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M'Cullocb, D., 27 Oswald st
Macdonald, John, 146 West
Regent st
M'Farlane, Geo. M.I.M.E. (and
superintending), Sun Insurance
buildings, 121 W. George st
MacFarlane, Stewart, 10 Hydepark
M'Intyre, H. 17 Oswald st
M'Kinnon & Bamford, 93 Hope st
MacLellan, A. & Co. (electrical)
54 arid 56 Waterloo street
M'Laren, Thos. 342 Argyle st
M'Millan, C. C. 8 Albany street,
M'NaughtoD, J. J. 52 St. Enoch
MacNicoll & Co. (also naval archi-
tects) 6 Dixon street
Mair, John, 93 Hope st
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (electrical
and mechanical), 47 King st.
Mavor, Henry A. A.M.I.CE.
M.I.E.E. 47 King st. Mile- end
47 King st. Mile-end
Mavor, Sam.(electrical), M.I.E.E.,
47 King st. Mile-end
Morton, Alex. (Morton's ejector
condensers, &c), 16 Radnor st
Morton, David Home, Ass. M.Inst.
C.E., M.I. Mech. E., 95 Bath
Morton, Robt. 237 W. George st
Morton & Williamson, 237 West
George st
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St. James'
Muir, James Ernest, M.I.N.A. 45
W. Nile st
Munro, John, M.M. (electrical),
136 Bothwell st
Munro, R. D. M.I.M.E. 13 Dundas
Murray, Richard, 109 Hope st
Napier, D. Dehane, 417 Central
Chambers, 93 Hope st
Napier, Robt. T. M.I.C.E. designs
prepared, mechanical difficulties
considered and reported on,
skilled evidence given, 75 Both-
well st
Napier, W. D. 93 Hope st
Nelson, D. M. M.I.C.E. 53
Waterloo st
Norman, John, M.I.E. & S. 131a
St. Vincent street
Oliphant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
160 Bothwell st
Ormiston, Archibald R., 203 St.
Vincent street
Ormiston, J. W. & Sons, 203 St
Vincent st
Otis Elevator Co., Ltd., 93 Hope st
Paterson, Bell & Co. 65 Bath st
Pickering, John, 1 Hillend gardens,
Pollock, David, 128 Hope street
Purdie, Thos. jun. (sanitary), 164
Bath st
Purnell, H. A., heating, ventilating,
cooking, and laundry works for
buildings of all kinds; established
1829; 102 Hill st. Garnethill
Pyle, Jas. & Co. (domestic water
supply) 38 Elliot st
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. and electric
fittings makers, 11 Jamaica st
Reid, Robert S., 11 Bothwell st
Robertson, John, Otis Elevator
Co. Ltd. 93 Hope st
Robson, Hazelton R., 14 Royal
cres. W.
Rowan, Fredk. J. 121 W. Regent
Rudd, J. A., 30 Hope st
Russell, J. R. 132 West Regent st
Russell, Thos. 36 Albert drive,
Russell & Spence, 132 W. Regent
Salmond, Henry, 93 Hope st
Sayers, Wm. Brooks, M.I.E.E.,
electrician, 189 St. Vincent st.;
telephone 5044 ; telegraphic
address, "Winding," Glasgow
Scott, Thomas, 64 Lancefield st
Shute, A. E., 94 Hope st
Smail, D. 2 Edelweiss terrace,
Smillie, R. D., 39 Cadogan st
Stevenson, John, 9 Douue terrace,
Stott, James, & Co. 3 W. Regent st
Strathern, Robt. 93 W. Regent st
Taverner, Lacy, 48 W. Regent st
Thorn, John, 237 W. George st
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. (and
patent agents), 96 Buchanan st.
— See Advt. in Appen.
Turnbull, John, junr., & Sons,
M.I.M.E., T.A.1. 18 Blythswood
Wallace, John, 29 Waterloo st
Watkinson, Prof. W. H. 38 Bath st
Watson, John B. M.I.M.E. 188
St. Vincent st
Watt, Charles, 75 Bothwell st
Wemyss, G. B. (marine) 5 Oswald
Williamson, John, 65 West Regent
Wilson, John, & Co. 154 W.Geo, st.
and 101 Leadenhall st. Lon-
don, E.C
Windsor, Richards, Rainey, & Co.
313 Central Chambers, 109
Hope street
Wrench, Wm. G. 27 Oswald st
Young, Thomas, 4 W. Regent st
Young, Wm. 27 Oswald st
Alley & MacLellan, makers of the
Westinghouse engine and the
Sentinel compound and triple
expansion high - speed engines,
Sentinel Works, Polmadie
Anderson & Munro, 136 Bothwell
Anglo-American, Lmtd. 29 Gor-
don street
Baird, Thompson, & Co. Ltd., 20
Union st. and at London
Ballantyne, J. H. 10 Ardgowan st
Bell, Stewart, 41 Clyde pi
Bennie, John, Star Engine Works,
149 to 155 Moncur street
Bigge, D. Selby, & Co. Newcastle-
on-Tyne (power), Sun Insurance
buildings, 121 West George st
Blackman Ventilating Co. Ltd.
(electric Blackman fans), 162
Hope st. — See Advt. next to
Suburban Map
Bray, E. N. (Crompton & Co.), 81
St. George's pi
Bryden, Wm. & Son, 300 St Vin-
cent, st; also at 55 George street,
Edinburgh ; telephone No. 1072
Calvert, J. H. 57 Hope st
Campbell, Thos. M. 4 6£ Clyde pi
Cassells, R. D. & Co. 50 West
Campbell st
Charters, J., and contractor for
complete installations for light
and power plant, " Taunton "
dynamos and motors, 113 AVest
Regent st. & 123 Wellington st
Clarke, Chapman, & Co., Gates-
head-on-Tyne ; representative,
W. A. Kinghorn, 81 St. Vin-
cent street
Clarkson Bros. City Engine Works,
ships' pump makers, 8 to 12
Little Hamilton street and 95
High John street
Coulson, W. Arthur, M.I.E.E. 47
King st. Mile-end
Croggon & Co. (beil and telephone
fittings), 7 John st
Crompton & Co. (E. N. Bray), 81
St. George's pi
Dempster, Moore & Co. 49 Robert-
son st
Dixon, Walter & Co. (electric
motive power contractors and
manufacturers, electric tool
makers, and electric engineers),
164 St. Vincent st
Donald, Jas.T. & Co. 345 Arayle st
Drake & Gorham, 196 St. Vincent
Drysdale & Co. (' Bon-accord ' high
speed engines), 183 Fordneuk st
Duff, William, 79 Finnieston street
Espie, James, 173a St Vincent st
Fulton, T. Crichton, A. Inst. E.E.
(consulting), 44 W. George st
General Electric Co. (Tne), Ltd.
of London and Manchester, 71
Waterloo st
Goodwin, Robert, 58 Renfield st
Gordon, J. 12 Cathedral st
Hall, J. P. & Co. Oldbam; agent,
Robt. G. Warren, 115 Welling-
ton st

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