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Hodgkinson, F. A. & Co. 116 St.
Vincent street
Hogg, A. & A. & Co. 132 W.Nile st
Holmes, James, & Son (yarn), 33
Virginia st
Holmes, Wm. (yarn), 153 Queen
Homberg, Gustav, 119 Virginia pi
Hopkins, John, & Co. 66 York st
Hopper, G. W. 27 Ann street
Home, Geo. S. (steam fittings),
101 St. Vincent st
Horton, W. 98 Buchanan st
Howard, Donald, & Co. 19 Douglas
Huddlestone, W. W. 67 Wilson st
Hudson, Geo. G. 11 W. Nile st.
Humphreys, A. M. 57 Miller st
Humphreys, G. H. 24 Howard st
Hunt, E. (patent agent), 121 W.
George street
Hunter, Baird, & Co., yarn, 93
Hutcheson st
Hunter, John, 54 Victoria road
Hunter, Robt. N.B. Rail. Queen st
Hunter, Wm. 45 Union st
Hutcheson, Keith, 33 Virginia st
Hutton, John, tea, 41 Ann st
Huyssen, C. 173a St. Vincent st
Hyslop, D. K. (manufrs'.), 15 Ren-
field st
Inglis, John, jun. 112 Broomielaw
Inglis & Wulff, 33 Ann st
Irons, Jas. & Son, 49 Virginia st
Izat, Robt. 33 Virginia st
Jack, Jas. A. (chemicals, dry-
salteries, oxides, barytes, ochres,
gums, shellacs), 7 Clydesdale ter
Jackson, A. C. (manfrs'.) 5 Dixon st
Jamieson, Alex. 11 Miller st
Jamieson, J. B, 56 George st
Jenkins, Jas. & Son, 33 Renfield st
Johnston & Farie (yarn), 113
Virginia st
Johnston, James, 13 York street
Kay, Robt. J. (manfrs. ) 77 Queen st
Kay, Theodore (manufrs.), 77
Queen st
Kellie, James, 28 St. Enoch sq
Kelly, John, 261 W. George st
Kelt, J. S. & Black (yarn), 74
Bucbatian street
Kennedy, Thos. W. & Son, 58 Ren-
field st
Kidston, A. G. & Co. 81 Great
Clyde street, and 155 Fenchurch
st. London, E.C
Kiep, C. & Brother, 128 St. Vincent
King, Alfred, glass and china,
24-26 Union st
King, Robt. A., & Co. (for
Messrs. C. A. Zadig & Co. light
railway maker?, London) 52 St.
Enoch square
King, Robert A. & Co. (for Joseph
Hamblet, Esq. tile manufacturer,
West Bromwich), 52 St. Enoch
King, T. G. (manufacturers'), 16
St. Enoch square
King, Wm. (manuf s'.), 8 Prince's sq
Kinghorn, A. 52 St. Enoch sq
Kinghorn, W. A. 81 St. Vincent st
Kinnear, P. T. 33 Virginia street
Kirkwood, Chas. 67 W. Regent st
Kirkwood, David, 119 Bowman st
Kirkwood, John, & Son, 67 West
Regent street
Kirkwood, Robert, jun. C.R. Mine-
ral Depot, West st. s. s.
Kirsop, A. B. & Co. 31 St. Vincent
Kut'eke, Anton, 21 Hope street
Kyle, Jas. jon. manufacturers', 27
Oswald street
Laidlaw, J. P. 112 Renfield st
Laing, John, & Son, 20 Bridge st
Laird, Alex. 28, 30 W. Campbell
Laird, James, 28 Cochrane street
Lamberton, Archd. B. 101 St.
Vincent street
Lambie, Daniel, Glas. and S.-W.
Rail. Gen. Terminus.
Land, Thomas (manufacturers'), 93
Hope street
Lang, Arch. jun. 76 W. Howard st
Lang, Hugh, jun. 70 Union st
Lang, John, 162 London road
Langan, Charles, live stock, 42
Sword st
Larke, A. J. & Co., manufacturers',
2 National Bk. buildings, Queen
Lawrie, Frank, 15 Ren6eld st
Laurie, Thos. (manufactrs'.), 16 St.
