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Macintosh, J. 41, 43, 71, 73
Sauchiehall street
M'Kean & Co. 275 Paisley road
M'Kenzie & Co., 341 Sauchiehall st
Mackenzie, R. S. 131 Gramme st.
off High st
M'Laren, D. (hosiery yarns), 45
Montrose st
M'Laren, Thomas & Sons, 27 Ann
M'Lauchlan, Ales. 271 Parlia-
mentary road
M'Lean, J. 8 Rokeby ter. Hillhead
M'Millan, Donald, 476 Argyle st.
M'Munrie, Thos. 73 Trongate
M'Nab, Miss, 106 Canning street,
Macnee, A. J. 212 North st
M'Nish. Archibald, 159 Trongate
M'Phail, John, 695 Gallowgate
M'Quaker, Wm.,48 Trongate
M'Queen, Miss, 645 Gt. Western
Maley, Wm. 30 Saltmarket
Malcolm, J. G. 340 Argyle st
Mickel, Andw. 110 Paisley rd. W.
Miller, James M. 33 Bridge st
Milbolm. Robert M. 15 Gallowgate
Moore, Taggart & Co. Tontine
house, Cross
Morrison, Duncan, 57 N. Wood-
side road
Morrison, Mrs. E. 705 New City
Murray, A. & E. 337 Byars rd
Murray, James, 28, 30, and 32
Bellgrove st
Nairn, Geo. 206 Albert rd
Neilson, Shaw, & M'Gregor, 44
and 54 Buchanan st
Neish & Stevenson, 351 Argyle st
Noble, Ales. 27 Howard st
Ogg Brothers, Paisley Road Toll
Ormond, Jas. jun. 42 Candleriggs
Ormond, W. & Co. 165 Trongate
Paisley, Peter, 82 to 96 Jamaica st
Paton, Geo. & Co. 72 St. Vincent
Paton, R. W. 326 Rutherglen rd
Paton, Wm. & A. 135 Buchanan st
Peters, John, 150 Main street,
Pettigrew & Stephens, 191 and
193 Sauchiehall st
Prentice, Wm. 517 Springburn rd
Provan, Ales. 120, 160 Trongate
Quarrel, D. 43 Bridge st
Rattray, Charles, & Co. (lace and
knitting wool), 14 Candleriggs
Reside, Wm. 140 Main street,
Revie, Archd. jun. 508 Gallowgate
Riley, Alex, (hygienic), 42 Gordon
Rintoul, M. & A. 39 Jamaica st
Robertson, D. F. 168 and 425
Parliamentary road
Robertson, Mrs. W. B. 10 Nelson
street, city
Rowan & Co., 104 Argyle st
Royal Asylum for the Blind, 100
Castle street
Rutherford, John, 258 Dumbarton
road, Partiek
Sadler, M. L. 74 Jamaica street
Sanderson, John, 220 New City rd
Sayers, Jas. H. 265 Sauchiehall st
Scott, Gordon L. 34 Argyle st
Scott, Robert, 232 Buchanan st
Simpson, Hunter, & Young, 59
Buchanan st
Simpson, R. & Sons, Jamaica street
Skimming, Mrs. 537 Great Western
road, Hillhead
Slater, C, 49 Renfield st
Smellie, Miss, 336b Duke st
Smith, Ales. 206 Dumbarton rd.,
Smith, John, & Co. 11 High st
Smiih, R. G. 911 Govan rd
Spence, Jas. 482 Argyle st
Stafford, I. 231 Byars road
Stark, Miss, 11 Gt. Hamilton st
Stenhouse Bros. 3 to 9 Eglinton st
and branches
Stevenson, R. M., 759 Gallowgate
Stewart, Alex. 158 Argyle street
Stewart, Jas. 33 to 39 Argyla st
Stew>.rt, J. 142 Argyle st
St. Rollos Hosiery Co. 77 Parlia-
mentary road
Stibbe, G. 19 Queen st
S.s me, A. C. 439 New City rd
Syme, James, 46 Trongate
The Hosiery Manuft. Co.381 Argyle
street and branches
Thomson, W. B. 23 Renfield st
Torrance, Jas. 33 Eglinton st
Turner, J. B. 91 and 93 Paisley
road, West
Turner, 543 and 545 New City rd
Walker, Mary M. 70 Cambridge st
Watson, Andrew, 403 Gallowgate
Watson, And. 304 Cathcard rd. &
177a Duke st
Watson, Jas. 381 Argyle st
Watson, J. B. & Co. 115 Union
street and 61 Gordon st
Watson, T. G. & Co. (makers of
the "Perfect Shirt"), 126
Buchanan st
Watt, Misses, 43 Elderslie st
Weir, A R. 42 St Enoch sq
White, Charles, 50 New City rd
Wilson, John, & Sons, 13 Bothwell
Wright, David, 79 Renfield st
Wright & Jamieson, 468 Argyle
Wright, W. 240 Dumbarton road,
Wylie, Hector, 513 St. Vincent st
Aaronson Albert Ed. (ho! el printer,
publisher, and adveriising agnt.),
Bath house, Helensburgh
Adams, W. R. hotelkeeper, 11
Cowcaddens st
Alexandra Hotel, 148 Bath street
Argyle Hotel, 6 Union street ; Geo.
Atlantic Hotel, 34 York st
Baikie's Temperance Hotel, 222
Buchanan st
Bath Hotel, 152 Bath street ; P.
Robertson, proprietor
Berk, John M. 36 Broornielaw
Blair's Temperance Hotel, 95 Ren-
field st
Bradford Hotel, 44 Howard st
Bridge st. Station Hotel, 6 Bridge
Caledonian Temperance Hotel, 11
Cowcaddens st
Cambridge Hotel, 90 Sauchiehall
Central Station Hotel, Central sta-
tion, Gordon st. and Hope st.
City Temperance Hottl, 2 Bruns-
wick st
Clyde Hotel, 13 Anderston quay,
Cobden Hotel, 87 Argyle street
Cockburn Hotel, 141 Bath street,
A. D. Philp, proprietor
Craig, Mrs. Thos. Temp. Hotel, 20
Cuthbert, Mrs. Jas. 50, 51 George
Drummond's Temperance,28 Glass-
ford st ; Wm. M'Kim
Duncan's Temperance Hotel, 59
Union street
George Hotel, 235 Buchanan st
Graham's Temperance Hotel, 30
Grand Hotel, 560 Sauchiehall st.
and 1 Woodside crescent ; C.
Ulbrich, manager
London Commercial Hotel, 288
Buchanan street
Lome Temperance Hotel, 56
Jamaica st
Loudon Arms Hotel, opposite
Cattle Market, 259 Dukest
MTnnes, Mrs. 12 Hutcheson st
Mackay's Hotel, 15 West George st;
Mrs. Harling, proprietrix
Neilson's Temperance, 83 Ingram
North British Station Hotel, 40
George sq
North British Temperance Hotel,
35 Dundas st.
Philp's Cockburn Hotel, 141 Bath
st. ; 13 Henrietta st. Covent
garden, London ; 9 Endsleigh
gardens (opposite Euston), and
42 Finsbury sq. near Liverpool
Street Station, London ; A. D.
Philp, proprietress
Robertson, Peter, Bath Hotel, 152
Bath st
Royal Hotel, 50 George sq
Rupprecht, J. Fritz, N.B. StatioD

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