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Trongate, 2 Trongate; Wm. M'Leod Jardine,
Union street, 32 Union street; Wm. Dodds,
Union Billiard Rooms, 42 Argyle st.
Union Free Church, 14 Morrison st. ; church officer,
Daniel Rae, ho. 34 Paterson st. s.s.
Union Funeral Undertaking Co., Ltd. 156 Saltmarket.
Union Furniture Co., cabinetmakers and upholsterers,
bedding manufacturers and carpet factors, 68 and
74 Union street.
Union Halls, 12 West Graham st.
Union Hotel, 220 and 222 Sauchiehall street; D.
N'Intosh, proprietor.
Union Insurance Society of Canton, Ltd.; Robert
Russell & Co., agents, 8 Gordon st.
Union (late International) (The) Marine In-
surance Co. Ltd., 22 Royal Exchange square;
Archd. Rowan, manager; telephone No. 1148;
telegrams, " International," Glasgow.
Union Plate Glass Co., Ltd., St. Helens, Lan-
cashire, manufacturers of polished plate-glass,
silvered plate-glass, rough rolled glass, &c; agent
for Scotland, Wm. Maclean, 25 Wellington st., city.
Union Property and Assets Co., Ltd.; secretary,
Wm. Dunlop, C. A. , 1 88 St. Vincent street.
Union Scottish Property Trust, Limited, 154 St.
Vincent st; Geo. D. Stirling, C.A., secy.
Union Steamship Co., Ltd., Cape Mail Line; Glasgow
office, F. W. Allan & Co., 125 Buchanan street
Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand ; T. Cook &
Son, 83 Buchanan st.
Union Tube Co., tube manufacturers, Union Tube
Works, Coatbridge ; telephone No. 38 ; telegraphic
address, " Union," Coatbridge
Unitarian Church, 287 St. Vincent street.
Unitarian Church, 34 South St. Mungo street.
United Alkali Company (The), Ltd., chemical manu-
facturers; Scotch works, St. Rollox, Eglinton,
Irvine, and Clydebank ; office, St. Rollox, Glasgow;
Archd. Fleming, commercial manager for Scotland.
United Asbestos Co., Ltd., asbestos and india-rubber
manufacturers, 127 Bothwell st.
United Co-operative Baking Society, Limited, bread
and biscuit bakers and purveyors, 12 M'Neil st.
United Co-operative Baking Society, Limited, bakers
and purveyors, 102 and 104 West Nile street.
United Co-operative Baking Society, Limited, bakers
and purveyors, 263 Paisley road.
United Co-operative Baking Society, Limited, bakers
and purveyors, 9 London street.
United Furniture Trades Society, 20 Brunswick st.
United Kent Life Office, 190 W. George street; R.
S. Milne, branch manager.
United Kingdom Temperance and General
Provident Institution, Mercantile Chambers,
53 Bothwell street ; H. Got don Robertson, manager
for Scotland. — See Advt. in Appendix.
United Mercantile Agency (The), Cooper, Craig.
& Craig, 92 St. Vincent street, 145 Cheapside, Lon-
don, E.C., and Edinburgh
United Presbyterian Church, 25 East Campbell st.
United Presbyterian Church, Cambridge street ; Rev.
Robert Cameron, minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Henderson Memorial),
Overnewton; Rev. David Hay and Rev. T. W.
Stirling, ministers.
United Presbyterian Church, Kelvingrove street; Rev.
Peter Rutherford, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Dalmamock road ; Rev,
Robert Hall, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, South York street; Rev.
Geo. Blair, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, corner of Bath street
and Holland street ; Rev. John M. Wilson, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Claremont street Rev.
A. R. MacEwen, D.D., minister.
United Presbyterian Church, St. Vincent st. ; Rev.
James Rennie, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Belhaven ; Rev. R. S.
Drummond, M.A., D.D., minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 40 North Albion st. ;
Rev. W. S. Goodall, M.A., minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Sandyford), Breadal-
bane st.
United Presbyterian Church (Cranstonhill), Lance-
field street.
United Presbyterian Church, Berkeley street ; Rev,
G. L. Carstairs, minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Gillespie), 71 Great
Hamilton street; Rev. A. Shaw, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, St. George's road ; Rev.
John Gray, B.D., minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Hutchesontown), 61
Hospital street ; Rev. J. B. Nicholson, M.A.,
United Presbyterian Church, 18 John street; Rev,
John F. Blair, minister, 28 Bank st. Hillhead.
United Presbyterian Church, Springbank ; Rev. W.
Sinclair, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Eglinton street.
United Presbyterian Church, Elgin St.; Rev. J. Goold,
minister ; ho. 13 Queen's square.
United Presbyterian Church (Lansdowne), Great
Western road ; Rev. Thomas Dobbie and Rev.
James M'ilillan, M.A., ministers.
United Presbyterian Church, Bellgrove street.
United Presbyterian Church, 26 Kirk street, Calton.
United Presbyterian Church, London road ; Rev. P.
Smith, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Kent road ; Rev. Alex,
United Presbyterian Church, 101 Renfield street ; Rev.
A. F. Forrest, minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Erskine), South Port-
land street; Rev. Jas. Kidd, D.D., minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Albert street, Parlia-
mentary road ; Rev. Alex. Brunton, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Shamrock street.
United Presbyterian Church, Caledonia road.
United Presbyterian Church, Pollok street ; minister,
Rev. Charles Robson, M.A., 326 Maxwell rd.
United Presbyterian Church (Burnbank), Carrington
street ; Rev. Robert Primrose.
United Presbyterian Church, Church place, Main
street, Anderston ; A. L. Henderson, minister.
United Presbyterian Home Mission Offices, 232
St. Vincent St.; sec, Rev. John Young, M.A.
United States Consulate, 107 West Regent street.
United States Express Co., 120 Union street,
and 17 Miller street, Glasgow, parcels forwarded
to all parts of the United States.
United States Patent Office, Messrs. Johnsons,
office for patents, 115 St. Vincent street.
United States Steamship Office, James & Alexander
Allan, 25 Bothwell street.
United (The) Turkey Red Co., Ltd. (Arch. Orr
Ewing & Co., John Orr Ewing & Co., William

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