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Sim, Jas. M. 2 Royal Exchange
court, 85 Queen st
Simmons, Ben. 27 Hope st
Simpson, Jas. L. (manufacturers')
141 Queen st
Simpson, J. N. & Co. (yarn), 19
Montrose street
Sinclair, R. W. 6 S. Hanover st
Shan, Wm. 15 Renfield street
»mall, James A., & Co. (yarn), 31
North Frederick st
Smart, Jas. (silks, crapes, and
furi) 144 Queen st
Smeal, J. C. agent for J. S. Fry
& Sons, Ltd. cocoa and chocolate
manfrs. Bristol, 134 St. Vincent
Smellie, Thos. 57 Hope st
Smith, Alex. 45 Queen street
Smith, A. & Co. 64 Buchanan st
Smith & Barr (yarn), 109 Ing-
ram street
Smith Bros. 15 Madeira court
Smiih & Christie, 115 to 127
James st. Bridg^ton
Smith, David R. 33 Hope st
Smith, H. B. 16 Lawrence street,
Smith, Hugh C. & Co. (East India)
55 Bath st
Smith, James (manufacturers'), 153
Queen street
Smi'h, Jas. (manufrs'.) 75 Buch-
anan st
Smith, James, 93 Hope st
Smith, Laurence, 11, 19 Queen st
Smith, Robt. J. (tea), 151 Pollok
Smith & Ross, 49 Cochrane st
Smith, Wm. (manufacturers') 27
Oswald st
Smith, Wm. (manufacrs.'), 13 St.
Vincent place
Smith, Wm. K. & W. & Co. (yarn)
6 Hanover st
Smith, Wm. J. 49 Jamaica st
Smith, W. B. 116 St Vincent st.
Sneddon, David (brewers'), 88 Bath
Snodgrass, John, 76 W. Howard st
Somers, Geo. (manufacturers'), 77
Qneeu st
Somerville, Arch, (manufacturers'),
93 Hope st.
Stammers, J. W. 24 Howard st
Steedman & Co. newspapers,
magazines, guide books, diaries,
&c. 72 Waterloo st.
Steele, Jas. (manufacturers'), 75
Buchanan st
Stenhouse, R. brewers', 11 Bridge st
Sterling & Co. agents for Samuel
Taylor & Sons, Brierley Hill and
Stoke-on-Trent, makers of chain
and anchors, makers and paten-
tees of Taylor's improved cast
steel and wrought iron stoekless
anchors, 79 St. George's place
Steven, J. S. 87 Union st.
Stevenson, John (manufacturers'),
49 Jamaica street
SteveDSon, Wm. & Son (yarn), 18a
Renfield street
Stevenson, Wm. (brewers'), 89
Bath st
Stewart, Gavin, & Co. 173 St.
Vincent st
Stewart, John, yarn, 45 Cochrane
Stewart, John, & Co. 28, 32 Os-
wald street
Stewart, John F. 109 Argyle st
Stewart, Pott, & Co. 45 Miller st
Stewart, Robt. 45 Virginia st
Stirling, Auld & Co. 37 W. Nile st
Stirling, Jas. (manufactrs'.), 144
Queen st
Stirling, Wm. (manufacturers'), 40
Union st
Storrar, John (manufacturers'), 21
Cochrane st
Storrie, Wm. 81 St. George's pi
Straiton, D. 16 St. Enoch sq
Sturgeon, Wm. manuf. 49 Virginia
Summers, W. B. 66 Virginia st
Sutherland, John, 275 Onslow dr
Suttie. Robt. 10 Princes sq
Swan, Finlay, 27 Ann street
Swan, John, & Sons, Ltd. 261
Duke st
Swan, John E. & Co. 8 Gordon st
Swan, Thos. 70 Canning st. Calton
Sykes & Co., brewers, 68 Bath st
Tait & Gibson, 51 Buchanan st
Tait, Peter, 49 Virginia st
Taylor, David (manufacturers'), 49
Virginia street
Taylor, Wm. & Co. 28 & 32 John st
Taylor, Wm. 264 Duke st
The Traders' Es'ates Realization
and Claims Recovery Agency
Co. 82 W. Nile st
Thorn & Cameron (Limited), 93
Cheapside st
Thomson, Gavin (business) 68
Bath st
Thomson, Graham(manufacturers'),
130 Ingram st
Thomson, J. G. & Co. 110 Welling-
ton stteet
Thomson, John, & Co. (yarn), 23
Royal Exchange sq
Thomson & Park, 20 S Frederick st
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. glass
bottles, syphons, gasogenes, cap-
sules, capsuling machines at
prices to defy competition, 54
W. Howard st. near St Enoch sq
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. (for
patents), 96 Buchanan st
Tud, Jas. 40 Union street
Tuddenham, Fred. H„ 9 Howard
Tunnock, W. S. 44 Robertson st
Turner, Geo. (expon) 58 West
Recent st
Turner, R. W. (sailcloth) at James
Cornfoot&Co. 196St.Vincentst
United Mercantile Agency, The
Cooper, Craig & Craig, 92 St.
Vincent street
Ure, John, & Co. 33 Bath st
Urquhart, A. (brewers') 65 Bath st
Veitch, Alex. 10 Waverley gds.
Waddell, Jas. 419 Gallowgate
Waddell, John 419 Gallowgate
Wales, Jas. N.B. Ry. Sighthill stis
Walker, Andrew, G. N. & N.-E.
Railys., Sighthill station
Walker, Fraser, & Steele, 74 Bath sS
Walker, James, 12 Waterloo st
Walker, Robt. 67 West Nile st
Wallace, C. 416 Crown st
Wallace, Hugh, 544 St. Vincent ft
Wallis, J. M. (manufacturers'), 60
St. Enoch square
Walsh, R. C. 4*2 Findlay drive
Walton, John D. 69 Commerce
st. s.s.
Wardrop, Jas. jun. agent for SamL
Berger & Co. Bromley-by-Bow,
London, E , 65 W. Regent st
Warnkess, Geo. 31 N. Frederick st
Warren, Jas. 142 Bath street
Warren, Robt. G. 115 Wellington st
Waters, Joseph F. 51 Miller st
Watson Brothers, 5 Oswald st
Watson, Fraser & Co. 33 College st
Watson, John R. (manufacturers')
47 Oswald st
Watson, Thos. E. 186 St. Vine, st
Waugh, James, 21 Hope st
Wellington Pottery Co. (fireclay),
50 Wesleyan st
White, Duncan (live stock), 326
Duke st
White, J. B. 183 Nithsdale road,
White, Robt. M. (manufacturers'),
76 Virginia st
Whyte, Thomson & Co. by appoint-
ment for the admiralty cnarts,
142, 144 Broomielaw
Wilks, H. (foreign manufrs.), 36
Berkeley st
Wilkie, A. M. Gourock Rope Work
Co. 15 Afton cres
Wilkie, David, 22 St. Enoch sq
Williamson, John (manufacturers'),
52 St. Enoch sq
Williamson, J. S. 26 Renfield st
Willis, W. C. & Co. 24 George sq
Willock, Fred. G. 109 Hope st
Wills, AVm. 60 St. Enoch sq
Wilson, Andrew (manufacturers')
27 Oswald st
Wilson, l"avid, 77 Queen st
Wilson, Geo. 36G Dumbarton road,
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. for home
and foreign papermakers and
Milner's safes, 335 St. Vincent st
Wilson, J. W. 366 Dumbarton rd.
Part ick

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