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Stewart, Duncan, 111 Main street,
Stott, Jas. & Co. heating and ven-
tilating, 3 W. Regent st
Sturtevant Engineering Co. (and
ventilating), 21 West Nile st
Symington, James M. L.R.P.C.
571 Cathcart road
The " Climax " Ventilating and
Hea'.iEg C«. 93 Hope st
Tullis, D. & J. Kilbowie Ironworks,
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. St. Mungo
Works, Bishopbriggs. — See Adv.
in App.
Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
square, 190 North street, and
723 Great Western road
Watt, Chas. (consulting, inspecting,
and superintending), 75 Both-
well street
White, John, 12 Catherine lane
Wilson, Wm. & Alex., Broad
st. Bridgeton cross
Wylie, Brown & Co. Ltd. 136 Nelson
street, s.s.
Young, Thos. (ventilating and
consulting), 4 \V. Regent st
Bain, W. N. M.I.Mech.E. 40 St.
Enoch square.
Berry, A. G. 126 Ingleby drive
Black, Wm. 11 W. Regent st
Boyd, J. W. M.I.Mech.E. 69 St.
Vincent st
Brown, Matthew Taylor, 233 St.
Vincent st
Brown, Robt. 15 Wellington st
Bruce, Harman & Co. 48 West
Regent st
Buchanan, John H. M.I.N.A. 6
Oswald st.
Cameron, JohnB. & Co. Ill Union
Clarkson Bro«. 8 to 12 Little
Hamilton st. & 95 High Jobn st
Coutts, Muir & Co. 140 Bath st
Crossley, Arthur M. 52 St. Enoch
Farnell, John A. 33 Queen Mar-
garet drive
Ferguson, Daniel. 27 Oswald st
Fiaser, Wm. 121 No. Montrose
Fulton, T. Crichton, A. Inst. E. E.
electrical, 44 West George st
Gifford, Paterson (Bell Bros. &
M'Lelland), 101 St. Vincent st
Gillespie, And. 34 St Enoch sq
Gillespie, Jas. (at Donaldson Bros.)
Gray, David, 77 West Nile st
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. 247 St,
Vincent st
Hamilton, David C. Clyde Ship-
ping Co.
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66, 69 Robertson
St.; stores, Spoutinouth, Gallowg.
Home, Geo. S. 101 St. Vincent st
Houston, Campbell, 93 Hope st
Jackson, P. 109 Hope st
Jamieson, Professor Andrew, M.
Inst. C. E. F.R.S.E. Jaboratory
38 Bath street ; ho. 16 Rosslyn
terrace, Kelvinside
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St Vincent st
Johnston, David, Allan Line
Kelly, Andrew, 197 Langside rd
Knight, And- 80 N. Frederick st
Leitch, Arch. 40 St. Enoch sq
M'Farlane, Geo., Sun Insurance
buildings, 121 West George st
M'Kechnie, John, 342 Argyle st
M'Kinnon & Bamford, 93 Hope st
M'Laren, Thos. 342 Argyle st
M'Millan, C. C. 8 Albany street,
M'Nicoll & Co. (also naval archts.)
6 Dixon st
Mair, John, 93 Hope st
Morton & Williamson, 237 West
George st
Muir, Jas. Ernest, 45 W. Nile st
Munro, R. D. M.I.M.E. 13 Dundas
Napier, D. Dehsne, 350 Central
Chambers, 93 Hope st
Nelson, D. M., 53 Waterloo st
Norman, John, M.I.E. >£ S. 131a
St. Vincent st
Pollock, David, & Co. M.I.N.A.
128 Hope st
Rae, John, 85 Clyde st. Anderston
Robertson & Berry, 101 St Vin-
cent st
Rudd, J. A., 30 Hope street
Russell, Thos., 36 Albert drive
Pyle, Jas. & Co. 38 Elliot st
Sayers, W. B., M.I E.E. (electrical
and mechanical,) 189 St Vin. st
Smillie, R. D., M. Inst. E. E.
39 Cadogan street
Stalker & Daye, 112 Gt. Western
Stewart, Alex., M.I.N.A., The
Glasgow Pateuts, Ltd., 23
Hope st
Thomson, John, 81 St. Vincent st
Turnbull, John, jun., & Sons,
M.I.M.E., 18 Blythswood sq
Watson, Jobn B. M.I.M.E. 188
St. Vincent street
Watt, Chas. 75 Bothwell street
Wemyss, G. B. (at John H. Bu-
chanan), 5 Oswald street
Williamson, John, 65 W. Regent st
Windsor, Richards, Rainey, & Co.
109 Hope street
Wrencb, Wm. G. 27 Oswald street
Young, Thomas, consulting, 4 W.
Regent st
Alley & MacLellan, also makers of
the " Sentinel" Steam Steering
Gear, Sentinel Wks., Polmadie
Arderson & Lyall, Whitefield rd.
Aspinall's Patent Governor Co. ;
agent, Alex. Brown & Co.
233 St Vincent street
Auld, David, & Sons, 91 Rochester
Barclay, Curie & Co. Ld. 36 Finnies-
ton st. and Whiteinch
Blackwood & Gordon, Castle Build-
ing yard, Port Glasgow
Bow, M'Lauchlan, & Co. Thistle
Works, Paisley
Brown, Andrew, Castlehill, Ren-
Brown, Win. Meadowflat, Renfrew
Buchanan, J. H. 5 Oswald st
Cameron, J. B. & Co. Ill Union
Campbell, Angus. 48 CWemont st
Chalmers & M'Rivett, Broomloan
Shipyard, Govan
Chaplin, Alex. & Co. Cranstonhill
Engine Works. Helen st. Govan
Cuthbert, D. W. Box 21, Royal
Davie, Jas. 62 Albert dr. Cross-
hill. — See Adv. in App.
Denny & Co. Dumbarton
Doctor, Wm. 73 Eldcrslie st
Dunlop, D. J. & Co. Inch Works,
Dunsmuir& Jackson, Windsor st.
Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineer-
ing Co. Ld. Fairfield Wks. Govan
Ferguson, Daniel, 27 Oswald st
Finnieston Engineering Co. 167
Finnieston st
Fleming & Ferguson, Phoenix
Works, Paisley
Gauldie, J. D. 15 Broomball st
Gilfillan, James, 32 Minerva st
Gillespie, James, 165 St. Vincent
Hall- Brown, Buttery & Co. Helen
st, Govan
Hanna, Donald, & Wilson, Abbey
Works, New Sneddon st. Paisley
Hardy, J. M. 5 Dalkeith avenue,
Henderson, D. & W. & Co. 190
Elliot st
Howden, Jas. & Co. 8 Scotland st
Hume, Jas. S. & Co. 67 Purtman
Inglis, A. & J. Whitehall Foundry,
64 Warrcch st. Anderston
Jamieson, Professor Andrew, M.
Inst, C. E. F.R.S.E. laboratory
38 Bath street ; ho. 16 Rosslyn
terrace, Kelvinside
Johnsons, Messrs. office fur patents,
116 St, Vincent st ; handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Kelson's Patent Feed Water Filter,
312, 314 Argyle st
Lees, Anderson & Co, 100 Clyde
st. Anderston

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