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M'CuJlocb, John, 360 Duke st
aM'Culloch, J. 492 St. George's rd
and 129 W. Grabam st
M'Culloch, Mat. 91 Walkinsbawst
M'Culloch, S. & W. 357 Argyle st
M'Culloch, Annie, 96 Oxford st
aM'Dermid, J. 365 Springburn rd
M'Dermid, Mrs, 104 Canning st
M'Donald, A. & M. 350 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Donald, D. & Co. 28 Parlia-
mentary road
aMacDonald, J. 371 Springburn rd
M' Donald, Jno. 582 a Springburn rd
M'Donald, J. 610 Rutherglen rd.
M'Donald, Patrick, 12 So. Sham-
rock street
M'Donald, W. 12 Nithsdale road
M'Dougal, D. 135 Castle street
aM'Dougall, Peter, 156 Woodlands
M'Dougall, Ronald, 1 Hampden pi.
Mount Florida
M'Dowall, Robt. 171 Garngad rd
M'Fadden, Tb. 530 Springburn rd
aM'Fadyen, Wm. 93 Stobcross st
M'Farkne, A. 106 Adelphi st
M'Farlane, Robt. 234 Stobcross st
aM'Feat, Alex. 327 Dumbarton rd
M'Gavin, D. 44 Hopehill road
M'Gavin, Nath. 426" St. George's
M'Gavin, Sam. 85 Raeberry st. and
240 St. George's road
M'Gee, R. 317 Saracen st
M'Glashan, Jas. 180 Dumbarton
rd. Partick
M'Gregor, Gregor, 297 Cathcart rd
M'Gregor, John, 245 Main street,
M'Gregor, Peter, 104 Duke st
wM'Bardy, Alex. 223 London rd
M'llroy, M. 211 Wolseley st
M 'J arrow, Chas. 11 West Scot-
land st. s.s.
Mackintosh, Thomas D. 89 Main
street, Anderston, and 137
Gloucester street
M'Intosh & Hendry, 30 Minard rd
M'Intosh, Mrs. H. 5 Hyndland st.
aM'Intyre, Mrs. Dun. 106 North
Hanover st
aM'Intyre, H. 336 So. Wellington
M'Intyre, John, 259 Byars rd
M'Intyre, Peter, 10 Dumbarton rd
M'Intyre, Robert, 101 Parson st
M'Kay, Alex. 112 Adelphi street,
M'Kay, A. & B , 501 Sauchiehall
M'Kean, R. & J. 84 Bedford st
M'Kendrick, Jas. B. 632 Cathcart
M'Kenzie, Arch. 207 Garscube rd.
63 Maitland street, and 19 W.
Milton st
M'Kenzie, John, 4 Rosemount st
Mackenzie, J. C. & A. 329 Govan
M'Kenzie, M. 21 Rosehall street
M'Kenzie, Miss S. 66 Abbotsford
M'Killop, Mary, 54 M 'Alpine st
aM'Kim, Alex. 154 Great Western
road and 34 Parson st
M'Kinlay Bros. 806 New City rd
aM'Kinnon, Alex. 80 Caledonia rd
M'Kinnon, John, 7 Portugal st
M'Kinnon, Thos. & Co. (beeswax,
semolina, spices, &c), 2 Oswald
M'Lachlan, Peter, & Co. alimen-
tary pastes, semolina, beeswax,
hot tlingmaterials and machinery,
134 St. Vincent st
M'Lachlin Bros. 19 Elderslie st
M'Laren, Jas. 547 Springburn rd
M'Laren, P. 24 Clarendon street,
M'Lay, Mrs John, 769 Springburn
M'Lean, A. & A. 79 Dumbaiton
road, Partick
M'Lean, Alex. 295 S. Wellington st
M'Lean, Donald, junr. 273 Great
Western rd
M'Lean, D. 58 Watt st
M'Lean, John, 228 Paisley rd. W.
