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M'Clelland, A. S. 115 St. Vincent
M'Clelland, M'Kinnon, & Co. 115
St. Vincent street
M'Cosh, John, 121 W. Regent st
M'Crindle, Wm. Holybnsh, Ud-
M'Cubbin, Johnjun. 58 Eenfield st
M'Culloch, Geo. & Richard, 69 W.
Regent st.
M'Dougall, Alex. Clyde Trust
M'Dougall & Brown, 138 West Re-
gent st
M'Ewan, F. E. 149 W. George st.
M'Ewan & Neil, 121 W. Regent st
M'Farlane Hutton, & Patrick,
203 West George st
Macfarlan, Robt. 149 W. George st
M'Gavin, Jas. 75 Jamaica st
M'Gregor, John F., 179 West
George st
M'Gregor & Maclennan, 179 West
George st
Macharg & Son, 69 Buchanan st
M'lver, John, 51 Abbotsford pi
Macintosh, J. W. 107 St. Vine, st
Mackay, Ales. 27 Bath st
Mackay, Jas. R. 143 West Regent
Mackenzie, R. C. 2 W. Regent st
Mackie, Herbertson & Co., 99
Gt. Clyde st
M'Kim, Geo. B. (of T. & G. B.
M'Kim, T. &G. B. 149 St. Vin. st
M'Kim, Thos. (of T. & G. B.
Mackinlay, Geo. 173 St. Vincent st
M'Kinnon, John, & Son, 132 W.
Regent street
Maclagan, J. A. S. 135 Buchanan
Maclachlan, Wm. 180 W.Regeot st
M'Lay, James, 94 Hope street
M'Lay, M'Alister & M'Gibbon, 94
Hope st
M'Lean, David, 10 Somerset pi
M'Lean, John, 207 Ingram street
M'Lean, W. & D. & Paton, 98 W.
George st
M'Lennan, Graham C. K. 179
West George st
MacLeod, John, 101 St Vincent
M'Lintock, Thomson. 88 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Lintock, Wm. 88 St. Vincent st
M'Meeken, James, 57 Bath st
M'Micbael,Jas.&Son, 36 Argyle arc
M'Michael, Jas. junr. 36 Argyle arc
M'Millan, H. C. 12 Renfield st
MacMillan, Hugh, (at Hodge &
M'Omish, Alexander (of M'Omish
& Arthur)
M'Omish & Arthur, 79 W. Regent
MacPhee & Maclndoe, 104 West
George street
MacPherson, Alex. 162 Buchanan
Macquisten, A. P. Stanley, 33
Renfield street
Malloch & Suttie, 59 St. Vincent
Malloch, John, 59 St. Vincent st
Mann, John (of J. Mann & Son)
Mann, John, & Son, 137 W.
George st
Maon, John, jun., M.A., 137 W
George st
Mann, Kobt. C. 30 Lansdowne cr
Marr, John S. 175 St. Vincent st
Martin, Jas. 183 W. George st
Mason, Jas. S. S. 194 Buchanan st
Mason, John W. 83 Renfield st
Meikle, John, 157a Hope street
Meldrum, B. F. G. 116 St Vincent
Menzies, Samuel, & Son, 113 West
Regent st
Menzies, Wm. P. 113 W. Regent st
Miller, Jas. 754 Gallowgate
Miller, John & Quaile, 69 St.
George's place
Mitchell, Matthew (of Mitchell &
Smith), 69 St. Vincent st
Mitchell, R. D. M. 149 W. George
Mitchell & Smith, 59 St. Vin-
cent street
Mitchell, Watson, & Co. 75 St.
George's pi
Moffatt, J. & G, 136 Buchanan st
Moffat, John, 104 W. George st
Mooney, John, 41 So. Albion st
Moores, Carson, & Watson, 209
W. George street
Morton, Geo. 104 West George st
Muckle, Thos. 209 St. Vincent st
Mudie, O. J. R. 135 Buchanan st
Mudie, Wm. 12 St. Vincent place
Muir, Jas. (of Kerr Andersons,
Muir & Main)
Muir, Robt. J. 2 West Regent st
Munro, Daniel, 39 Hope street
Munro, Wm. 212 St. Vincent st
Murray, Alex, (of Carswell &
Murray, John M. 188 St. Vincent st
Murray, R. A. (of Brown, Fleming
& Murray), 163 W. George st.
Nairn, Bowes & Craig, 203 West
George st
Nairn, W. M. (of Nairn, Bowes &
Naismith, W. W. 175 W. George st
Napier, Robt. Graham, 107 St.
Vincent street
Neilson, T. & Son, 213 Buchanan
Nelson, Walter, 172 St. Vincent st
Norrie, Jas. D. (at Moores, Carson
& Waison)
Oliphant, E. 130 Cowcaddens st.
Oliver & Co., 12 Renfield st
Outram & Hamilton, 82 West
Nile street
Outram, James, 82 W. Nile st
Parker, John, & Son, 89 West
Regent st
Parker, James H. B.L. (of John
Parker & Son), 89 West
Regent st
Parker, John (of John Parker &
Son), 89 W. Regent st
Paterson & Benzie, 63 St. Vincent
Paterson, James B. (of Love,
Paterson & Steel)
Paterson, Jas. 151 Bath street
Paterson, Jas. C, 63 St. Vincent
Paterson, Newlands, & Co. 28
Renfield street
Patrick, Joseph (of M'Farlane,
Hutton, & Patrick)
Pettigrew, Wm., 5 St. Vincent pi
Pritchard, Thomas, C. 110 West
George street
Quaile, Win. (of Jno. Miller &
Rafferty, Alfred, 48 W. Regent st
Rankine, H. M. 97 Sauchiehall st
Rattray Brothers & Co., 45 West
Nile st
Rattray, David (of Rattray Bros.
Rattray, Patk. (of Rattray Bros.
Reid & Bannerman, 108 W. George
Reid & Campbell, 33 Gordon st
Reid, Duncan, 118 Broomielaw
Reid, Henry A. (of Reid & Banner-
man), 108 W. George st
Reid & Mair, 40 St. Vincent pi
Reid, Robert, 40 St Vincent pi
Reid, Wm., 33 Gordon st
Reid, Wm., 91 W. Regent st
Richmond, David A. (of Thomson,
Jackson, Gourlay, & Taylor),
24 George square
Rintoul, Peter, 212 W. George st
Robb, J. W. & Gunn, 49 W. George
Rohb, John Wright, 49 W. Geo. st
Robb, T., 2 Trougate
Robertson, Hugh M., 30 Hope st
Roberton, Lewis A., 40 St.
Vincent place
Robertson, Alex., 137 W. Regent st
Robertson, L. & R. H. 58
St. Vincent street
Robertson, Neil, 172 Henderson st.
Robertson, T. C. & Dempster,
122 Wellington st
Robinson, T. Eaton, City Chambers
Roxburgh & Nimmo, 96 Buchanan
Ross, J. Munn, 115 Wellington st
Rutherglen, Chas. Knight, 55 W.
Nile st
Scott, A. B. Birkmyre, 63 St.
Vincent st
Scott, James, 179 W. George

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