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Renfrew, John (skins and furs), 49
Dunlop st
Robertson, Robt. (sand and gravel)
5 West Regent st
Robertson, R. & Son, lubricating
oils, &c. 15 and 17 Commerce st
Robin, Walter, 32 St. Andrew's st
Robinson, Dunn, & Co. timber,
Partick Saw Mills
Robinson. S. H. 74 Buchanan st
Ross, D. & Co. cbromos aod fancy
papers, 63 No. Frederick st
Rowe & Ci\ Burmese cheroots, 69
Buchanan st
Schuberth, A. & Co. (of kid gloves)
11 Maxwell st
Shearer, H. (Japanese and China
and continental goods), 49 Dun-
lop street
Shearer, Jas. & Co. preserved
provisions, 55 Robertson st
Simonis & Co. eggs, 7 Great Clyde
Smith, Smith, & Co. 104 W.
George st
Spicer, Jas. & Sons, ftrawboard,
58 to 64 N. Frederick st
Steven, Thos. H. foreign eggs, 62
Ingram st
Stevenson & Pae, 25 Cochrane st
and 146 Ingram st
Stirling & M'Lelland, 38 Queen st
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Oil and Colour Works, Bridgeton
Symington & Co. cork, 29 Robert-
son street
Taylor Bros, (peat moss litter), 8
Oarrick st
Telfer & Huey (flour), 125 Candle-
TheEasternTradingCo.33 Gordon st
The Stores Co. 9-10 Charing Cross
Thorn & Cameron, 93 Cheapside st
Thomson, Wm. 101 St, Vincent st
Thordahl, Geo. & Co. (ponies,
wool, sulphur, cigars, &c), 24a
Robertson street
Todd, Cunningham & Petrie, 2
Antigua pi., Nelson st. city
Todd, Geo. & Sons, fancy goods, 71
to 85 Candleriggs
Torrance, J. Watt & Co. (timber),
Maxwell road
Vannan, A. & R. 75 Argyle st
Walton, James, & Co. (of foreign
papers), 51 Cochrane st
"Waterbury Clock Co. U.S.A. (Thos.
R. Dsnniston, manager, 121
Stockwell street
Watson, Fraser & Co. eggs, 33
College st
Westrop, R. artificial flower and
feather, 35 Buchanan street
White, Wm. & Son, 15 Gibson
Wight, David, & Co. 27-31 East
Howard st
Wilson, Ronald, & Co. 28 Ann st
Wilson & Boyd (Canadian carpet
brooms, washing boards, &c ),
46 Cadogan st
Wilson, Gathri", & Co. of straw-
boards, papers, &c. 335 St.
Vincent st
Wisbart, Wm. (of foreign goods),
44 Candleriggs
Wotherspoon, John, ice, 58 Market
st. city
Wotherspoon, Robert (ice), 58
Market st. city
Wright, John & Co. (Welsh lime-
stone and brokers for sale of
iron ore), 74 Broomielaw
Wright, Patrick, & Co. S5 Ingram
Wright, Wm. of wedding cake
ornaments, 315 Argyle st
Young Bros. 13 Dixon st.
Bruce & Co. 47 Oswald st
Incandescent (The) Fittings Co.
Ltd. 50 Oswald st
Adam, W. jnn. & Co. 31 Com-
merce st
Achnach & Co. Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110 Commeice st. s. s.
Acme Machine, wringer rollers,
153 Queen st
Ancoats Vale Rubber Co. ,(Limd.)
12 Dixon street
Anderson, D. & Co., Ltd. Belfast,
116 Broomielaw
Anderson & Nicol, 27 Ann street,
Anderson, W. & Co. knives for
mats, joints, &c. 139 Graeme st
Angus, Geo. & Co. Ltd. 196 St.
Vincent st ; Jas. G. Young, agent
Argyle Rubber Co. 17 Renrield st
Baird, Archd. & Son, 57 West
Campbell st
Beldam Packing & Rubber Co.
(The), 109 Hope st
Binney & Son, 68 W. Howard st
Blackwood & Lamb, and asbestos,
15 Gordon st
Bryce, A. S. (and asbestos), Glen-
park Works, East Nelson street
Campbell, Geo & Co. (and gutta
percha), 33 Jamaica st.; whole-
sale, 108 Argyle st
Campbell, W. H. & Co. 65 Jamaica
Castle (The) Rubber Co. Ltd.
Warrington ; F. M'Innes, 39
Hope st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co.
Ltd. 2 Clyde st. Port-Dundas;
telephone No. 27 ; town ware-
house, 76 Broomielaw; telephone
No. 4928
Clydesdale Rubber Co. 58 Gordoe
Crown Rubber Co. 253 New City rd
Currie, Thomson & Co., 43, 45,
47 Jamaica street ; wholesale
department, 9 Howard street
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Dermatine & Co. Ltd. (The) Lon-
don; agent, G. R. Murray, 11
Bothwell st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Droylsden Rubber Works ; agent,
Jas. Campbell, 120 Wellingt'n st
Glasgow Rubber Works, MaryhiH
road ; warehouse, 253 Argyle
Goudie, James T. & Co. 149, 151
Argyle street
Goudie, John, & Co., 55 Buch-
anan st
Graham, Matthew, & Co. (india
rubber and waterproof goods)
40 St. Enoch sq
Harburg & Vienna India Rubber
Co.; A C. Jackson, agent, 5
Dixr.n st
Hird, Hastie, & Co. 73 Park st
Hollywood, Wm. 36, 36a King st.
India-rubber, Gutta-percha, and
Telegraph Works Co. Ltd., 8
Buchanan st
Irwell Rubber Co. Manchester ; J.
& W. Tinto, agents, 33 Ann st.
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116 Union
Ley land Rubber Co., Ltd. (The) 27
Ann street, city
Macbean, Edward, & Co. 84-90
Danlop st. and Wellington Mills,
Macdermott, J. B. 11 Bothwell st
Macintosh, Chas. & Co. Ltd.
52 St. Enoch square
M'Kay, John C. 4 York st
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. (French
chalk, &c), 134 St. Vincent st
MacLellan, G. & Co. india-rubber,
asbestos, and waterproof goods,
Glasgow Rubber Works, Mary-
hill ; warehouse, 253 Argyle st
Macpherson, Dunlop & Co. Gorbals
Rubber Wks. 150 Main st
Millar, Wm. agent for the Midland
India Rubber Co. &c, 47 and
49 Waterloo st
Moseley, David, & Son (& gutta
percha), 57 Miller st
Munro, Robt. & Co. warehouse, 27
Union st. and Kelvin Rubber
Works, Partick
Murray, G. R. 11 Bothwell st
North British Rubber Co. (Lim.),
60 Buchanan st
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogaa

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