber Co.58 Gordon st
Currie, Thomson & Co. 43, 45, 47
Jamaica st
Douglas & Douglas, 111 Union st
Fleming, David, 101 Mitchell st
Goudie, Jas. T. & Co. 149, 151
Argyle st
Goudie, JohnN. &Co.55 Buchanan
Humphreys, H. J. & Co. and office
press, 83 Cambridge st
M'Gregor, Ales. 40 John st. city.
M'Laren & Meikle, 25 Gordon
street. — See Advt. in App.
Parata (The) Rubber Stamp Co.
(sole makers of A. C. Thomson's
patented specialities), 146 Hope
Pearson, Robt. 54 Bankier st
Thomson, A. C. (inventor and
patentee of parata appliances),
146 Hope st
Todd, S. A. C. 26 Bothwell st
Walker, Wm. & Co. (practical),
125 London st
Biggar &, Hendry (B. H. injector
for crane boilers, &c.) 84 Max-
well st
Binney & Son, 68 W. Howard st
Coutts, Muir & Co. 140 Bath st
Dempster, Moore & Co. 49 Rob-
ertson st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd., Han-
cock in.spirator,eshaust injectors,
345 Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd. (and inspira-
tors), 42 Cadogan st
Empire Engineering Co. 233 St.
Vincent st
Gresham & Craven, Ltd. ; sole
agents for Scotland, Wm. Les-
ter & Son, 1 1 W. Regent st
Loudon Bros, reprsnts. for Holden
& Brooks, Ltd. Manchester,
46 to 50 Waterloo st
Hendry Bros., agents for Alex.
Friedmann, Vienna, 79, 80 Great
Clyde st
MacLellan, P. & W. (Lmtd.) 129
Manlove, Aliott, & Co. Ltd. (ex-
haust steam and automatic re-
starting live steam, Gifford &c.
Nottingham), 101 St. Vin-
cent st.
Northern (The) Steel and Hardware
Co. Ltd. 72, 74 W. Howard st
Konald, R. A. & Co., 15 York st
Schaffer & Budenberg, patent
perfect restarting injector for
land and marine boilers, loco-
motive and traction engines, &c.j
194, 196 Hope street
Smith Bros. & Co. Nottingham;
J. & W. Tinto, agents, 33 Ann
Tangyes, Limtd., 96 Hope street
Yuille, Cameron & Co. 17 and 19
West street, s.s.
Alexander, Frank R. (printing),
150 Renfield st
Bewley & Draper, Ltd. " dichroic,"
81 St. George's pi.; agent, J.
H. Gibson
Boardman, James (stencil), 55
Charlotte lane. — See Adv. in Ap.
Campbell, John S. (stencil), 55
Charlotte lane
Cooper, Dennison, & Walkden
(Lim.), " Walkden's " Ink, 37
Jamaica street
Cunninghame D., endorsing, 48
Buchanan st
Flem'mg A. B. &Co. Ltd. (printing
and lithographic), 111 Waterloo
Fleming, David, ' ' Arabine," mark-
ing ink (indelible), for linen,
cotton, &c. also all colours of
ink for stencils and stamps, 101
Mitchell st
Hall, C. Wishart & Co. (of print-
ing and liihographic inks and
varnish), Elder Park Printing
Wks., off Crossloan road, Govan
Hall, P. W. (printing), 28 to 34
Kyle street
M'Gregor, A. (india-rubber, brass,
and stencil), manufacturer of the
"Eclipse" for linen, 40 John st.
M'Intosh, George, 64 Paterson st.
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. im-
porters of India and China ink,
bottles, corks, &c. 134 St. Vin-
cent st
M'Laren & Meikle, stamp and
stencil, 25 Gordon st. — See
Advt. in App.
Mander Bros, printing, Wolver-
hampton ; representatives, W.
H. Griffin, 10 Wilton eresc. and
Jas. Hobbs,The Knowe,Bothwell
Milne, J. & W. S. type aiid stencil,
118 Waterloo st
Milthorp, G. & F. lithographic and
printing, 150 Renfield street
Morison Bros, (wholesale agents
for "Toiray's" Inks), 52 Ren-
field st. — See Adv. in App.
Murray, Jas. & Co. 3 L Washington
st. and 8 Anderston quay
Parata (The) Rubber Stamp, Sten-
cil, Duplicator, Graph and In-
delible Marking Ink for Linen,
146 Hope st
Patterson, D. & Co. printers, 57
Hope st
Sandeman Brothers, printing and
lithographic, Ruchill Ink Works
Stoer Brothers & Coles, printing
and lithographic, Howard sq. 9
Howard street
Tennant, Thomas, marking, 23
George st
Todd & Co. 9, 11 Nicholson st
Walkden's Ink Warehouse, 37
Jamaica street
Walker, G. & Son (writing), 48
French st
Walker, Wm. & Co. (stencil, all
colours, and marking ink), 125
London st
Wesselhoeft, Frederic, 25 Gordon
street ; printing inks
Winstone, Benj. & Son, London,
newspaper, letterpress, lithogra-
phic, and copper-plate inks ; A.
B. M'llvride, 72 Waterloo st.
Telephone No. 4162
Barr, P., 5 Harvey st, Paisley rd
Boyd, John W. 59 St. Vincent st
Buchanan, John H. 5 Oswald st
Cameron, J. B. & Co. Ill Union st
Coutts, Muir & Co. 140 Bath st
Crossley, Arthur M., 52 St. Enoch
Ferguson, Dan. 27 Oswald st. city
Fraser, Wm. 121 Montrose st
Fulton, T. Crichton, A.I.E.E.
(electrical), 44 W. George st
Gifford, Paterson (at Bell Bros. &
M'Lelland), 101 St Vincent st
Gillespie, Andw., 34 St. Enoch sq
Hill, Thomas, & Co. 66 and 68
Robertson st
Johnsons', Messrs., office for pa-
tents, 115 St. Vincent st
Kelly, Andrew, 197 Langside rd
Knigbt, Andw. 80 N. Frederick st
Leitch, Archd. A.M.I.M.E., 40 St.
Enoch sq
MacNicoll & Co. 6 Dixon st
Mair, John, 93 Hope st
Muir, James Ernest, M.I.N.A., 45
West Nile st
Napier, D. L. Dehane, 93 Hope st
Nelson, D. M., gas and water
works plant & pipes, 53 Water-
loo st
Niccol, Thos. 93 Hope st
Norman, John, M.I.E. & S. 131a
St. Vincent st
Rudd, J. A., 30 Hope st
Salmond, H. & Co. 395 Centra
Chambers, 93 H"pe st
Smillie, R. D., M.I.E.E., electrical,
39 Cadogan st
Wilson, John, 29 Waterloo st
Wrench, Wm. G. tl Oswald st
Wemyss, G. B. 5 Oswald st
Young, Thos. 4 W. Regent st

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