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Allan, Thos. & Co. 211 Dalmar-
nock rd
ADglo-Parisian Aerated Water Co.
97 West Campbell street
Barr, Andrew G. & Co 184 Gt.
Eastern road, Parkhead
Barrett & Co. 37 Clarendon st
Barrie, G. & P. Maxwell road,
St Andrew's road, and M'Culloch
street, Pollokshields
Bradley, Samuel, 490 Dobbie's loan
Bratby & Hiuchliffe, Ltd. 81 Ro-
bertson st
British and Foreign Mineral Water
Co. Ltd. Fleming st. Garscube
Brown Bros., 41, 43, 45 Washing-
ton st
Brown E. & Co. now Mair & Dott-
gall, 93 and 97 West Campbell
Campbell & Fox, 29 Union j.lace,
oft' North st
Cantrell & Cochrane, 53 Surrey st
City of Glasgow Bottling Stores
and Aerated Water Manufac-
tory, 4* Renfrew street
Cluiha Chemical Co. manufac-
turers of essences and specialties
for, Kelvindock, Maryhill
Clydesdale, Chas. & Co. 10 George
Comrie Bros. & Co. 259 West
Georg« st
Comrie, Jas. Orr, 700 Gartcub« rd
Connell, Hugh, & Co., 44 Mor-
daunt st
Connell, S. & Co. 22,24 Graham st.
Cooper & Co.. 8 to 28 Howard st.
and branches
Corry, Win. & Co., 114 to 126
Cromac street, Belfast (who'esale
and export) ; agents for Scot-
land, John Mercer & Co. 16
Ann street; city telephone No.
Crownpoint Glass Bottle Co.
(bottles), 121 Croft st. Cam-
Cummock, John, manufacturing
chemist, importer of essential
oils manufacturer of concentrated
soluble essences, fruit essences,
and every other requisite for
the aerated water trade, Premier
Chemical Works, 45 Ropework
Dale, Wm. 32 Forth st. P'ahields
Davison, Thomas, & Co. 44 West
Nile st
Dove, John, & Sons, 49, 51, 55
Pitt st
Dunn, Joseph, 21 Greenhead st
Evans & Son, Belfast (Al cham-
pagne de kolo) ; agents, T.
Small & Co. 14 £ Douglas st
Frazer & Green, Ltd. 127 Buch-
anan st.
Fraser, Wm. & Co. 1\ Main st
Glasgow (The) Aerated Waters
Co. Ltd. 452 to 460 h. City rd
Globe Aerated Mineral Water Co.
193 and 215 Commercial road
Gordon, Thos. Ill London st
Haldane, Root. 159 Brook st.
Hamilton, Jas. 10, 12 Emily pi
Higgins, Hugh, 35 Norfolk street
Hodgkinson, W. C. & Co. Ltd.
licensed horse and cattle
slaugbterers, Glenpark rd, East
Nelson st, and 3^3 Kennedy st,
Dobbies Loan; telephone Nos.
1001 and 1011 ; telegrams,
'• Hodgkir son," Glasgow
Home, Jas. & Co. 285 S. York st.
Houston, Thos. 206 Springfield rd
Hunter & Benoie, 10 ^A North st
Johnsen & Jorgensen (bottles), 71
Waterloo st
Johnsons, Messrs. (office for
registering of trade marks and
labels), 115 St. Vincent st.
Handbook on Registration Gratis
Kettle, Robert, 9 Smith street,
Kowarsky, J. 97 W. Campbell st
Law, Jas. & Co. 25 Mair street,
Lawrie & Co. 19 to 29 Union pi.
North st
Lennox & Co. (agents), 9 Norfolk
Lynch, P. T. 796 Gallowgate
Mair & Dougall, 35-41 Annfield st.
Meadowcroft, W. & Son, Lid. 50
Robertson st
M'duley, Daniel, 104 Gallowgate
M'Dearmid & Co. 86 Helen street,
M'Diarmid, Finlay, & Co. 42, 44
Renfrew street
M'Glashan, John, & Co. engineer?,
plumbers, and furnishers to the
tiade; Albany Works. Catherine
lane, 100 Stifling road; show-
rooms, 15 Drury st
Mackay, John, & Co. Vermont st
MTntyre & M'Call, 320 Nuneaton
Maclachlan, G. & J. Castle
Brewery, Maryhill ; town office,
23, 27 So Enoch square
MacLachlan, Peter & Co. straw
envelopes, bot'les, corks, cap-
sules, capsuling machines, &c.
134 St. Vincent st
M'Laren, John, 113 Glebe st
M'Laren, J. & G. Burnbank, east,
Mair & Dougall, 35 and 41 Ann-
field st
Meadowcrolt, W. & Son, Ltd. 50
Robertson st
Moore, G. & C. 181 Mordaunt st
Morton, Wm. & Son, 79, 81
Garngad rd
Nimmo, Peter, 105 Eagle*ham st
Packham & Co. Ltd. Croydon,
Surrey; agent for Scotland,
Duncan T. Clark, 5 Oswald st
Rankin & Borland, Kilmarnock
Richter & Kuttner (bottles or
capsules of every description),
95 Bath st
Robertson & Mair, artists, de-
signers, and colour printers ;
show cards, labels, and stationery
for the mineral water trade a
speciality, 5 and 9 Madeira
court, 257 Argyle st ; telephone
No. 1123
Ross, W. A. & Sons, Ltd. 38 York st
Rowat & Co. (lemon squash),
Craigton road, Govan
Schweppes (Lmd.) 17 York st
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Co., Ltd.
liquefied carbonic acid, aerated
water, and beer carbonating
machinery for use with it. etc.,
(see Oxygen Manufrs.), Rosehill
works, 493 Aikenhead road,
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Society, Ltd, 9ft Morr'sjn st
Short, Win. 75 Bishop st. Ander-
Simpson, David, 63 St. Ninian st
Somerville, Wm. Craigton road,
Steedman, Robert, 121 Croft st,
Stenson, Robert, 55 Society street,
Stevenson & Howell, 128 Hope st.
Thorley Sons & Co. Easterlull st,
Veitch,J. & W. 98, 102 Walkin-
shaw st
Walker, Duncan, 183 St James' rd
Wallace, Wm. 89 St. Vincent st
Wheeler & Co. Ltd. Cromac
springs, Belfast ; sole agents
for Scotland, Crawford Hamilton
& Co. 3o Pitt st
Aitken, James, English and Irish,
92 St. Viocent street
Black, W. P. M. 130 Wellington st
Broiie, Robert, Commissioner for
taking affidavits in the Irish
Courts (of M'Clure, N*ismhh,
Brodie & Co.) 77 St. Vincent st
Dickie & Simons (Australia, Tas-
mania, and New Zealand), 173
St Vincent st
Frame & Macdonald (English,
Irish), 149 Hope st
Hislop, John (Irish affidavits), 93
W. Regent st

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