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STIRRAT, David, & Son, coach, spring van, and
lorry builders and Government contractors (estab-
lished 1783), 132 to 138 Port-Dundas road; tele-
phone No. 3971.
Stirrat & Holms, stockbrokers, 120 Buchanan street.
Telegraphic address, "Skiff" ; telephone No. 4141.
Stirrat, Jas., & Co., wrights, 199 and 201 Bothwell st. ;
ho. 421 St. Vincent tt.
Stirrat, James (of Stirrat & Holms), ho. 9 Wilton
mansions, Kelvinside.
Stirrat, John A. (at K. W. Forsyth's, 51, 53 Jamaica
St.), ho. 6 Ashgrove ter.
Stirrat, R., & Co., Limited, Government
and rail, contractors, spring van, lorry, furniture van,
luggage carts, &c., Thistle Works, 80 and 82 Port-
Dundas road ; telephone No. 3631 ; telegraph
address, " Van," Glasgow. 3 gold medals awarded.
Every description of vehicle made to order.
Stirrat, Win., & Co., woollen warehousemen, 5
Maderia court.
Stirrat, W. B. (of Barr, Stirrat & Co.), Westmarch,
STIRTON, James, M.D., surgeon, F.F.P.S.G., prof,
of midwifery, St. Mungo's College ; ho. 5 Newton
STIVEN, George (at R. Laidlaw & Sons'), house, 84
Gower street, Kelvinside.
Stiven, John Orr (at Royal Insurance Co.'s, 106
Buchanan st.), ho. 318 Bath street.
Stiven, Miss, 3 Hillsborough square.
STOBBS, Jas. T. (of T. Stobbs & Sons), ho. 1080
Cathcart road.
Stobbs, Thos. T. (of T. Stobbs & Sons), ho. Lena
bank, Shawlands.
Stobbs, Thomas, & Sons, house factors and in-
surance agents, 58 South Portland st.
Stobbs, Wm., cashier (at Wm. Cotterell & Sons),
1023 Cathcart rd.
STOBER, Edwd. E, hairdresser and perfumer, 66
St. Vincent st. and 615 Great. Western rd.
STOBIE, George D., clerk, H.M. General Prison,
Barlinnie ; ho. Woodbank, Barlinnic.
Stobie, Miss, 21 Derby street.
STOBO & Bain, marine surveyors, 163 St. Vincent
Stobo, David, wine and spirit merchant, 60 Rotten-
row ; ho. 64 do.
Stobo, James, marine surveyor. 163 St. Vincent st;
house, Ashby villa, Partickhill.
Stobo, J. & G., commission agents, 23 Nicholson st.
Stobo, P. S., commission and export agent, 17 Oswald
Stobo, Robert, & Bathgate, house factors,
valuators, property and insurance agents, 26 Bell-
grove street and 37 Old Dumbarton road ; tele-
phone No. 2536.
Stobo, Thomas D., hairdresser and perfumer, 451
Gallowgate ; ho. 39 Brandon st.
Stobo, Thomas, F.E.I.S., head master, Dovehill
Public School ; ho. 9 Whitehill St., Dennistoun.
Stobo, Thrift M., cigar merchant, 131 Sauchiehall st;
res. Greenknowe, Bridge of Allan.
Stobo, Wm., butcher, 248 Cumberland st; house,
277 Crown street.
Stobo, Mrs. Peter, Ardmore, 212 Nithsdale road.
Stobo, Miss E., draper, 437 Shields road; ho. 8
Kenmure st. do.
Stock. Exchange, 155 Buchanan st. ; Horace A.
Gifford, secy, and treasurer.
STOCKER, J. R, M.B., M.R.C.P., medical officer
Board of Trade, 7 York st; ho. 13 Woodstock
drive, Merrylee Park, Cathcart.
Stockport Gas Engine, J. E. H. Andrew & Co.,
Ltd., makers; sole agents for Scotland, Dempster,
Moore & Co., 49 Robertson st.
STOCKS, E. B. (telegraph department, P.O.), G
Caird drive.
Stocks, Wm. (at Dickie & Inglis), ho. 39
Stockton Malleable Iron Co. (Limited), Charles E.
Panton, agent, 120 Buchanan street.
Stockton Steamers office, 102 Hope street.
STODDARD, A. F., & Co., carpet manufacturers, 45
W. Nile st.
Stodart, Archibald (of Jas. & Geo. Stodart), ho. 9
Spring gardens, Kelvinside.
Stoddart, Francis (of Stoddart & Neilson), ho. 19
Holyrood cres.
Stodart, James & Geo., wine merchants, 80 West Nile
Stoddart, Jas., merchant and commission agent, 87
Union street; house, 8 Derby terrace.
Stodart, John (of James & George Stodart), house,
15 Kew terrace, Kelvinside.
Stoddart & Neilson, writers, 58 West Regent st
Stoddart, John, 302 Buchanan st; ho. Broomlands,
Stoddart, Nicol, stationer and news-agent, 223 Main
st , s.s.; ho. 225 do.
Stoddart, P. M., produce broker ; ho. 8 Derby ter.
Stoddart, Thos., supt, Glasgow Royal Asylum for
the Blind, 100 Castle st.
Stoddart, W. R. (of William Alexander & Co.,
Govan), ho. 53 Copeland road, do.
STOER Brothers & Coles, Ltd., fine colour
printing ink, bronze, varnish, printers materials,
and wood type manufacturers, and lithographic
stone quarry owners and importers, Howard square,
9 Howard street, and at London, Birmingham,
Paris, New York, Melbourne, Montreal, and Niirn-
berg, Germany; agent, Fred. Hy. Tuddenham ;
house, 11 Wilton mansions, Kelvinside.
STOFFERT, Rud. A., iron and steel merchant,
and contractor for fireproof structures, 4 West
Regent st and at 101 George street, Edinburgh;
girder depot, 632 New Keppochhill rd.; house, 1
Buckingham street, W.
Stoffert, Rud. A., manufacturer of patent " Fram "
boards, plates, &c, for ceilings, partitions, deafen-
ing, &c, 4 W. Regent st; works, Blantyre.
STONE, J., & Co., manufacturers of "Navy,"
" Downton," and other patent ships' pumps ; pro-
peller bronze, navy white bronze : Kingston's,Babbit's,
and Fenton's white metals ; patent side and deck-
house scuttles; M'Kirdy's patent ports; copper naiLs
and rivets, &c, 46 Gordon street ; C. R. Stewart,
sole agent for Scotland, North of England, and
Stone, Robert, branch manager, Farmers, Land-
owners and Mercantile Insurance Co., Nethanvale,
Hamilton road, Cambuslang.
Stone, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 262 Bath st.
Stonefield Laundry, Paisley.
Stonei.aw Colliery, Fanne Coal Co., Ltd.; office, 191
W. George st.
STONES, George Heath, representing Dickson &
Mann, Ltd., Armadale Station, ho. 139 Thomson St.,

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