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Gilmour, A. & J. tobacco leaf, 10
Bothwell street
Glasgow Watch & Clock Co., 35
Jamaica st
Glen, Jolio (boots), 159 and 161
Ingram St.; telephone No. 4084
Goudie, Geo. 82 York street
Govan & Co. (timber), 15 Ren-
field st
Grant, John, glass, china, and
earthenware, 24, 26 Union st
Grischotti & Co. 141 West George
Guest, Geo. (preserved fruits and
vegetables), 5 Oswald st
Guest, Geo. (sardines and pre-
served provisions), 5 Oswald st
Guild, Brown, & Co. preserved
provisions, 25a St. Vincent pi
Haddow & Robertson, 64 Howard
Halbert, Wm. I. boot and shoe pegs,
201 Commercial rd. s.s
Haldane, James, & Co. (horse hair
and Algerian fibre), 39 Caven-
dish st
Hall, C. Wishart & Co. Elderpark
Oil Works, off Crossloan road,
Hamilton, James (of foreign papers
and millboards), 2 W. Regent st
Harrington, J. P. Ld. 3a Hanover
Hart, James (cigar3), 34 Great
Clyde st
Hartoch & Co. (cigars), 5 Max-
well ton place
Hector, R. L. & Sons, of French,
American, and German clocks,
50 Mitcbell street
Heilbron, David (wines, foreign
spirits, and cigars), 72 Bath st
Henderson, Hogg, & Co. 15 Cado-
gan street
Higgings, Wm. (cork), 49 Adelphi
street, s.s.
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan
Hillcoat, Robert, & Sons, 39
Stock well street
Houston, Arch. 30 Cochrane st
Howell, Alfred, cigars, 178 Argyle
Hunter & Co. 16 Carrick st
Inglis & Wulff, 33 Ann st
Jacobson, A. & Co. (watches), 54
Miller st
Jamieson & Co. (oil), 105 & 107
Clyde st. Anderston
JamieHon, Robert, jun. cigars, 7
Bothwell st
Johanson, J. L. & Co. pitwood, 70
Wellington street
Johnsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing pat ei its and trade marks, 115
St. Vincent street. Handbook
on Registration gratis
Kennedy, James, & Co. (timber),
69 Buchanan st
Kerr & Phillips, 74 Buchanan st
Kerr, Thos. & Co. (timber), 93
Hope st
King, Alfred, gla^s, china, and
earthenware, 24, 26 Union st
Kirk wood & Co. timber, &c. 68
Bath street
Lang, Wm. 73, 79 Queen street
Lawrie, Walter, & Co. 100 Bruns-
wick st. and 85 Candleriggs
Lawson & Co. 85 Buchanan st
Logan, Geo. & Co. Ill St. Vincent
Lorimer&Moyes, continental fancy
goods, 56 Howard st
Louvre (American goods), 101-
105 Sauchiehall st
Love, J. W. & Co. 36 Gordon st
Love & Stewart (pitwood, &c),
140 Hope st
Love, Wm. (butter, tea, eggs, and
cheese), 14 and 16 Charlotte st
Love, Wm. (egg, butter, and tea),
14 and 16 Charlotte st
Lowndes, Thomas, & Co. (rum),
London ; agents, Robertson &
Baxter, 106, 108 West Nile st
M'Aulay Bros. American and con-
tinental produce, 17 Oswald st
M'Crossan, Joseph, & Sons, French,
American, and German clocks
and watches, 29 Ann st. city
Macdonald & Crawford, 9 Ingram
M'Dougall & Sons, 77 to 79
Buchanan st
M'Farlane, J. & A. Springhank st.
New City rd
M'llvride, Forrest, & Co. (of
French ornamental boxes,
chromos, &c), 72 Waterloo st
M'Kellar, F. E. 27 Chisholm st
Maekay & Webster, 10 Ingram st
Mackenzie & Co. 74 Buchanan st
Mackenzie, James, & Sons, oils,
&c, 122 Wellington street
M'Kinnon, R. Cowan, & Co. 134
Rath st
M'Kinnon, Thos. & Co. sardine,
2 Oswald st
MacLachlan, P. & Co. foreign and
colonial produce of all descrip-
tions, 134 St. Vincent st
MacLean, Miller & Forrester, 34
John street
MacLeish, John & Co. Canadian
egns, 76 Gt. Clyde st &65 Fox st
M'Meekin & Co. (of Indian tea),
41 Ann street
M'Naira, Jno. & Co. American,
continental, and colonial, 104
Brunswick st
Macphie, Chas. 53 Candleriggs
Macnish, N. D. & Co. of moulding,
62, 64 Oxford st
MacWhinnie, John (oriental car-
pets, &c), 33 Gordon st
Manila Tobacco Co. 167 Ingram
Marshall, Alex. American and con-
tinental tools, 213 and 277
Argyle st
Marshall & Steven, foreign pro-
duce, 12, 20 Ingram st
Mathie, J. B. 130 Ingram st
Mathieson, Thos. P. 65 Virginia st
Meglaughliu, J. H. & Co. Goose-
Melles & Co. Ltd. 25 Jamaica st
Melling, Mellirg & Co. 11 Both-
well st
Miller, John (fancy stationery),
116 Renfield st
Milne, Wm.(ice), 103 King st. city
Morier, Wm. brushes, Copeland rd
Morris Beef Co. Ltd. (canned
goods) 207 Ingram st
Morrison, Wm. & Sons (provisions)
29 Waterloo st
Mowat & Miller (American wheel
wood), Drumoyne rd. Govan
Mowat, John, & Sons, Ltd. 52
West Howard street and 58a
Fox street
Mowat, Wm. & Sons, leather, 78
Fox street
Mucklow & Co. (dyewoods), 16
South York st
Muirhead, James, & Co. clock,
4, 6 Stockwell street
Murray & Raeburn, of produce, 7
Stirling st. city
Myers, George D. tobacconists'
goods, 5 Apsley place
Neil, George (advertising novelties)
109 Hope st
Nelson, 1). M. & Co. (oxide of
iron, bug ore), 53 Waterloo st
Oliver Bros, of lard, 61 Robertson
Oliver, Kirk & Co., teas, 48
Robertson st
Panton, Geo. & Son, Ltd. watches,
violins, &c. 24 Miller st.
Parker, D. & J. 7 Montrose st
Paterson, Chas. (of spriog rollers
for window blinds), 67 Miller st
Pattullo Bros. 177 Crownpomt rd
Paulsen & Co. 11 Wellington arcade
Pelling, Stanley, & Co. 67 Wilson
Percy, Arch. A. (importer of cigars
and cigarettes, walking sticks,
meerschaum pipes, and tobac-
conists' general sundries), 38
Sauchiehall st
Phillips, J. & A. lard and fruit, 74
Rattray, Chas. & Co. French and
German clocks, toys, and fancy
goods, 14-16 Candleriggs
Reid & Todd, 52 to 56 Glassford
st. Wilson st. and 12 Renfield
Reis, Chas. L. & Co. (clocks), 209
Argyle street
Remus, Juan, & Co. 91 and 97 W
Campbell street

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