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Mellis, Daniel, 77 Dumbarton rd.
Spiers & Co. 125 W. Regent st
Adam & Wright, 101 Glassford st
Anderson, John, Royal Polytechnic
Warehouse, 91 to 99 Argyle st
Harrington, J. P., Ltd. (wholesale),
3a S. Hanover st
Pettigrew & Stephens, 191, 193
auchiehall st
Waugh, J. 205 Cambridge st. and
branches, manufacturer for all
climates, wholesale and retail
Clyde Rubber Works Co. Lmtd.,
Clyde st. Port-Dundas; tele-
phone No. 27 ; town ware-
house, 76 Broomielaw, telephone
No. 4928
Elsworth, John, & Sons, 9, 65, &
67 Commerce st
Gandy (The) Belt Manufacturing
Co. Ltd. 33 Queen st
Northern (The) Rubber Co. Ret-
ford; Goudie & Wnittet, agents,
60 West Howard st
Percival, T. F. & Co. 60 to 70
Henrietta street
Rosseodale Belting Co. 70 Ingram
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald at
Walt.n, John, & Sons, 36 Char-
lotte lane
Barnet & Co. 12 Cadogan st
Campbell & Noble, 195 Argyle st
Copland, Thomas, 14 Bridge st. s.s.
Fraser, John, & Sons, Adelphi
Factory, 247 Govan st
Gourlie & Barnet, 50, 52 Robert-
so a street
Linn, Wm. & Son, 5 Union st
M'Cormick & Campbell, 132 Stob-
cross st
M'Crae, R. & J. 13 Queen st •'
Roper, Wm. W. & Sons, Laven-
ham, Suffolk, cocoa matting and
mats; F. M'lnnes, 39 Hopa st
Wilson & Boyd, 46 Cadogan st
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd. 45 Bu-
chanan street
Aitchison,S. 236 Main st.Bridgeton
Albin, Arthur, 114 Stobcross st
Albin, T. & Son, 1£ West Milton
Albin, William, 11 North street
Alexander, John, 12 Sauchiehall st
Alexander, Robt. 39 Catherine st.
Allison, J. D. 268 St George's rd
AndersoD, A. 243 Cumberland
street, s.s
Anderson, Wm. 82 Glebe street
Armitage, H. 52 Broomielaw
Armstrong, John, 421 Victoria rd
.Arneil, Robt. 67 Ingram street
Aston, Albert Edward, & Co. 366
Argyle st
Bamber, James, 86 Gordon st.
Bamber, Robt. S., 104 Renfield st.
and 12 and 13 Charing Cross
Baxter, David, 72a Glassford st
Bell, Alex. 409t} Argyle street
Borland, Edward N. 19, 21
Brunswick st
Bums, John, 27 Stirling road
Burns, J. & W. 19 Dundas st
Burton, Robt. 159 Stockwell st
Calderwood, Jas. 171 North st
Campbell, Hugh, 109 G. Hamilton
Campbell, M. 235 Garscube rd
Chalmers, Thos. 348a Duke st
Christie, Jas.,505Dalmarnoek rd
Christie, Robeit, 129 Caledonia rd
Christie. Wm., 449 Rutherg'en rd
City (The) Hairdressing Saloon,
264 George st
Cochrane, John, 11 Hope st
Creelman, W. B. 148 Main st.
Curran, F. 79 Garscube road
Dale, Thos. 6 Woodlands road
Daly, Jas. 29 Possil road
Dallaway, Connell, 326 Saracen st
Demargear, Cbas. 272 & 274 Gt.
Western road
Demure, Louis, 123 New City rd
Dillon, Thomas, 200 Shields iA
Donaghey, Frank, 184 Crown st '
Donaldson, John, 70 Queen st
Douglas, Alex. 3U3 Shields rd
Duff, Andrew, 758 Pol'okshawsrd
Duff, Charles, 351 Paisley rd
Eilert, Wm. 220 Kent rd
Evans, James, 776 Galiowgate
Evans, W. J., 92 Whitevale st
Fawcelt, FraDk, 9 M'Lennan st
Fraser, Wm. 17 Claremont at
Gaubl, R. 531 Eglinton st
Gebehnann, C. F. W. 118 Renfield
Geekie, David, 5 Dowanhill st
Genin, Leon, 203, 205 Sauchiehall
Girvan, Thos. 145 Sword st
Goldberg, A., 9 and 11 Gardner st.
Gow, George, 472 and 591 Spring-
burn road
Gregson, John S. Royal Exchange
and 290 Byars rd
Guthrie, Geo. 291 Buchanan st
Hall, Geo. 556 Rutherglen rd
Hall, Geoige, 73 Finnieston st
Harrison, A. C. 416 New City rd
H^ggie, Andw. lt>8 Pollok-hawsrd
Henderson, Gordon, 149 Houston
Hewitt, Jacob, 400 Dumbarton rd
Hill, Andw. 531 Dalmarnock rd
Hill, Hugh, 4 QueenV arcade
Houston, Thomas, 9 Marquis st
Irwin, Wm. 180 Polloksbaws rd
Jamieson, Hugh, 216 C lay thorn st
Johnstone, James, 156 Albert rd.
Johnston, Thos. 147 Abercromby st
Kelly, Robt. J., 422 Parliamentary
Kenmure, Alex. 12 Candleriggs
Kreger, Fred. 355 Cathcart road,
Laird, Robert, 316 Possil rd
Lambie, Robt., 7 Castle st
Lauder, F. & Son, 272 Byars rd
Linnick, A. F. 18 Sussex st
Livingstone, Jas. 16 Parliamen. rd
Lynas, John, 176 Cross- Arthutlie
st. Barrhead
M'Cann, Geo. 740 N. City rd
M'Colgan, Chas. 3 Carlton court
M'Comb, Thos. 17 Cranston st
M'Cormick, Daniel, 15 George st
M'Cormick, R. 399 Crown st
M'Crae, Thos. 198 Cambridge sS
M'Culloch, Arch. 86 Norfolk st
M'Dermott, P. L. 12 Clyde street,
Calton ' -
Macdonald, A., 229 N. Woodside rd
M'Garvey, Jas., 76 Main st. s.s.
M'Geachie, Thos. 229 St. George's.
M'Gill, Jas. 53 London rd
M'Goldrick, M. 7 Maxwell street
M'Gregor, Jas. 5 Renfrew st
Mackintosh, P. 213 Dumbarton
road, Partick
M'Kay, Jas. 605 Galiowgate
M'Kenzie, Thos. 197 Paisley rd
Mackie, Robt. 289 Maxwell rd
Mackieson, Geo. C. F. I9u Byars rd
M'Lachlan, James, 69 Oswald st
Macleod, Alex. 7 Cumberland
street, s.s
M'Niven, John, 13 Mains street,
M'Manus, C. 6 Monkland street
M'Rorie, Wm. 381 Cathcart rd
Mabon, Thos. G. 68 West Scotland
Mathison, John, 9 Both well st
Mawer, AJfred S. 37 Union street
Miller, Alex., 275 Pollokshaws rd
Miller, G. 27 New City rd
Miller, John, 5 1 ^ King st. s.s.
Miller, John, jun. 68 West st. s.s.
Millar'-Wm. 178 Saracen st
Milligan, Kenneth M. 92 and 94
Glassford st. and 138 Buchanan
Montgomery, Geo. 245 Galiowgate

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