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Kay, Cathcart, Commissioner for
taking Colonial affidavits (of
M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie &
Co.) 77 St. Vincent st
M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, & Co.
Commissioners for taking
affidavits in the English, Irish,
and Colonial courts) 77 St.
Vincent st
M'Laren, J. Fisher, 134 St. Vin-
cent street
Morison, William, Commissioner
for taking affidavits in the
Colonial Courts (of M'Clure,
Naismith, Brodie & Co.) 77 St.
Vincent st
Muirhead, Jas., English and Irish,
30 Gordon street
Paterson, W. B. & Co. for
English, Irish, Australian,
African, Canadian, and foreign,
101 St. Vincent St.
Stout, Thomas, 178 St. Vincent
Turnbull &FindIay, English, Irish,
Victoria, New South Wales,
and Colonial affidavits, 133 St.
Vincent st.
Young, T. C. & Rowley Orr, 93
W. Regent st
Aaronson, Albert Edward (Com-
mission for advertising), Bath
House, Helensburgh. — See Advt
Adam, A. L. 88 Gt. Clyde st
Adam, David, 4 York ter. Sandy-
hill, Shettleston
Adams, A., financial, 16 St. Enoch
Affleck, F., 83 Buchanan st
African (The) Lakes Corporation,
Limited 45 Renfield st
African (The) Trading Co. 35
Robertson st
Agar, Alex. 68 Mitchell st
Agency for British, Colonial, and
Foreign designs, patents, and
trade marks; W. R. M. Thom-
son & Co., 96 Buchanan street,
experts in patent cases,
from their long and practical
experience, give the fullest and
most important information re-
garding patents, designs, and
trade marks, and undertake
every business in connection
therewith at lowest charges ; the
"Inventor's Guide" gratis; tele-
phone No. 829. — See Advt. in
Agency for designs, trade marks,
and patents in every country,
Bottomley & Liddle, 154 St.
Vincent street
Agency for obtaining patents for
inventors ; handbook " Hints to
Inventors " gratis; Messrs John-
sons, 115 St. Vincent street
Agency for obtaining patents, Ed-
mund Hunt, 121 W. George st
Agency for British, foreign, and
colonial patents, designs, and
trade marks, H. D. Fitzpatrick,
100 Wellington street
Aitchison, Arch., agent for Chance
Bros. & Co., Ltd., Birmingham;
W. E. Chance & Co., Old bury ;
Locke, Blackett, & Co., New-
castle - on - Tyne ; Sharratt &
Newth, London; Parker &
Lester, London ; Hooper &
Bullock, Moseley; 70 and 72
Waterloo street
Aitken, John M. (manufacturers')
34 Glassford street
Aitken & Co. (woollen yarn) 45
Montrose st
Allan, James (tea) 5 Oswald st
Allan, J. H. C. Union Bank,
Charing cross
Allan, A. C. 52 Virginia st
Allan, Hugh, & Co. 40 Union st
Alexander, D. (property), 82 West
Nile street
Alexander, Frank R. 150 Renfield st
Anderson, Henry B. (colliery), 607
Duke street
Anderson, J. & A. 62 Robertson st
Anderson, J. T. (manufacturers'),
49 Jamaica st
Anderson, Nicol, & Co., 31 St.
Enoch square.
Anderson, W. & Baird, 49 Vir-
ginia street
Ar buckle, Thos. 166 Oxford st
Archibald, Henry, 80 Great Clyde
Armour & Co. 96 Renfield street
Armstrong, Wm. (C. R. goods)
Rutherglen and Cambuslang
Arrol, Arch. & Sons, Ld. 16 Dixon
Arthur, A. (timber), 41 Robertson
Arthur & Hinshaw, 11 Bothwell
st. — See Adv. in App.
Arthur E. (marmfrs.) 109 Hope st
Auld, Wm. 19 Queen st
Austin, Rbt. (tea) 76 W. Howard st
Bailie, T. C. 16 Bothwell st
Bain, Geo. 57 Miller st
Bain, W. B. & J. 65 Waterloo st
Baird, Archd., & Son, 57 West
Campbell st
Baird Bros. 5 Dixon street
Baird, David D. Union Bank, Ld.
Baird, J. F. 7 Canal st. Port-Eglin.
Baird, Robt. 5 Union st. — See Adv.
in App.
Baird, Wm. & Co. 42 John street
Baker, J. A. (handkerchiefs, &c),
83 Jamaica st
Baker & Hoppe (manufacturers')
75 Buchanan street
Balderston & Co., agents for
Hoyt's belting, 201 St. Vin. st
Bancroft, Park,"& Co. 71 Waterloo
Barclay, Mackay & Co. 267 Central
Chambers, 12 Waterloo st
Barclay, Samuel, & Co. 35 Robert-
son st
Barnett, Robert, tea. 33 Ann sfc
Barrie, D. H. 115 Waterloo st.
Baxter, Thomas, 144 Castle st
Bell, Charles, 29 Waterloo st
Bell, John, 28 St Enoch square
Bell, Wm. S., 37 Jamaica street
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335 Argyle
Bever & Wolf (yarn), 7 South
Frederick st
Beveridge, James, manufacturers',
76 Virginia street
Birrell, D. & Co. 175 St. Vincent
Bischoff, A. & Co., 112 Bath st
Black, Alex. 112 Bath street
Black, John, & Co., 26 Bothwell st
Black, Mai., Cal. Rly. St. Rollox
Black, R. C, 75 Buchanan st
Blackley, Young, & Co., 70 Wel-
lington st
Blackwood & M'Lean, 65 West
Regent street
Blair, Alex, for the Greenock Felt
Work Co. 163 W. George st
Blair, Geo. 38 Queen street
Blair, Ogilvie H. manufacturers',
53 Cochrane st.
Blane, Wm. B. 54, 56 Oxford st
Bock, O. F. & Co. 55 Bath st
Bodden, David, & Co. 81 St.
George's place
Bond, C. F. (publishers') 263 Ar-
gyle street
Boosey, A.H. A. (silks, ribbons, bind-
ings, and laces), 20 Dixon st
Borthwick, John F. & Co., 102
Hope st
Bost, Leveque, & Matting (import
and export), 33 Renfield st
Bottomley & Liddle, chartered
patent agents, undertake every
description of business connected
with patents, designs, and trade
marks, 154 St. Vincent street
Bottomley, William, patent, 154
St. Vincent st
Bouglas, H. B. 8 George st
Bower, Robert (for fancy lace paper
for boxmakers, shelf papers, wire
stitching machines, and wedding
and memorial cards), 19 College
Bowie, David, manufacturers', 28
St, Enoch sq
Bowie, Jas. manufacturers', 28 St.
Enoch square
Boyd, James Y. 40 St Enoch sq
Boyle, Miss, 242 Sauchiehall st

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