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Perth (The) Dye works, 116
Sauchiehall st
Pullar, John, & Sons (Pullar's Dye-
works, Perth), 64 Union street
Reid, Alex. & Sons, 92 W. George st
Sellars, George, 102 Port-Dundas
Simpson, T. & Co. 19 Graham
st. Bridgeton
Steiner, F. & Co. Ltd. (turkey red
and printers), 136 Ingram st
Thomson, Ltd. 289 Gt. Western rd
Turner, Wm. & Co. Carntyne Dye-
works, Parkhead
Thornliebank (The) Co. Limited
(turkey red and fancy), 4 West
Regent st
United (The) Turkey Red Co. Ltd.
46 West George st
Wright, Alex. & Co. 16 Ruby st.
Brown, A. J. & Co. 70 Wellington
Findlay, M. F. & Co. sole agents
for Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd.
41 Ann st. Glasgow, and 58
Bank st. Coatbridge
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson st
Kynoch, Ltd., Birmingham (High
Explosives department) ; sole
agents for Scotland, Hunter &
Warren, 72 Waterloo st
National Explosives Co. Ld. Hayle,
Cornwall ; sole agents, Fleming
& Co. 3 1 Robertson st
Nahnsen, Dr. R. & Co.'s Explosive
Works, Hamburg; sole agents
for Great Britain, A. J. Brown
& Co. 70 Wellington st, Glas-
gow, and 3 St. Nicholas buldgs.
Nobel's Explosives Co. Lmtd. 149
West George street
Roburite Explosives Co. Ltd. (The)
Robertson & M'Gill, sole agents,
135 Waterloo st
Charters, J. agent for " Taunton "
dynamos and motors, 113 W.
Regent st. and 123 Wellington
Faraday (The) Electrical Engineer-
ing Co. Ltd. Campbell street,
Haddow & Co. 126 Bothwell st
Paterson, Cooper & Co. electric
light engineers and contractors,
manufacturers of dynamos,
motors, &c, search light pro-
jectors, arc lamps, instruments,
switches, &c. Thistle Works,
Paisley. Telegrams "Patella,"
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. shunt and
series and electric motors for
power, 11 Jamaica street
Woodward & Craig, Imperial
Works, 69 Waterloo st
Baird, Thompson, & Co. 20 Union
British Sanitary Co. 56 Bothwell st.
the only manufacturers of earth
closets in Scotland who have
obtained any awards — eight
medals and eight certificates of
Donald & Sime (ventilating and
heating engineers), 60 Bothwell
circus; works, 27 Douglas st
" Grahtryx " Ventilating, Sanitary
and Engineering Works, 24, 26
Bath street
Spiers & Co., improved automatic,
city office, 125 W. Regent st
Caulfield, J. 9 Norfolk st
Clark, Mrs. Agnes, 121 George st
Elliot, Mrs. R., 249 Parliamentary
Johnstone, John, 30 Main street,
Logan, W. 34 Argyle st
M'Kim, A. 10 Thomson's buildings,
M'Lelland, Eliz. 216 Kent rd
Harburg India Rubber Comb Co.;
F. Winter, agent, 8 Redcross st.
London, E.C. , manfrs. of ebonite
for electrical and other manu-
facturing purposes ; stock kept
at London warehouse.
The India Rubber. Gutta Percha,
and Telegraph Works Co., Ltd.,
8 Buchanan st
Allan, Arthur, 144 Trongate
Anderson, Whan, & Co. (dies for
cutting paper, leather, rubber,
&c.) 173 Graeme st
Bartholomew, Jn. 91 Cadogan st
Brown, Archd. M. 15 Argyle st
Bryson, R. 12 and 14 London st
Burley, Bennet B. 9 Watson st.
Campbell, H. C. spanners, tap-
keys, and lathe carriers, 94
Campbell, Smart & Co. 19, 21
Eaglesham st
Cammell, Charles, & Co. Limited,
Sheffield ; sole agents for Scot-
land, William Lester & Son, 11 W.
Regent st
Carlaw, D. & Sons, 11 Finnieston
st. Telephone No. 5363
Carrick & Craig, 348 Argyle st
Chatwin, Thos. Victoria Works,
Birmingham ; agents, David S.
Miller & Son, 45 Renfield st
Cook, William, & Sons, 24 Elliot
street and 42 Havelock street,
Cranstonhill ; and at Glasgow
Steel Works, Washford road.
Coutts, Alex., 9 W. Howard st
Cross, Andrew, 40 Trongate
Dobie, John, 205 Argyle street and
75 Sauchiehall st
Dron & Lawson, 59 Elliot st
Drysdale, J. & Co. masons' tools
mnfrs. (to the trade), 18 Claren-
don st
Elsworth, John, & Sons, 9 and 65
and 67 Commerce street
Hannah, Alex., & Co., 67, 79 John
st., Bridgeton
Hannay,Thos. agent, 217 Buchanan-
Harrison, John, & Sons, Unstone
Mills, Dronfield ; agent, Alex-
ander Coutts, 9 W. Howard st
Kinloch, Goodfellow & Co. 24
Union pi
Knight, Jas. 74 N. City road
Landell, Wm. 106 Trongate
Livingston, Robert, & Co. 263b
Argyle street
M'Adam, Arch, box 20, Royal Ex
M'Dermid, Alex. & Son (con-
tractors, causewayers, quarriers,
and stonebreakers' tools), 128
Dryga te
MacGuire & Jago, 13 Union st
M'Pherson Brothers, 156 and 78
Argyle street
Marshall, Alex. 213 and277 Argyle
street and 176 London st
Mathieson, Alex. & Sons, Limited,
13 E. Campbell st
Perks, John, & Sons, Monmore
Green Works, Wolverhamp-
ton ; Jas. G. Young, agent, 196
St Vincent st
Raeburn, John, 173 Graeme st
Richard, James B. 176 Argyle
Sharp, Stewart & Co., Limited,
Atlas Works, Springburn
Simpson, Edward, & Co. Harriet
st. Rutherglen
Smith, James, 627 Govan rd
Wilson, And. (Joseph Tyznell,
& Son, Ltd.), 27 Oswald st
Wright, R. E. & Co. 1 and 3-
Trongate, and 2-6 Saltmarket
Aitken, Peter,& Co. 53 Candleriggs
Allan, Archd. 100 Brunswick st.
and 85 Candleriggs
Blair, Samuel, 433 Parliamentary
road '•:"»«,
Brownlie, John, 335^ Springburn
Campbell, Jas. 1119 Stockwell st
Carroll Bros. &[Co. 96 King St. s.s.
Clark, James, L 12^M'Intyre st.
Anderston _^_«j

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