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Southern Temperance Hotel, Wm.
Terris, 4 Nelson st. s.9.
St, Enoch's Station Hotel, St.
Enoch station ; Philip Blades,
St George's Hotel, 253 Sauchiehall
Steel's Hotel, 5 Queen street
Swan's (Temp.) 79 Robertson st
Terris' Hotel, LI Bridge st
Troon South Beach Hotel Co. Ltd.
Union Hotel, 220, 222 Sauchiehall
st. ; D. M'lntosh
Victoria Hotel, 19, 23 "West George
st. ; Alick Cameron
Waddell, Wm. 13 Anderston quay
Waverley (Old) Hotel, 185 Bu-
chanan st
Waverley Temperance Hotel, 172
Sauchiehall street
West-End Temperance Hotel, 365
Sauchiehall st
Whyte's Commercial Hotel, 45
Windsor Hotel, 250 St. Vincent st
Albert M. Thiem, proprietor
Boyd, Jas. & Sons, Macdowall st.
Bryden & Middleton, Merlin Iron
Works, Windsor st. Scotstoun,
Clark, Wm. & Son, works 100,
office 46 John st
Donald & Sjme, heating and
ventilating engineprs, 60 Both-
well circus; works, 27 Douglas st
Gemmill, E. T. 408 Eglinton st.—
See Advt. in App.
Gray, Jas. & Sons, 77 Carrick st
Hamilton & Co. 53 Waterloo st.
ar.d at London
Hunter, MW T illiam & Co. 28
Milton lane
Johnston, J. D. & Co. 9 Shuttle st
Mackenzie & Moncur, Ltd. heating
and ventilating engineers, 43
Victoria rd. and Upper Grove
pi. Edinburgh. — See Ad. in Ap
Paterson. John, 68 Albert road,
Purnell. H. A. (high and low pres-
sure hot water, hot air, and
steam heating and ventilating,
established 1829), 102 Hill st.
Simpson & Farmer, Partick Bridge.
<See Advt. in App
Spiers & Co., 1 lb W. Regent st
Spiera, Moses, & Sons, 95 Both-
well st, and 1016 Cathcart road
Stewan, Thos. & Sons, Cross, Kil-
Waters, Wm. 113 Cambridge st
Wellington Pottery (flower pots,
&c.) 50 Wesleyan st
Those marked* are members of the
House Factors' Association.
Aitken, James, 43 Inglefield ter
Aitken, Robt., 33 Ann 3t., city
Aitken, Wm 93 Waterloo st
Alexander, D. (property agent),
82 W. Nile street
Allan, Jas. & Son, 95a Byars rd.
Allan, Jas. 28 Raglan st
Allan, J<>hn,& Son, 567 Cathcart rd.
Allison, John, 13 Auchentoshen ter
* Anderson, Robt. 95 Bath street
Anderson, Wm. 144 W. Regent st
Armour, J. W, property agent, 96
Rentield st. & 159 Paisley rd. W
Arthur, David, 24£ Cook st
Auld, H. Wylie, 119 Sr. Vincent st
Bain, J. Wilson, 113 West Regent
Baird, Jas. & Co. 58 W. Regent st
Balgarnie, John, 6 Cecil pi. 239
Paisley road
Ballantyne, Chas. 426 Crown st
*Barr, John, & Baillie, 74 Bath st
Barton & Bell, 58 Bath st
Begg, Thomas, 12 Bellgrove st
Bell, John (Barton & Bell), 58
Bath st
Bell, Thos. 12 Pollokshaws rd
Benzie, Wm. 162 Byars rd
Binnie, Thomas, <!07 Hope street
*Bissett, Robt, 96 Renfield street
Black, Son, & Todd, 114 South
Portland st
Black, Thos. & Son, Main street,
Boyd, Adam, property valuator, 35
Douglas st
*Brown, A. K 243 St. Vincent st
*Brown, Ales. & Sons, 102 Burn-
side st
Brown, Dav. jun. 69 Clyde st. Calt,
Brown, J. Campbell, 37 Bath st
Brown, James, & Sandeman, 5 W.
Regent street
Brown, R. S. 121 W. Regent st
Brown & Watson, 55 Bath st
*Bruce, J. W. & Co. 161 Hope st
* Buchanan, R. Russell, 94 South
Portlaud st
Buchanan, Win. & Son, 94 South
Portland st
Buchanan Wm.L. (property agent),
212 St. Vincent street
Burns, Andrew, 2 Caird dr. Partick
Caird, Jas. 82 Wellington st
Cairns, A. A. 192 Hope street
Caldwell, Wm. property agent, 58
Bath st
Caledonian Railway Factor's office,
15 Hope st
*Cameron, N. & J. W. 121 West
George st. and 109 King st.
Campbell, D. 8 Napier St. Govan
Campbell, Wm. 3 Dundas st
Carmichael, John, 147 W. Regent
Carswell & Clark, 116 St. Vincent
*Chalmers, M. 29 Steven street
Cherry, Wm., 112 Bath st
Clark, Jobn, jun. 123 Shields road
Clow, David, 200 St Georges rd
Colquhonn, Jos. 52 Main st. Bridg.
*Cowan, Wm. F. 207 Hope st
Cowie, Wm. R. 93 Hope st.
Cowley, H. 12 Gardner st Partick
Crawford, John, 410 Crown st
Dallachy, H. & Son, 140 Rose
St. s.s.
Dansken, Alex. 270 Rt. Eastern rd
Davidson & Hedderwick, 170
Hope st
Davidson, John, 15 Preston st. E.
Davidson, W. G. 55 Bath st
Davie, John, 20 Union st
*Davies, Tait & Co., 168 St. Vin-
cent st
*Dempster, G. C. & Son, 83 Ren-
field st
Denovan, John P. 68 Market st.
Dick, George, 64 West Regent st
Dick, Son, & Shaw Bros. 166 St
Vincent st
*Dick, Thos. & Son, property valu-
ators, 166 St. Vincent st.
Dobbie, C. L., 542 St. George's rd
Donald, Thomas, 83 Renfield st
Donaldson, Peter 29 Henrietta st
Dougall, Franc Gibb, 167 Can-
ning street
Dow, Moir, & Co., 58 W. Regent
st. and 89 King st. Pollokshaws
Drysdale, J. P. 83 Renfield st
Duncan, H. 325 Eglinton street
Faulds, Alex. 4 Bath st
Faulds, Wm. C. 195 Claythorn st
Ferguson, Wm. 96 Renfield st
*Findlay, Jas. jun. & Son, 87
Union st
Findlay, Wm. M. (property agent),
261 W. George st
*Fingland, Win., 545 Govan road,
Forbes, Alex. 15 White st. Govan
Forbes, Robt. 121 W. Regent st
Forsyth, Thos. 40 Elrnvale st
Foster, J. Y., 8 Gayfield st. and
182 Church st. Maryhill
Frame, G. & J. 106 Buchanan st
Fra-er, Wm. F.S.I, (property agent)
209 St. Vincent st
Frew, Andrew, 60 Lyon st
Gardiner, Thomas W. 94 Glebe st.
Garscadden, Geo. 108a W. Regent
Gavin & Forrest, 2 W. Regent st
Gemmell, Matt. 160 Bath street
*Gilmour, Matt. & Son, 67 South
Portland street
Glass, P. 20 Hunter st
Goldie, A. Drumchapel, Bearsden

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