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Murdoch, Alex. 11 W. Regent st
Murie, W. P. 11 Miller st
Murray, Arthur J. (rnanufacti s'.),
51 Buchanan st
Murray & Co. 72 Port-Dundas rd
Murray, Geo., 11 W. Nile st
Murray, James, & Sods, brewers',
43,45 Oswald st
Murray, J. Bruce, & Sons, yarn,
12 Mitchell lane
Murray, Jas , & Co., 8 Anderston
quay. — See Adv. in App.
Muter, R. J. 375 Eglinton st
Napier, D. D. engineering, 93
Hope st
Needham, Louis K. R. 87 Union
Neilson, J. G. 33 Virginia st
Neilson & Maxwell, 88 Cadogan st
Neilson, Richd. & Son, cotton and
worsted yarns, 33 Virginia st
Neilson, Wm. (tea), 13 Dixon st
Neilson, Wm. 33 Ann st
Niblock, Wm. & Co. yarn, 45 W.
Nile st
Nicoll, Geo. B. 134 St. Vincent st
Nicol, R. D. & Co. 16 St. Vine, pi
Nicholls, J. W., manufacturers', 56
George square
Nimmo, David, manufacturers', 12
Miller st
Nimmo, Wm., 6 Hanover st
Nimmo, Wm. 2 Oswald st
Niven, James (railway), 21 Queen
Norman, John, machinery, 131a
St. Vincent street
Northern Yacht Agency ; T. B.
Grier, 29 Waterloo st
Okell, Wm. (manfrs.), 77 Queen st
Orr, John, 59 Buchanan st
Orr, John, 130 Holland st
Orr, P. C. 55 Glassford st
Osbora, W. E. sole agent for Scot-
land, Worthingtou & Co. Lmtd.
Burton- on-Trent, 49 Bath st
Osman, W. R., confectionery, 5
Dixon st
Ottman, H. 30 Gordon street
Park, John (manfrs.), 27 Ann st
Park, Robt, (manfrs'.), 20 South
Frederick street
Parker, D. & J., grocery goods, 7
Montrose st
Parker, J. C. 40 Hope st
Paterson, W. J., yarn, 28 Coch-
rane st
Paterson, Wm. & Son, for Bray's
patent lanterns, reflectors, and
burners, 65 Pitt st
Patrick, Alex. 93 Hope st
Patrick, Hugh, book, 564 Gallow-
Patrick, John, manfrs. 77 Queen st
Pattison, J. & Co. 11 Both well st
Paton, Hugh, 11 Maxwell st
Paton, Jas., Royal Bank, St.
Paul, P. G. 133 Stockwell st
Paul, Vigand B., 93 Waterloo st
Pearson, G. T. 65 W. Regent st
Pearson, W. M. 21 Kelvingrove st
Peaston, Alex 27 Hope st
Peck, W. Edwin, 38 N. Frederick
Peddie, Jas. tea, 6 Oswald st
Percival, J. R., 76 W. Howard st
Phillips & Crawford, 65 Virginia
Philips, W. & J., yarn, 50 North
Frederick street
Pitcaim, J. 69 Buchanan st
Pollock, James, manufacturers', 77
Queen st
Porteous, Gilbert, confectioners', 12
Dixon st
Porter, Alex. 52 Virginia st
Potter, Thomas, Cumberland st (off
Canning st)
Purves, Jas. 30 Gordon st
Rae, D., 4 Roxburgh st
Rae, G. & J. 21 Ingram street
Raimes & Co., 57 Hope st
Ralston, Alex. P. 25 Gordon st
Ralston, R. A., 25 Gordon street
Ramsay W. & Co. lighting and
shop-fitting, 11 Jamaica street
Rankin Bros. 5 West Regent st
Rankin & Tod, 27 Oswald street,
Reichert, Chas. 34 South Portland
Reid Bros. 67 St. Enoch square
Reid, R. W., agent for Joseph May
& Sons, Leeds, 281 St. George's
Reid, Wm. A. (boots), 33 Virginia
Reid, W. S. & Co. (manufrs'O, 17
Oswald st
Renwick, W. K. 95 Bath st
Richards, C. H. 6 Sutherland cres.
Richards & Co. (for bolts & nuts,
brasssteam fittings, indiarubber,
asbestos and general merchts.),
27 Ann st
Richmond, David (iron founders'),
73 W. Regent st
Richmond, R. H. 27 Ann st
Richter & Kuttner, bottles and
capsules, Spiers Wharf, North,
Port Dundas
Riddel, John H. (machine), 40 St.
Enoch square
Riley, Henry (machinery), 2 Wil-
low bank cres.
Risk, Moses, & Son, Ltd. 58 Dun-
das street
Ritchie, James, 40 St. Enoch sq
Ritchie, Jas. S., 53 Cochrane st
Ritchie, John E. (manufacturers'),
11 Miller st
Ritchie & Murdoch, 2 Royal Ex-
change court, 85 Queen st.
Ritson, John F. 180 Buchanan st
Roberton, Johnston & Roberton,
293 Duke street
Roberton, Stephen, 48 W. Regent
Robertson, Henry, 55 Roslea drive
Robertson, John, manufacturers',
153 Queen st
Robertson, J. Leslie, boots, har-
ness leather, and belting, 40
St. Enoch sq
Robertson, MTntosh, & Co., 17
Oswald street
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st
Robertson, R. manufacturers', 8
Princes sq.
Robertson, Wm. (boots), 9 Hut-
cheson st
Robinson, S. H. 74 BuchaDan st
Robson, Geo. J., & Co. 22 Bath
Rogers, Wm. (tea), 27 Oswald st
Ronald, R. A. & Co. (engineering),
15 York st
Ross & Duncan (yacht), Whitefield
Works, Govan
Ross, Thos. & Liddell (property), 5
Dixon st.
Rowan, David, jun. 82 Gordon st
Ross & Co. 95 Bath st
Rowley & Dick, 40 Bath st
Rudd, J. A. sole representative
for Morison's evaporator, Rowan's
pistons, Lumb's lubricators and
speed regulator, Tate's stop
motion, Geddes' economisers,
fire doors, safety flanges, &c,
30 Hope street
Russell, Alex. Leckie, 513 Dum-
barton rd, Partick
Russell, Hugh, 28 W. Nile st
Russell, Wm. F. 48 W. Regent st
Sampson, Kinnell & Co. (foreign
timber), 109 Hope street
Sandeman, D. & Co., 11 John st
Sandeman, David, & Son, 53
Miller street
Sanderson & Morrison, brewers',
31 North Frederick st
Schoelles, G. 143 W. George st
Scott, David C. 27 Oswald st
Scott, G. L. 34 Argyle street
Scott, Julius V. 40 St. Enoch sq
Scott, M. B. 21 Hope st
Scott, R. G. & Co. (yarn and wool)
56 George sq
Scott, Thos., Caledonian Rail. Co.
General terminus
Scott, Tho?. 77 Queen st
Scott, Wm. manufacrs'. 57 Miller
Selcraig & Co. 137 W. Regent st
Seligmann, Charles H. & Co. 59 St.
Vincent st
Shanks, William, & Sons (cloth
and yarn), 67 J Great Clyde st
Sharer, Alfred (iron and steel), 93
Hope st
Shaw, Alex. B. 148 Renfrew st
Shaw, John, 26 Apsley place
Shedden, John, 88 Gt. Clyde st
Shirras, George, 153 Queen st

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