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Wellington street intersects
120 Colledge, Smith, Jackson, &
Guy, writers
Pollok Estate Office
Smith, Matthew
Torrance (East Kilbride)
Estate Office
Jackson, John
Guy, Robert
Cadder Estate Office
Eastwood Parish Sch. Board;
Robert Guy, clerk
118 Glass Stainers' Company
Paterson, Oscar, F.R.S.S.A
Thomson, Harry
116 Stewart, Robert, & Son
112 Annan, W. E. & A. J.
110 Morrison, W. B., & Son
108ABradley, George, writer
Campbell, Jas. M. writer
Thomson, Alexander
WatsoD. G. L. & Co,
Garscadden, George
Wilson, James, house factor
Aitchison, John G.
Henderson & Co.
Western Cachar Co., Ltd.
India Jute Co., Ltd.
Waddell, William, & Co.
106, 108 Ferguson, Ales. & Co.
Regent Bonding Co.
104 Crawford, Hereon & Cameron
Dick, Quintin, & Robertson
Robertson, John & James
102 Thomson, John
1U0 Doak, Robert
Cuthbertsoo, James
Hamilton, H. C.
Macdonald, Smith & Co.
Athole Masonic Lodge
Cale. Railway Lodge
Clyde Masonic Lodge
Jackson, James
Masonic Lodge 1; Progress,"
No. 873
94|Mitehell & Davies, plasterers
94 Stewart, James L.
Dallas, David
Lawson, Charles B.
Scottish Band of Hope Union;
Wm. Aikman, secy.
92 M'llwraith. James, & Co.
Peters, Melville.
Douglas, A. S.
Hope street intersects
88 Black, Honeyman, & Monteith
Black, William George
Honeyman, Patrick S.
Clerical, Medical and General
Life Assurance Society
82 Mack ay & Boyd
SO Steuhouse, William, & Co.
Brown, N. P. & Bros.
68 Duff, Daniel, & Henderson
The Western Property Invest-
ment Building Society
Smith, J. & J., accountants
Sinclair, A. T. & Co.
Simpson, R. W, & Co.
68 Moscrip, George C.
Corps of Commissionaires;
Captain Parr Campbell,
James Dale
M'Kissack, John
64 Selkirk, J. L. & T. L.
Selkirk, David
GlasgowPackingCase Makers'
Guardian Plate Glass In-
surance Co. Ltd.
National Boiler Insurance Co.
Equitable Life Assurance So-
ciety of lhe United States.
Scoitish Inst, of Accountants
60 Wardhaugh, James B.
58 Victoria Bath Co. (Limited)
Baird, James, & Co.
Macwhannell & Rogerson
Macwhannell, Ninian
Rogerson, John
Honeyman & Starke
Jack, Wm. H. accountant
The Insurance Exchange
Wallace, John, writer
Stoddart & Neilson
Thorn & Headrick, writers
Kirkwood, John
Gossman & Smith
Martin, John
Somerville, Graham L,
Rodie & Barras
Turner, George
Stevenson, R. M. artist
Dow, Moir & Co.
Scobie & Smith, writers
54 Richmond, John
50 Kidstons, Watson, Turnbull,
& Co., writers
Watson, Thomas, writer
48 Gordon, Geo. & Co.
Watson, T. K. Hall, artist
Graham, Alex. M.
Southrigg collieries
Glenboig Union Fireclay Co.,
Mackenzie & Co. theatrical
Russell, Wm. F.
The Crsetown Crushed Gran-
ite Co.
Cameron, A, coal merchant
Jaffe, Bros. & Co.
Wollheim, Chas. & Fred.
Hildesheim, John
Affleck &, Lyle
Fnfferty, Alfred
Hertz, Theodore
Allan, A. & Tannett Mac-
kenzie, writers
Clyde (The) Structural Iron
Co., Ltd.
Mackay, Alex. jun.
Mackay, A, & Co.
Mackay, Daniel D.
Kennedy, A. timber mercht.
A Hardy ce, Wm. caretaker
Heron, Dickson, & Co.merchts.
Malloch, D.Macleod, writer
48 Macneil & Macartney, writers
Knox & Young, writers
Campbell, Angus, & Mac-
kenzie, writers
Harman, Bruce & Co.
The Linde British Refrigera-
tion Co. Ltd.
Brunton & Miller, writers
Fine Art and Geueral Ins. Co.
Hislop, J. N.
Renfield street intersects
4 Gumprecht & Steuart, mers.
The Thornliebank Co., Ltd.
(late Walter Crum & Co.)
Crum, Wm. G. Thornliebank.
Gillespie, George, & Co.
Moir, Peter
Macfarlane, Geo. Gray, & Co.
Jafte & Sons
Taylor, Jones & Son
Arthur, Allan, Fletcher, & Co.
Smith, Peter
Stoffert, Rud. A
New Zealand Insurance Co.;
G. Gray, Macfarlane, &
Co., agents
The Engine Boiler and Em-
ployers' Liability Insurance
Co. (Limited)
Wallace & Co. Netherplace,Ld.
Paton, D. C. & Co.
Young, Thomas, consulting
Dixon, John, engineer
Howatson, R. B.
Technical College Industrial
Art Rooms
Blythe, Wm. & Co. Ltd.
2 Crailsheim & Herman, Ltd.
Thomson, D. & Menzies
Myers, Hinton
Aitken, Mackenzie & Clapper-
ton, accountants
M'Kay & Cunningham, book-
Dunlop, James
Union Assurance Socy. ; John
Kerr, man. for Scotland.
Henry, George, artist
Moir'& Co. Ltd.
Gavin & Forrest
Hamilton, James
Inglis & Wakefield, calico
Brown, Alex. & Co. merchts.
West Regent Street Lane. 11
96 M'Arthur, Lachlan, joiner
140 Brims, David, jjiner
76 Gibb, Alex.
54 Turner, Colin, plumber
28 Morton, Robert
West Russell Street.
1 Walker, T.
3 Campbell, A.
23 Bayne & Thomson
25 Queen arcade

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