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Watson, D. & Co., Harmony row,
Watson, J. H. 75 Buchanan street
Watson, Laidlaw, & Co., 98 Dun-
das st. Kingston
Watt, Chas. (consulting, inspect-
ing, and superintending), 75
Bothwell st
Waygood, R. & Co. Ltd. London,
hydraulic, electric, and power
lifts for passengers and goods ;
agent, Robt. G. Warren, 115
Wellington st
Weir, G. & J. Ld. Holm Foundry,
Welsh, T. M. (of A. & J. Inglis),
64 Warroch street
Wemyss, G. B. 5 Oswald st
Westwater, Peter, 1 L Tillie st
White, Thos. & Sons, Laighpark,
Whitworth, Sir Joseph & Co. Ltd.
Manchester; sole agent, Neil
MacVicar, 342 Argyle st
Wight, Robert John ; Manlove,
Alliott & Co. 101 St. Vin. st
Williams, Henry, railway special-
ities engineer, Raily. Appliances
Works, Cathcart
Williams, Jas. & Co. 5 Salkeld st,
off Cook st
Williamson, John (chemical), 65
West Regent st
Wilson & Baird, 83 Holland st
Wilson, James, 284 Dobbie's loan
Wilson, John C. & Co. Ld. 99
Portugal st
Wilson, John, 29 Waterloo st
Wilson, Wm. & Co. Lily bank Wks.
Eglinton street
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 7 Broad
street, Bridgeton cross
Wingate, Thos. Viewrield House,
Winning, Mellis & Co. Mountblue
Works, Camlachie
Wood, Alexander, sole representa-
tive, Jas. Watt & Co. (late
Boulton & Watt), Birmingham,
8, 10 Stock well street
Woodrow, Alex. & Son, 75 Glass-
ford st
Woodrow & M'Dougall, 26 East
Miller st
Woodward & Craig, Imperial
Works, 69 Waterloo st
Worthington Pumping Engine Co.
21 West Nile st
Wrench, Wm. G. 27 Oswald st
Wylie, Brown, & Co. Ld. 136
Nelson street, s.s.
Wylie, Wm. Anderson st. Kinning
Toung, Andw., & Son, 15 High
Craigball road
Young, Thos. consulting, 4 West
Regent st
Yuille, Cameron, & Co. cast iron
water, gas, and hydraulic pipes
and connections, and engineers'
furnishings and tools, 17, 19
West st. s.s.
Anders on i J- H. Caledonian rly.
Buch anan street station
Armour &• Lang, 207 W. George st
Armour, Wm. (Armour & Lang),
207 West George st
Babtie & Bonn, 180 Hope st
Barker, Cbas. D. 109 Bath st
Barr, Prof. Archd. 250 Byres rd
Barr, James, 221 W. George st
Bell & Miller, 204 St. Vincent st
Bishop, Alex. Cal. Raily. 3 Ger-
miston st
Blake, Geo. K. (of Wyllie & Blake),
134 St. Vincent st
Bonnar & Graham, 95 Bath st
Bottomley & Liddle, patent agents,
154 St. Vincent st
Bottomley, Wm. 154 St. Vincent
Brand, James, 65 Bath st
Colledge, F. S., C.E. (of Wharrie,
Colledga & Brand), 109 Bath st
Conner, Ben. 196 St. Vincent st
Copland, J. P. 146 W. Regent st
Copland, W. R. 146 W. Regent
Copland & Foulis, 146 W. Regent
st. ; telegraphic address, '• Cop-
land, Glasgow" ; telephone No.
358 "
Cowan, John, 261 W. George st
Cowan, M'Taggart, 109 Bath st
Craig, James J. 175 St. Vinct. st
Crouch, Wm. 175 Hope st
Crouch & Hogg, 175 Hope st
Cruickshanks & Fairweather,
C.P.A., 62 St. Vincent st
Deas, James, engineer - in - chief,
Clyde Navigation, 16 Robertson
Deas, Jas. jun. of Gilbert, Thom-
son & Deas, 53 Bothwell st
Dennison, Wm. 175 Hope street
Dixon, Jas. S. 127 St. Vincent st
Dron, Robert W. 79 W. Regent st
Dyer, Henry, 8 Highburgh ter
Ewan, Robert, 101 St. Vincent st
Fairweather, Wallace, 62 St. Vin-
cent street
Ferguson & Shaw, 128 Wellington
Fitzpatrick, Hugh D. 100 Welling-
ton st
Forman, Chas. 160 Hope st
Forman, J. R. 160 Hope st
Formans & M'Call, 160 Hope st
Frew, A. 175 Hope street
Gale, James M. 46 John street
Galloway, J. & L. 43 Mair street
Gourlay, Archd. Caledonian raily.
Buchanan st. station
Graham, A. L. 95 Bath st
Graham, George, Caledonian Rail-
way, Buchanan street station
Hamilton, Archd. New Dock Wks.
Hamilton, R. J. St. Enoch Station
Harrison, J. E. 160 Hope st
Hart, P. Campbell, John Finnie st.
Kilmarnock, and 134 St. Vincent
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66 and 68
Robertson St.; stores, Spout-
Hogg, C. P. 175 Hope st
Holmes, F. G. Govau Burgh Sur-
veyor, Hillock House, Govan
Jamieson, Professor Andiew, M.
Inst. C.E., F.R.S.E., &o.,
laboratory, 38 Bath st. ; house,
16 Rosslyn ter. Kelvinside
Johnsons, Mesirs. (office for
patents), 115 St. Vincent st ;
handbook, "Hints to Inven-
tors," gratis
Johnstone, Ronald Henry (of John-
stone & Rankine), 238 W. Geo. st
Johnstone & Rankine (and mining),
238 W. George st
Keeling, Thos. St. Enoch station
Kyle, Dennison, & Frew, 175 Hope
Laird, Andw. 121 W. Regent st
Landale, Frew, & Gemuiell, 180
Hope st
Lewin, Harry W. 154 W. Regent
Lindsay, Chas. C. 217 W. George
MacBean, Malcolm 2E. Office of
Public Works
M'Call, David, 160 Hope st
M'Call, Tho-i. 63 Montgomerie st
M'Creaths & Stevenson, 208 St.
Vincent st
Macfarlane, John A. 268 Bath at
M'Lellan, A. (Clyde Trust), 16
Robertson st
M'Taggart, Covtan & Barker, 109
Bath st
Makins, Wm. A. 79 W. Rpgent. sfc
Matheson, Donald A. Cal. Raily.
3 Germiston st
Melville, Wm. G. & S.-W. Rly.
St. Enoch station
Miller, Robert F. A.M.I.C.E. (of
Wardlaw & Miller), 109 Bath
Moore, Robt. Thomas, 156 St. Vin-
cent st
Morton, David Home, Assoc
M. Inst. C.E., M. Inst. Mech. E.,
95 Bath st
Murray, Alston W. 24 Sardinia teff
Murray, Richd. 109 Hope st
Myles, Andrew, 143 W. Regent st
Nicolls, Thomas J. B.A. M.I.C.E.
Joint Lines rly. 14 Bridge »t
Nisbet, Thos. Assoc. M. Inst. C.E.
City Chambers, 64 Cochrane st
Niven & Haddin, 131 W. Regent st
Niven, Thos. Ogilvie, 131 West
Regent st

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