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Malcolm, John, draughtsman, 63
Kirkland st
Manchester Acetylene Gas and
Carbide Co. Ltd. " Kay's Patent
Generators," 205 Buchanan st
Manlove, Alliott & Co. Limited,
makers of Migar, steam, laundry
and oil mill machinery, machi-
nery for dealing with town's
refuse, sewage, and disinfecting
plant, &c. 101 St. Vincent st.
and Nottingham
Marshall, Fleming & Jack, Mother-
well, makers of locomotive,
portable, and fixed steam cranes
for contractors, steel works,
wharves, &c; coaling cranes,
overhead travelling cranes,
steam, square shaft, flying rope
and electrically driven; cranes of
all sizes and types
Martin, James S. (cycle), 4 St.
Enoch square
Martin, John, Dundyvan Engineer-
ing Works, Coatbridge
Mathieson, Alex. & Son, Saracen
Tool Works, Ltd. 13 East
Campbell street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. (engineers
and electricians), 47 King st,
Mile End
Maxwell, Wm.& Co (cycle makers),
59 Landressy st
May, Jas. & Co. 367 Dalmarnock
Median & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Melvin, Thomas, & Sons, hydraulic
and general, manufr. of hoists,
accumulators, presses, patent
hydraulic engines, also gas
engines, patent bread and
biscuit making machinery,
and patent sausage making
machines, &c, St. Rollox Iron
Works, Charles st. ; telephone
No. 3639 ; also at London.
Menzies, James, & Co., the '"Clyde"
piston ring (Menzies' patent), 52
Mount st. ; telegraphic address,
" Special," Glasgow
Mills, Geo., & Co., Radcliffe, Man-
chester (Titan automatic sprink-
ler and general fire appliances),
agent, James M. Sim, 2 Royal
Exchange ct. 85 Queen st.
Mirrlees (The), Watson, & Yaryan
Co., Lim., 45 Scotland st. s.s.
Mollison, James, surveyor, 342
Argyle street
Montgomerie, John, 1 Regent pi.
Moore, Alex. George (civil and
mining), 156 St. Vincent st
Morrice, R. W., 29 Aytoun rd
Morton, Alex. (Morton's ejector
condensors, &c), 16 Radnor st
Morton, David Home, Assoc. M.
Inst. C.E., M.I. Mech. E., 95
Bath st
Morton, Robt. 237 W. George st
Morton & Williamson, 237 W.
George street
Muir, Hugb, 7 Kelvingrove ter. W
Muir & Findlay, Parkhead Boiler
Works, Parkhead. — See Adv. in
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St. James'
Muir & Houston, 33 Portman st.
Kinning park
Muir, J. & W. 214 St. James' rd
Muir, R. W., 97 St. James' rd
Muirhead, Wm. (gas and furnace),
37 West George st
Mundy, John (roof and structural
iron work), 30 Eastvale place,
Munro, R. D., M.I.M.E. 13 Dundas
Murray. James, & Co. 31 and 33
Washington street ; warehouse
and office, 8 Anderston quay
Murray & Paterson, Coatbank
Engine Works, Coatbridge
Murray, Thos. B., B.Sc. 94 Hope st
Murrie, James, & Co. 12 and 18
Houldsworth street
Musgrave Bros. Leeds, hydraulic
machine tools of all kinds ; sole
agents, Barclay, Mackay & Co.
12 Waterloo st
Napier Brothers, Ltd. 100 Hyde-
park street
Napier, D. Dehane, 93 Hope st
Napier, Robert, & Sons, Lmtd.
Lancefield sireet
Neil, John, 320 West Scotland
Neilson & Co. Hydepark Locomo-
tive Works, Springburn
Nelson, D. M. & Sons, 53 Water-
loo street
Niccol, Thos. , 93 Hope st
Nicholson, Alexander, & Co.Crown-
point rd and St. Marnock st
Norman, John, M.I.E. and S. 131a
St. Vincent street
Nutter, John (printers'), 134 Ren-
field street
Otis Elevator Co. Lim. 93 Hope st
Patent (The) Frictional Gearing Co.
147 East Milton street
Paterson, J. & Son, and axle
makers, 31 King street s.s.
Paterson, Thos. 180 W. Regent st
Payne & Sons (printers'), 56 Os-
wald st
Pearce, J. & Co. (electric light),
182 W. Regent street
Peat, Jas. D. Tunnel st. Finnies-
ton quay
Penman & Co. Caledonian Iron
Works, Strathclyde street
PeDnycook, The, Patent Glazing &
Engineering Co. (Limited), 11
W. Regent st
Percival, T. F. & Co. 60 to 70
Henrietta street
Phillips, Robert, sen. 274 George
Pickering, John, 1 Hillend grdns.
Pollock, David, 128 Hope st
Pollock, Macnab, & Highgate,
Firpark Ironworks, Shettleston
Pollock, White & Waddell, John-
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ld. 22 Queen
St. and Albion Works, 25 South
Kinning pi
Pott,Cassels, & Williamson, makers
of " Weston " centrifugals and
hydro extractors, Motherwell
Pott, Gideon (of Pott, Cassels &
Williamson) ; works, Mother-
well ; ho. 1 Park quadrant
Potter, Thomas, 78 Clyde street,
Pratt & Pringle, 332 Maxwell rd
Pullan & Adams, 35 Pitt st
Pulsometer Engineering Co., Ltd.,
8 York street
Purden, John, Lambhill Forge
Purnell, H. A. 102 Hill street,
Purvis, A. & W. 212 Preston st
Pyle, Jas. & Co. (laundry), copper
boiler makers, 38 Elliot st
Rae, Alex. 15 Vermont st
Rae, Thomas, 15 Carlton court, s.s.
Raeburn, John, 173 Graeme st
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cado-
gan street
Ramsay, William, & Co. (electric
lighting and gas lighting and
heating), 11 Jamaica st
Rattray, John, & Son, 233 Hope
Reid, A. & Co., 9 Oswald st
Reid, Andrew T. 10 Woodside
Reid Brothers, 67 St. Enoch sq
Reid & Cook, 35 Dundas st city
Reid, Hugh, Belmont, Springburn
Reid, John, & Co. Ltd. Whiteincli
Reid, John, 10 Woodside terrace
Reid, Tbos. & Son, Thread street,
Paisley. — See Advt. in App.
Riddel, J. H. 40 St. Enoch square
Ritchie, Graham, & Milne, Park
Shipbuilding Yard, Wbiteinch
Ritchie & Co. Victoria st. S
Ritchie, James (laundry), patent
ironing and washing machines
and extractors, 48 N. Frederick
Road Steam Engine Co., Limited,
136 Lancefield st
Robertson, Andrew, 17 Minerva
"Robertson & Berry, 101 St. Vin-
cent st
Robertson & Fraser, 12 St. Vin-
cent place
Robertson & M'Gill, 135 Waterloo
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen street

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