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Hutchcson, J. Ballantyne & Co.
11 Bothwell st
Hutson &Son, Kelvinhausih Engine
Works, 130 Kelvinbaugh street
Hydepark Locomotive Works,
Hydraulic Engineers, Drysdale &
Co. 183 Fordneuk street
Inglis, A. & J. 64 Warroch st. and
Institution of Engineers in Scot-
land, 207 Bath street
Jamieson, Crawford, pattern maker,
149 St. Vincent lane, W
Jamieson, Professor Andrew, M.
Inst. C. E. F.R.S.E. &c. labora-
tory, 38 Bath street house, 16
Rosslyn ter. Kelvin-ide
Jamieson, John, 75 W. Scotland st
Jenkins, James, & Son, contractors,
33 Renfield street
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st. ; handbook,
"Hints to Inventors," gratis.
Kemp, Robt. G. 1 Thornvvood ter.
Kendall & Gent, Victoria Works,
Manchesler; representative for
Scotland, Joseph C. Campbell,
1 University pi., Partick; tele-
grams, " Tools," Glasgow
Kesson, Andw. 312, 314 Argyle st
Kesson & Campbell, Greenfield
Foundry and Engine Works,
near Hamilton
Kesson & Campbell, Carntyne
Foundry and Engineering Works,
Key, Wm. (mechanical ventila-
tion), Central chambers, 109
Hope st
Kimball & Morton, Lid. sewing
and other light machinery, 11
Bothwell circus
King, David, & Sons, Keppoch Iron
Works, Possilpark
King, Robt. A. & Co. office, 52 St.
Enoch sq
King, W. F. 49 Park rd
Kinghorn, A. J. 59 Robertson st
Kinghorn Brothers, 81 St. Vincent
street, and at Tower Buildings,
Water st. Liverpool
Kinghorn, W. A. 81 St. Vincent
Kinloch, Goodfellow, & Co. 24
Union place
Kirkcaldy, Wm. 16 Derby st
Knox, Adam, & Sons, 47 Crown-
point road
j Kyle, Dennison, & Frew, 175
Hope st
Laidlaw, R. & Son, Alliance
Foundry, 147 E. Milton st
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Limited
(now The Barrowrield Iron Wks.
Ltd.), Fordneuk st
Laing, Wm. (at A. A. Laird's), 17
M'Alpine st
Lamberton,And. Sunnyside Engine
Works, Coatbridge
Lamberton & Co. Sunnyside En-
gine Works, Coatbridge
Lamont, Dugald, 48a Commercial
Lang, F. & Son, 42 Broomielaw
Lee, Russell, & Co., 158 Milton st
Lees, Anderson & Co. 100 Clyde
st. Anderston
Leiich, Archibald, A.M.I.Mecli.E.
(consulting and inspecting), 40
St. Enoch sq
Leitli, Cardie & Co. 29 Eaglesham
Lester, W. & Sons, 11 W. Regent st
Letham, J no, Whifflet. Coatbridge
Liddell, J. & Sons, 316 Dobbie's
loan, Port-Dundas
Lincolne & Co. 65, 67 No. Wallace
Linde British Refrigeration Co. Ld.
48 West Regent st
Linton, S. T. 2 Lendel ter. lbrox
Lobnitz & Co. Ltd. Renfrew
Lochhead,W. G. 10 Hamilton cres.
London and Glasgow Engineering
and Iron Shipbuilding Uo. Ltd.,
53 Anderston quay
Loudon Brothers, 46, 50 Water-
loo street and Clyde Tool Works,
Lynn, John, & Co. steam winch,
steering gear, &c. Sunderland ;
represent alive, Albert J. King-
horn, 59 Robertson st
M'Callum,M. & Co., Main street,
M'Creadie, D. 83 King st. city
M'Culloch Bros. 59 Elcho street
M'Culloch, David, 27 Oswald st
M'Dermott, J. B., 11 Bothwell st
Macdonald, David, 29 Union pi
Macdonald, John, & Son, 180
Hope street
M'Dowall, John, & Sons, Walkin-
shaw Foundry, Johnston
M'Farlane, A. T. & Co. 58 Hyde-
park street
Macfarlane Bros., makers of rivet-
making, bolt-making, screwing,
tapping, bar-cutting, finning, &
fraising machines, 10 Hyde-
park st. — See Advt.
Macfarlane, James W. 12 Balmoral
villas, Cathcart
Macfarlane, John A. 218 Bath st
MacFarlane, Norman, 75 Waterloo
Macfarlane, Strang & Co. (Ltd.)
Lochburn Iron Works ; office,
204 St. Vincent st
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. Saracen
Foundry, Possilpark
M'Fie, Robert (bookbinders' and
printers'), 9 Shuttle st
M'Gee, Walter, &Son, Stoneybrae,
M'Glashan, John, & Co. to the
wine, spirit, beer, and aerated
water trades, Albany Works;
showrooms, 15 Drury st
M'Haffie & Co. 107 John st
M'Harg & Moore, 37 Hill st. E
M'll wraith, J as. & Co. agents for
Coil, Clutch, and Pulley Co. Ld.
92 W. Regent st
M'Innes, T. S. & Co. Ltd. manu-
facturers of MTnnes' patent
indicator, Richard's indicators,
gauges, counters, &c. 41 Clyde pi
M'Kecbtiie, John, surveyor to
Germanischer Lloyd, and Re-
gistro Italiano, 342 Argyle st
Mackenzie, M'Alpine & Co. 240
Hope street
MacKenzie & Moncur, 43 St
Andrew's Cross, Victoria road.
— See Adv. in App.
Mackay, John C. & Co. 4 York st
M'Kie & Baxter, Copland Works,
Mackie & Thomson, shipbuilders,
Govan shipbuilding yard, 746
Govan rd. Govan
M'Kinnon & Banford, 93 Hope st
M'Laren, Hart & Co. 284 Dobbie's
loan, Port-Dundas
MacLaren, Robert, & Co. Canal st.
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 109 Main
street, Bridgeton
Maclean, James B. 52 W. Nile st
MacLellan A. & Co. electric light,
power, and telephone, 54 and
56 Waterloo st
MacLellan, P. & W. (Lim.), 129
Trongate and Clutba Works,
M'Luckie, A. 2 Hay burn cres.,
Maclure, Macdonald & Co. (print-
ing, &c. for), 2 Bothwell circus
M'Millan, C. C. 8 Albany street,
M'Millan, Jas. Vulcan Ironworks,
67 Scott street, Port-Dundaa
M'Murray, James, & Sons, 125
and 133 Brook st
M'Nei],C.,jun. 270 West, Scotland st
M'Ncil, John, & Co. Helen street,
M'Neilly & Co., 59 Victoria rd
MacNicoll & Co. (marine, superin-
tending & inspecting,) 6 Dixon st
MOnie, Andrew, 3 University ga^
M'Onie, A. & P. W. Cessnock
Engine Wks. Copelandrd. Govan,
M'Onie, Harvey & Co. (sugar
machinery), 224 West street, s.s.
M'Onie, Peter W., 3 Devonshire
gardens, Kelvinside
M'Phail, Robt. 7 Granville st, W.
Main, A. & J. & Co. (iron roof
and bridge), Clydesdale Iron-
works, Possilpark ; city office,
54 Gordon street

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