Enoch sq
Lawrie, Thos. 97 Buchanan st
Laurie, Wm. D. 27 Ann street
Lee, Wm. 207 Ingram st
Leithead, T. D. 6 Hanover st
Lennox & Co. 9 Norfolk court
Lester, William, & Sons, 11 West
Regent st
Lewis, W. & R. felts, 118 Br'inielaw
Liddell Bros. 73 Virginia st
Liddle, John, chanered patent
agent (of Bottomley & Liddle),
154 St. Vincent st
Liddell, John (manfrs.) 52 Virginia
Liddell, Wm. (yacht), 93 Hope st
Lightbody, Tho.-*. 676 Galiowgate
Lincolne & Co. 65, 67 N. Wallace
Lindsay & Campbell, 118 Broom-
Lindsay, Ja°. 215 High street
Little, Andrew, 151 Gallowgate
Livingstone, G. B. & Co. 5 Oswald
Lloyd, John (tea), 32 Ann st
Lochhead, Wm. 65 Gibson street,
Lockerbie, Jas. S., 33 N. Frede-
rick st
Lockwood, Joseph, 263 Argylest
Logan, Jas. (medical), 95 Bath st
Longmuir, M. 47 Oswald st
Lome, Jas., Central Station Book-
ing Office
Loudon Hugh, 12 Dixon street
Lowrie,W. P. & Co. Ltd. distillers',
14, 16 Bothwcll st
Lucas, John, 372 Argyle street
Lundy, Fred. G. C. 20 South
Frederick st
Lyle, David F. 34 St. E^och sq
Lyons, H. J. 24 Queen street
M'Allister, J. B , 52 Howard st
Macaulay, P. F. & Martin, manfrs.
34 St. Enoch square
MAusland, H. C. & Son, for
English, Scotch, and Continental
manufacturers, 51 Buchanan st
M'Callum, D. & Co. (manufrs.),
20 So. Frederick st
M'Calman, J. 109 Hope st
M'Caskill, John, 116 N. Fred, st
M'Caw,W. J. 11 Bothwell et
M'Clunan, G. H. 7 Mitchell lane
Maclure, John G. (manufrs.), 52
St. Enoch sq
M'Coard, Wm. & Son, 15 to 41
East Nelson st
M'Cormack,W. R. & Co.(manufrs\)
34 Sr. Enoch sq
M'Craeken, Wm. & Co. (yarn),
13 Cochrane st
M'Culloch, And. Aberfoyle Slate
Quarries Co. Ltd. and the
Quarrier Co. Ltd. 194 W. George
M'Culloch, John F. 170 Glenpark
M-Donald, J. C. cycle, 20 Glebe st
Macdonald, John (manufacturers'),
44 Hutcheson street
M 'Donald & Wallace (manufrs.) 51
Buchanan street
M'Dougall, D. A. 27 Oswald st
M'Dougall, D. jun. & Co. 82 W.
Nile street
M'Dougall, John (manufrs.), 49
Jamaica st
M'Dougall, R. A. 326 Byars rd
M'Dougall, Richd. 25 Wellington st
M'Dougall, Win. 125 Buchanan st
M'Ewan, Geo. A. manufacturers'.
85 Buchanan st
M'Ewan, Jas. C. & Co., 20 St. Vin-
cent place
M'Ewan, W A. 199 Claythorn st
M'Farlane & Crosbie, (yarn, silk,
and cotton), 5 W. Regent street
M'Farlane, D. 27 Ann street
M'Farlane, Parlane, 57 Oswald St.
Macfeat, Walter, 76 W. Howard st
M'Gavin, Alex. & Co. Ltd.; office,
St. Enoch chambers, 13 Dixon st
M'Geachin, Douglas, 11 Bothwell
M'Geoch, Wm. & Co. 108 Argyle
M'Ghee, George, 79 Albert road,

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