M'Lean, John, 73a North st
M'Lean, Johnston, & Co. 29 Cam-
bridge st
aM'Lean, R. & Co., 5 Stobcross
st. and 69 Main st. Anderston
M'Lean, Mrs. R. 48 E. John st
M'Lean, Miss E. 5 Carrick st
M'Leisb, John, 71 Norfolk st
M'Lellan, George, 228 High st
oM'Leod, Wm. 50 Rottenrow
Maclure, Wm. 167 New City rd.
and 220 Gt. Western rd
M'Luckie, Adam, 75 Gourlay st
M'Millan, A. 145 Garngad rd
M'Millan, Daniel, 131 London rd
M'Millan, Dun. 194 Stobcross st
aM'Millan, Gavin, 398 and 542
Springburn road
M'Millan, John, 734 Springburn rd
M'Millan, Thomas, 107 Paisley rd
aM'Morran, George, 45 Milton st
M'Murdy, J. 151 Holm st.
M'Nab, Mary, 8 M'Alpine st
M'Naughtan, D. 456 Cathcart road,
M'Naughton, Lachbn, 404 Dum-
barton rd. Partick
aMacnee & Co. 53 Oswald st. 73
and 75 Main st.,and 104 Crown
aM'Neish, A. D. & J. 83 Paisley
road, W
aM'Neish, R. & J. 147 Nelson st.
M'Nicol, John, 11 Gibson street,
M'Nicol, Wm. 461 Eglinton st
aM'Nish, R. & J. 147 Nelson st. s.s.
M'Nish, Thos. 82 Cumberland st
aM'Niven, Don. 37 Merkland st 4
M'Phillips & Co. 52 Kidston st
Macquarie, Charles, 186 Battlefield
M'Queen, Andw, 77 W. Graham si
aM'Queen, Peter, 478 Gt. Western
M'Ruer, J. 530 Calder st
M'Vey, Geo. 496 Gt. Western rd
M'William, Alex. 551 Springburn
aMadden, Matthew, 531 New City
Mair & Gibb, 115 Duke st
Malcolm, Joseph, 210 Main st,
Manuel & Webster,137 Buchanan st
Mark, Thos. 1068 Dumbarton rd.
aMarr, G. Dixon, 111 Rottenrow
aMartin, Jas. 416 Parliamentary rd
Martin, John, 554 Springburn rd
Martin, Wm. 18 Temple place
Masiey Bros., 75 Norfolk st
Maxwell, Alex. 75 S. Wellington st
Mearns, J. 226 N. Woodside rd
Meiklejohn, H. 168 Gt. Hamilton
st. and 465 Govan rd
oMenzies. J. L., 98 Eglinton st
Menzies, Neil, 166 Dumbarton rd
Menzies, Wm., 171 Crookston st
Merrilees, Mrs. 9 Forge st. Spring-
Merrilees, Wm. 8 Crawford street,
Port- Dundas
Merry, C. F. 117 Byars road
Middlemass, Robt. 54 Millbrae rd.
Middleton, Thomas, 181 South
Cumberland st
Millar, Jas. 2 and 4 Victoria bdgs.
Miller, Jas. 108 Grove st
Millar, John, 560 Gallowgate
Miller, Robert, 1018 Cathcart rd.
Mount Florida
Miller, Robert, 6 Gourlay st
Miller, Robert, 520 Dobbie's loan
Miller, Wm. 63 Fimiieston st
Mdler, Miss L. D. 108 Cathedral st
Miller, Wm. 1S2 Claythorn st
Milligan, John, 5 E. Vermont st
Mills, Jas. 21 Grace street
Milne, David, 3 Great Wellington
Milne, D. & G. 170, 172 Paisley rd
Mitchell, D. 161 Gairbraid st
Mitchell, Thomas, 6 Gairbraid st.
Moffat, John, 12 Cornwall st
Moir, Robt. H. 42 Hyndland st
Montgomery, Alex., 36 Water-
loo st, east
Montgomery, J.B.I and 3 Old Dum-
barton rd
Montgomery, W. 88 Great Hamil-
ton street

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